Sometimes I have to write what I need to read. That is definitely the case with this post. My motivation is lagging, we’re having signs of spring, and I just don’t feel like working as much as I should.  

In case you are struggling as well, here are a few ways you can maintain self-discipline as an entrepreneur and keep on keeping on. 

Establish accountability

While I try to always show up for other people, I can get squishy about doing things for my business. This is one of the reasons why I partner with another coach. I won’t let her down and this makes me kick my own butt to get things done. 

I also may post things on social media or announce a launch on my company blog (or this blog), which also makes me more likely to get that thing done. It’s kind of embarrassing not to…

Practice patience

Running a business is frustrating and things will often take longer and cost more than you think. It can be tempting to get frustrated or walk away. Instead, take a deep breath and practice patience – with yourself and others. 

Mitigate mistakes 

Mistakes will happen. You will make some and your team will make some. We’re human and not perfect. In addition, entrepreneurs are often disrupting industries or trying new ways of doing things. Not everything will work out perfectly. Adjust your approach and get back to trying the next thing. Think of both failures and successes as good data. 

Set reasonable expectations

It will be easier to stay focused and engaged if you set reasonable expectations for time and progress. Entrepreneurs are a very optimistic group and many entrepreneurs create completely unreasonable time frames. Instead, add in a cushion in case there are a few unexpected delays, because there likely will be. 

Try the “5 Second Rule”

When you find yourself procrastinating or not getting started, try using the “5 Second Rule.” This is a technique where you count backwards saying “5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” Mel Robbins says this simple act shifts your mindset and you can then get into motion. It’s simple AND powerful. Give it a try. 

Work your plan

Entrepreneurs love to chase shiny objects. The mundane tasks of running a business can be a bit of a grind and imagining the next product or service, or envisioning a successful launch, can seem much more interesting. 

To avoid getting side-tracked, have a detailed plan that you can execute on. Know what you have to do and keep checking things off your list. That is very satisfying as well and helps with maintaining motivation. 

These are a few ways you can exercise self-discipline when your favorite avoidance tactic or distraction seems to be calling your name. Entrepreneurs are playing a longer game and keeping your eyes on the prize will help support your future success. 

Photo by Philip Strong on Unsplash