Once you and your staff have figured out how technology works for their job and have taken time to customize the software to their liking, it can be difficult to get them to adopt something new.

In Carol’s recent post on the Nextiva blog, “Introducing New Technology to a Too-Comfortable Workforce,” she shares some suggestions for how to make the transition easier for everyone. Carol begins:

Technology is often a great equalizer for businesses trying to keep up with competitors. But, introducing new software and machines to a team that is very comfortable with the status-quo can be challenging. Sometimes, employee resistance to re-learning their jobs can delay your ability to keep up with the competition.

The baby boomers on your team may be particularly susceptible to new technology rejection. They are accustomed to doing things in familiar ways. And, even millennials and Gen Xers might reject changes if they perceive that changes present more downsides than upsides to their roles within the company.

There are ways to help thwart a technology resistance movement among the members of your work force, starting with the following 5 suggestions.

1. Encourage employees to drive the process

Your employees generally know about efficiency issues before you notice them, so get them involved. They will be more open to change when they become directly involved in identifying and solving issues.

When a team member points out an area of concern, be prepared to ask questions to find out if they know about any technological solutions or would be interested in working with you to find one. When they are involved in the problem-solving process, the technology will not be foreign and frightening when implementation begins.

2. Take it one technology at a time

You may have multiple issues that can be cured by technology. But, if you suddenly switch from using hand-written notes to a technology-driven operation, your employees will be overwhelmed and resistant to all of the changes.

Take a step back and create a plan that introduces technological progress logically and at a pace that your employees can embrace. As they witness each advance along the way, they may even develop a hunger for more.

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