keeping customersCarol’s latest post on the MasterCardBiz blog is an important one for small business owners. It includes the best takeaways from a Google Hangout panel that Carol moderated.

It is so much easier to sell more to existing customers who already know you and (hopefully) like you. These techniques are things that any business owner can do. You will definitely want to check out 5 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back.

Carol begins:

“Research has shown that customers spend more with businesses where they have a perception of a relationship. So, while many small businesses are hyper-focused on finding new customers, it turns out that refocusing on existing customers can be a key to growing your business.

Not only do engaged customers purchase more from your business, they purchase more frequently and advocate for you, telling their friends and family and ultimately, helping you find new customers without you having to run expensive advertisements.”

You can read the rest of the post here.