In “Why Businesses Should Hire Ex-Entrepreneurs,” Carol’s recent post on Bank of America Small Business Community, she interviews – me!

Carol and I talk about how ex-entrepreneurs are an incredibly valuable talent pool in a tight labor market.

In fact, there are certain types of positions and situations where I recommend actively recruiting former entrepreneurs. Carol begins:

As the labor market continues to tighten, there are a significant number of jobs – about 6.7 million – remaining unfilled. That means for all businesses, and particularly small businesses that may have a harder time attracting talent, creativity in terms of seeking out potential employee candidates is imperative.

One group often overlooked is former entrepreneurs. Ex-entrepreneurs provide a wealth of experience that can be leveraged by a business to make a fantastic employee.

Some businesses may be concerned that someone used to running the show wouldn’t thrive as an employee. However, Catherine Morgan, a business consultant with Point A to Point B Transitions, disagrees.

Morgan offers six reasons why former entrepreneurs make fantastic employees and should be a top consideration when looking for candidates.

1. Ex-Entrepreneurs Know How to Manage Change:As businesses are being disrupted by technology and market needs, Morgan says ex-entrepreneurs fit the bill perfectly. “Ex-entrepreneurs are comfortable in fluid environments. They will be able to more easily navigate management or market changes.” This is a skill that is hard to learn on the job.

2. Ex-Entrepreneurs Are Multi-Tasking Mavens:The ability to wear multiple hats might be overlooked on a resume, but shouldn’t be in the hiring process. Morgan points out that, “Many, if not most, companies are trying to do more with fewer resources. Entrepreneurs have learned a wide array of skills and have performed many job functions in their businesses. These professionals can be great additions in thinly staffed organizations because they can add value in multiple roles.

You can read the rest of the post here.