Customer AdvocateCustomers are your company’s most valuable asset – and yet most companies don’t have a person in place whose sole responsibility is to advocate for the customer.

In Carol’s latest post on “Why Your Business Needs a Chief Customer Advocate” she states:

“Businesses of all sizes would be well served giving their customers a seat at the table with a C-suite or similar high-level executive that liaises with customers on an ongoing basis and represents their interests in all company planning and decisions.”

Even very small businesses would benefit from looking at their products / services specifically from the customer’s point of view. Carol says this strategy is critical:

“Enabling a strategy such as this is critical to your success. Customers are placing an increasingly high value on companies that demonstrate that they care about customers and are listening to their wants and needs. Customer acquisition costs are very high, so the deeper the relationship you can establish with your current customers, the better off your company will be. If you don’t focus on your customers, you can bet that one of your competitors will.”

You can read the whole post here.