It’s September and we’re back to work and back to school – sort of.

We are definitely in uncertain times, and as we lurch into fall, we need to take an objective look at our productivity and our commitment to doing what matters.

Yes, commitment. Commitment to yourself and doing what you said you were going to do.

During the pandemic, I have been talking a lot about being kind to yourself and setting reasonable expectations. I still think that’s valid, but it’s also necessary to call yourself out when you are actually making excuses and not doing something you should and could be doing.

I call BS on people telling me they don’t have 20 minutes to do something they signed up to do – something that could actually help them.

The average person is online for 11.5 hours per day and watches 4.5 hours of TV. If you honestly feel you have “no time” you should probably look here.