bankruptcySmall businesses will have their financial ups and downs. Unfortunately, they also may crash and burn. But this doesn’t have to be the end for an entrepreneur.

Carol’s latest post on, “6 Steps Resilient Entrepreneurs Take to Rebound From Bankruptcy,” gives some sound advice for moving forward after a personal financial meltdown. She begins:

“Bankruptcy has affected millions of Americans. As an entrepreneur, having personal or professional issues — or even a failed venture — that creates a situation where you are put into bankruptcy can be demoralizing, create emotional stress and overwhelm and dampen your entrepreneurial spirit.

But you don’t have to let bankruptcy be the end of the entrepreneurial road for you.

Take serial entrepreneur Alex Charfen. After selling businesses at ages 16 and 21, running a consultancy for Fortune 500 and global 100 companies focused on opening new markets and authoring the ebook, The Entrepreneurial Personality Type, Charfen’s next milestone wasn’t one he wanted to put on a CV —  going bankrupt.

Charfen was extremely disheartened to find himself one of many whose real estate exploits put them into bankruptcy during the 2008 financial crisis, but he has bounced back. He recommends that you draw upon your entrepreneurial strengths, and use the following tips to put you back on the road to doing what you love.

1. Face it head on.

Charfen said the initial kick in the pants that got him back on the road to clean financial health — and re-entry into entrepreneurship — came via some straight talk from a friend.”

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