Sometimes I get lucky when I dip into social media and see that two of my favorite people are talking to each other about something interesting and valuable, which is exactly what happened when I opened Facebook to find Mark J. Carter and Phil Gerbyshak doing a Facebook Live interview. 

Mark J. Carter is the author of the new book, Idea Climbing – How to Create a Support System for Your Next Big Idea. We have been friends for more than a decade. I met him at the same event where I met Phil Gerbyshak. 

Mark is my go-to expert on mentoring and mastermind groups. We regularly attend a monthly networking group together, so maybe I should add in networking as well, because he is great at that. 

Throughout his career, he has interviewed and worked with business owners and entrepreneurs to learn their strategies for success. In his book, he shares what he has learned from his interviews and personal business experience. 

The book provides useful frameworks for launching big ideas, and helpful strategies and questions to ask to build strong, lasting relationships with others. 

Intuitively, we know that we need to do this, but the how can be a little fuzzy. Not anymore! 

Here is what Carol Roth says about the book:

“If you need the motivation and plan to turn your ideas into action, Idea Climbing is for you. Balanced with success stories and steps you can take to build out your skill set, network and action plan, Idea Climbing is an enjoyable and valuable read.”

You’ll want to take some notes as you watch this interview, and definitely pick up a copy of Idea Climbing if you have a big idea that you want to get out into the world. It truly takes a village to do that.