We’re all busy, or at least we like to think we are. Sometimes we are, and sometimes we are puffing up a bit trying to feel important, telling ourselves (or anyone who will listen) that we’re crazy busy.

There are certainly times when business and life throws things at you. I’ve been there, and so have you.

That said, you likely have to create content to build your brand and promote your business. How can you do it even when you are slammed? That’s what we’ll cover in this post.

Keep a list of prompts

Today I had to use a lifeline. I had no idea what I wanted to write about and a deadline to draft a post. I borrowed a writing prompt from my friend Chris Brogan. He has two different posts with 100 ideas on things to write about: 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write and 100 Blog Topics for Your Business. I picked one and here we are.

If you get stuck, pick one of Chris’s topics and get unstuck immediately.

Stick with your strengths

Creating good content will take much less time if you stick with your strengths. If you are a good writer – write. If you can speak off the cuff, do short videos and riff on a topic that is relevant for your audience. If you like to talk to slides, do that.

If you are struggling to find time, make it easy for yourself!

Yes, there are gurus who will tell you that you need to create polished video content, but sometimes you don’t have the time or skills for that. Or you’re terrified to do video. Or you hate seeing yourself on video.

Conversely, if writing takes you forever because you agonize over every work, don’t do long-form blog posts.

If the type of content you think you should create stops you from hitting send or publish, create some other kind of content.

Put time in your calendar

Between business, client, and personal life demands, if you don’t slot time to create content, you will likely not get to it. You could have the best of intentions, but the way to consistently create is to schedule time and respect that appointment with yourself.

Create a habit

Creating a habit takes time, but good habits often lead to great results. Creating the habit of publishing content will likely keep your business top of mind and bring you a steady stream of prospects. In addition, current customers and clients may remember to refer you when they see your content. Word of mouth marketing is incredibly valuable and profitable.

Creating content is something pretty much every business needs to do. Search engines reward updated content so publishing things periodically on your website is a good way to improve search results.

If you schedule the time and make it easy for yourself, you are more likely to consistently create content. If you have extra time or feel inspired, try something new – video if you usually do written content, or longer video interviews if you generally do short videos. Mixing it up can keep your audience (and you!) interested and engaged.


Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash