the big clientWhen a small business lands a big client, they celebrate. They believe their marketing will get easier, and their credibility in the marketplace will get a boost. And it probably will.

But there are some issues specific to working with bigger companies that you need to manage against when you are a small business. Carol’s recent post “5 Issues Entrepreneurs Need to Be Aware of When Working With Big Customers” on begins:

“For a small business, landing a big name client can be a dream come true. Big companies can often afford to pay well for services. Plus, they are a boon for marketing, lending cachet and credibility to a small business. It makes it much easier to get hired when you have a Fortune 500 brand on your client roster.

However, this dream can turn into a nightmare for entrepreneurs who aren’t prepared for the unique work styles that accompany many large corporations. As failing to prepare often prepares you to fail, here are some of the issues that you should be prepared to encounter as you land big-name clients.”

You can read the rest of the post here.