Let’s change the thinking about what a sexy woman is

I got an email that I had been nominated for one of the 20 Sexiest Female Entrepreneurs

As I looked through the list, I wondered why I was on it?  Was it because of my accomplishments or because I was wearing net stockings with my dress (ironically, they chose to use a picture of me from my website in a dress, instead of my more masculine signature suit and tie photo).

Here are the reasons why I would want to be thought of as one of the Sexiest Female Entrepreneurs:

-Because success is sexy

-Because education is sexy

-Because helping other people is sexy

-Because being a powerful, accomplished woman is sexy

-Because having a good sense of humor is sexy

-Because being direct and straightforward is sexy

So, I want to be the Sexiest Female Entrepreneur because of what I have done and who I am, not just because I look nice in a dress.  Not to say I don’t work hard to try to look my best, or that it isn’t flattering to be recognized for looking nice, but there needs to be more.  Too often women are given the message to trade on pretty.  This is a losing game.  Being sexy isn’t something that should be able to be taken away from us as we get older.  On the contrary, we should be considered even sexier for all that we have done.

As I looked through the list of the other women, there were a few in trite, half-naked poses.  They looked great and were accomplished too, but I hope that is not what we all think being a sexy female entrepreneur is all about.

So, if you want to vote for someone who will represent sexy as accomplishments and the person on the inside, I would be happy to be that ambassador. I show up second to last on the list and voting requires scrolling to the bottom. Click here to vote.

There is also a Sexiest Male Entrepreneur List (they could only find 12 guys vs. 20 females, very strange given the number of men in business…).  If you are inclined to vote this list, I throw my support behind Scott Stratten of Un-Marketing.  If you want to show that sexy is a great sense of humor but also a great person, Scott is a solid choice who has the utmost respect for women and I know he will help change the way future generations think about sexy too. 

Click here to see the male list and vote for Scott.