What if you had access to a small business expert, New York Times bestselling author, and billion-dollar dealmaker to advise you on your business issues?

Well, you actually do.

Over the past year, Carol Roth and I have done 33 Zoom video chats, which I have consolidated into a YouTube playlist. If you have a business question, Carol may have already answered it.

You can think of Carol as your virtual mentor, or as a stealth member of your advisory board.

We have covered topics that Carol gets asked about frequently, and issues that my solo consultant clients are struggling with. Some topics we’ve covered include:

  • Overworking and Learning to Say No
  • Whether Entrepreneurs Are Born or Made
  • How to Create Recurring Revenue
  • Bribery vs. Creating Loyalty
  • Paying Finder’s Fees
  • Different Kinds of Angel Investors

And so many more….

In these short conversations, Carol and I strive to give you the information you need to succeed, and we also give you a few belly laughs in the process – bonus!

Below is the playlist. Like a buffet, just pick the topics you’re interested in.

I hope you find the information as valuable as I have.