game show social mediaIn Carol’s recent post on, “3 Social Media Tips You Can Learn From ‘The Price Is Right’,” Carol shares social media tips we all can use in a very fun way. She begins:

“By now, everyone should know that businesses need to use social media to be successful. But, it’s not enough to simply use your social media accounts — you need to use them wisely. And, since it’s always been my dream to be a game show host, I’ve derived inspiration on social media usage from one of the ultimate game shows, The Price Is Right. So, “come on down” and follow this advice!

1. Ask questions.

Whenever a contestant needs a little help, The Price Is Right studio audience is always more than willing to chime in with their bid suggestions. It works in social media, too: A great way to build up your social media following, create a deeper relationship with your community and get valuable feedback is to ask questions. I’ve gotten some really great introductions, recommendations and insight just by asking this way.

But, just like when the loudest studio audience member shouts “One dollar!” — when another contestant has already made a two dollar bid — use your discretion and beware of the vocal minority. Make sure your loudest followers have leads and suggestions that are actually worth following!

2. Stand out.

If you want to get picked as a contestant, you have to stand out. There are all sorts of strategies to get yourself noticed, but visual strategies seem to work the best. That’s why you see so many people on the show wearing over-the-top costumes or shirts with clever phrases on them or jumping and screaming with the most energy possible.

So, do the same with your social media accounts. Use visuals to stand out.”

You can read the rest of the post here.