I’ve had a virtual business and been working from home for 10 years.

You would think this stay-at-home thing would be a breeze for me, and mostly it is, but some days it isn’t – like today.

I have seen many friends post things like this on Facebook and LinkedIn recently.

This COVID-19 situation is different, and we need to acknowledge that.

My friend Wayne Turmel from The Remote Leadership Institute published an article titled “It’s Okay if You’re Not Feeling Okay” with a short video that was a balm for my soul.

Here’s the introduction for the video:

“Did you think this work from home thing was going to be easier? Are you feeling badly about the way you’re feeling? Well, don’t be. Even the most experienced remote workers have been stressed out by this crisis. Give yourself a break and recognize this hasn’t been an easy time for anyone.”

Wayne gave me a big old permission slip to feel like I do today, which is like I am in the middle of a long, slow slog.

And it’s okay.

If you need some resources or training on how to work or manage teams remotely, I highly recommend checking out his website.