wedding dressesMany of you have small businesses that you’re happy to keep small. However, some of you may be dreaming very big dreams for your company.

Carol’s recent post on shares tactics for how you can get your products in front of Chinese consumers via Alibaba Group. And it’s not as difficult as you might think! In “How Your Small Business Can Sell in China Today” Carol begins:

Small business has been a big focus for President Trump and his administration. Recently, he met with Executive Chair of Alibaba Group Jack Ma, where they declared their joint intention to help create a million new U.S. jobs by helping U.S. small businesses sell in China via Alibaba Group’s various platforms.

However, what escaped many of those stories is the fact that Alibaba Group is already enabling U.S. entrepreneurs like Stadium Goods, a retailer and reseller of a wide variety of cool sneakers, to sell in China via its business-to-consumer platform, the TMall marketplace.  

What’s the opportunity for U.S. small business in China?

There’s no doubt that, with a population more than three times that of the United States, China presents a tremendous opportunity for small business. Alibaba Group said that today it had approximately 493 million unique active users — not registered users — on Taobao and TMall.

Moreover, as the market there is just developing, Chinese consumers are open to creating new relationships with worldwide brands. It’s a tremendous opportunity for a small business to get in early on the Chinese consumer’s brand affinity cycle and create strong relationships.”

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