Are you suffering from “AI anxiety”? I sure am. AI is everywhere! I cannot turn on my laptop without being barraged by the good, bad, and dystopian present – and future – that AI will bring.

I haven’t spent much time working with it, so I reached out to Kristina Sorrelli who is an operations executive, self-described technology geek, and calmer of chaos. 

We talked through some practical examples about what AI is and what it is not.

Kristina shared her perspective on the current state of AI and how we can use it to do our jobs. We talked about ChatGPT, of course, and also how she has integrated Jasper into email and everything she writes. 

She shared how she showed her son different AI tools to help him with a big college writing project. She honestly blew my mind and got me thinking how I could use some of these in my business.

We also covered some of the risks of AI and why there will need to be guardrails put in place to protect intellectual property and personal information. 

This is 20 minutes well spent if you are freaking out about the rise of the bots. (No judgment here.)

Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash