Did you hear what happened on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) when Elmo from Sesame Street posted this question to his followers?

People shared that they were struggling, sad, depressed, hated their job, could barely get out of bed.

There was such an outpouring that even Joe Biden replied. 

It was an innocent enough question, but it was like a pressure valve was released, and poor Elmo got way more than he bargained for!

And I am guessing the Sesame Street social media team didn’t know what to do with 20K responses and scrambled to make the most of this PR opportunity. I saw some representatives making the rounds on TV.

Stress, anxiety, and depression is something I know a lot about. In fact, I have written a book about how we can work with these feelings. We’ve been posting about entrepreneurs and mental health for 10 years on this blog.

I talked about what happened on X with my good friend Phil Gerbyshak on his Happy AF Show, and we also covered some of the challenges we all are facing in these crazy times.

I was glad to be able to share the strategies I recommended in my book for cultivating happiness and joy. There’s a whole chapter devoted to that, which many people have called out as being helpful. 

And I shared what I think is the secret sauce for maintaining happiness, which I feel is fleeting, like work-life balance. You’ll have to watch the video to learn what that is 🙂

Let me know what you think!