Recently, Liz Strauss, Ghennipher Weeks and I had the distinct pleasure to presenting to fantastic women and men at the EVO conference in Park City, Utah. In addition to confirming just how badly realistic business advice that doesn’t patronize small business owners is needed (particularly for women- none of this “oh, your little business is cute” b.s.), we had a really productive session.

We challenged the participants to really own what they wanted to do by changing their dreams to goals through intentions and planning. This inspired the room and inspired us as presenters as well.

Here are a collection of blog posts from some of these participants on what they took away from the conference:

Sarah Kimmel- Setting Goals, Valuing Your Time
Twitter: @Tech4Moms

Danielle Smith- Evolution of “Dreamer to Do-er”
Twitter: @DanielleSmithTV

The Hale Mom- Stopping “Super Mommy Syndrome
Twitter: @TheHaleMom

Lorraine Sanabria Robertson- Owning “I Can”
Twitter: @AskWifey

Kelly Whalen- Being Irresistible by Being Authentic
Twitter: @Centsiblelife

What’s your intention for success? Please share in the comments!