This is a juicy conversation you will not want to miss. Les McKeown interviews Carol about her new book on his Scale! with Predictable Success podcast. The show notes tee this conversation up beautifully:

I normally steer well clear of politics, especially on this podcast, but one person I can’t help jousting with on the topic is my dear friend Carol Roth.

One reason is that we know each other well enough that we know we’re not going to ever fall out about anything we say on the topic, and secondly, I’m in awe with how her mind works – when I speak with Carol, even if I disagree vehemently, I always know I’ll learn something new, and gain a new perspective.

Carol is back on the podcast to talk about her new book “The War on Small Business” where she discusses…well, the war she believes is being waged on small business by the US government, and how ‘they’ used the COVID pandemic to out the squeeze even further on small businesses.

Take a listen. Let’s just say that as always, Carol doesn’t hold back…