Generation ZJust when we think we have mastered the messaging for – and managing of – Millennials, here comes the next generation, Generation Z.

So, what should we be expecting?

How will they act as consumers – or employees?

Carol’s latest post on tackles this topic. In “5 Truths About Gen-Z Businesses That Want a Future Need to Know” Carol begins:

“The oldest members of “Generation Z” (aka Gen Z-ers) are turning 19 and they’re hitting the workforce and influencing purchasing decisions. And like the generations that precede them, Gen Z-ers promise to bring yet another mindset to your small business — whether as employees or customers.

Even if you aren’t hiring or marketing to them yet, you soon will be. Gleaned from emerging research from a variety of sources, including research performed and complied by 360i, here are five things to know — and to harness- regarding Gen-Z.

1. Diversity brings a limitless viewpoint.

Gen-Z’s size and composition brings a unique point of view. Gen-Z is very large, representing around 25 percent of the population, with more than a third identifying as Hispanic, Asian or African-American. Additionally, as this diverse group was literally born into a digital world, Gen-Z-ers are as connected with people across the globe as they are with their real-life neighbors.

Your business can benefit greatly by employees who make no distinction in terms of people and between real and online life. Their lack of boundaries creates viewpoints and ideas that may be very different from your own. But, a new perspective can reveal options that can help your business to grow in unimaginable ways.

It is also crucial to put yourself in their shoes when marketing to them, in order to capture their attention in an authentic way.  

2. An entrepreneurial spirit is the norm.

Gen-Z will keep entrepreneurship alive. According to 360i research, about 75 percent of Gen Z-ers hope to turn their current hobbies into full-time jobs and 72 percent of Gen-Z high-schoolers want to start a business someday. Squelch their voices and ideas, and they’ll quit in a heartbeat. Give them opportunities to be intrapreneurs however, and they’ll use their aspirations to make your company grow, instead.”

You can read the rest of the post here.