Having been playing in the online and content sandbox for a couple of years now, I am constantly baffled at the way folks behave.  There are very odd behaviors that I hadn’t encountered before that won’t endear me to you (and I can’t imagine would endear anyone).

I am pretty laid back and easy going personally, but there are some ways to ruffle my feathers.  Here are some guidelines on how we can get along, based on actual happenings for me.

  • Please don’t ask me to spend my time on something that you have told me “isn’t that interesting”.  If you don’t think highly of your own book, project or website, I respectfully ask that you do not waste my time.
  • Please don’t ask me to speak at a women’s conference to tell women to value their time and not offer to pay me.
  • Please don’t address emails to me at “friend” because you don’t know my name.
  • Don’t call me honey, sweetie or sweetheart (no please there, just don’t).
  • Please don’t ask me to speak, co-host, endorse or do something alongside a man and pay him more than me, unless the tasks and value are different.
  • Please don’t exchange business cards with me after we are both speakers at a conference and when I email to schedule a time to talk, tell me that you don’t have a free moment and then add me to your e-mail list.  I don’t care who you think you are.
  • Please do not ask me to endorse something that I have never read or tried.
  • Please don’t try to trick me into thinking that you are a big fan, when you just stumbled across my website that day and just want to do a guest blog.  It’s very transparent.
  • Please don’t blow me off, figure out my background and then kiss my ass.  My memory isn’t short.
  • Please don’t send me an email that I am invited to something when I have to pay to attend.  An invitation is just that- an invitation.
  • Please do not offer to do something that you have no intention of ever doing.
  • Please do not promise 25 times to help with something and then never follow-through.  I understand things happen, but then stop promising- I’ll understand.
  • Please don’t ask me to do something that is outside the scope of our relationship, especially when my reputation is on the line.
  • Please do not make assumptions that you know more about me or others that I know than you actually do.
  • Please do not mistake kindness for weakness.


What are some of the behaviors that you have been encountering that baffle or annoy you?  Share below.