This is a post to call me on my own nonsense – and maybe help some of you as well. I am currently sitting in a lovely room in Maui thinking about my business and book launch. Time makes no sense as I am spanning two time zones – my laptop on Central time and my phone on Maui time. I am truly in neither place and it’s feeling unreal. 

This was an awkward time to take a break, to be honest. It is generally a busy season in my business, and with all the recent layoffs, I was expecting people to reach out. In addition, I am in the third week of my book launch, which requires interactions on social media and some content creation. 

That said, when someone offers you a free ticket to Maui in February, and you work for yourself and can work from anywhere, you say yes. 

Especially if you live in Chicago.

February in Chicago is not fun. I received this text from a friend yesterday: “We are supposed to have a biblical storm tomorrow. Rain, sleet, snow, and locusts.”

I laughed. I was sitting outside looking at lush foliage and palm trees having a lovely late lunch.

I could have stayed home and doubled down on work.

I could have told myself that the timing was bad and I couldn’t step away. 

I could have freaked out about a 9-hour plane ride. 

I could have said the time difference wasn’t manageable. 

My ego might have enjoyed all of those, puffing itself up and feeling really important and needed. It is so validating in a codependent way to think that your clients NEED you and can’t manage without you.

But here is the reality: If you communicate clearly and limit the time you are available, you can get away and keep your clients happy and supported. 

Here is what I am doing in case you need some suggestions.

Communicate what you are doing

I told every current client that I was going away and would be working as little as possible during this period. I sent them anything I thought they would need in advance so they most likely wouldn’t have to reach out to me. 

Let them know when you will be available

My coaching group meets twice a week to support professionals in career transition and has for two years straight. I would feel out of integrity if I stopped that, so I told everyone we would stay on the same schedule while I was gone, even though it is 7 AM my time and I am not a morning person. They were understanding and grateful. 

Check in briefly, as needed

There were some outstanding items that I needed to check on today. A few messages ensured my team was on top of things. 

Dip into social media and then leave

Social media will suck as much of your time as you let it. While I am loving reading the great reviews of my book, I am not going to miss out on my vacation by being glued to my phone. I will interact for a bit at the beginning of the day – and then I am going to check out and enjoy my time here on the island. 

The world will go on without me. My business will be just fine if I step away for a while. 

Today I am going on a boat ride to see some whales. I am going to be fully present and enjoy every moment. 

Photo by 2H Media on Unsplash