If you’re one of the over 700,000 people who have read Bob Burg and John David Mann’s book The Go-Giver, you might be very excited to know that their brand-new parable, The Go-Giver Influencer, has just been released today.

We’re so excited that Carol even wrote a blub for it! Carol wrote:

The Go-Giver Influencer is like having a seasoned mentor or wise grandparent help improve the way you negotiate, influence, and persuade—and most importantly, stop being a roadblock to your own success. You’ll want to buy copies for your all your valued colleagues!”

At its heart, The Go-Giver Influencer is a story about what it takes to bridge differences, to settle disputes and defang conflicts – to find common ground where there appear to be only irreconcilably polarized positions.

Clearly, these are important and relevant topics in business today – and in life.

It is also about what it takes to be the kind of person whom others come to trust, a person to whom others look for sound guidance, clear judgment, and, in times of challenge, evenhanded wisdom.

If you don’t know Bob Burg and his work, you should go check him out here. His business advice is excellent.

And, he is one of the nicest men you will ever meet.

You can download two chapters and learn more about the book here.