Job security doesn’t exist, but sometimes you do get lucky.

Given the massive layoffs happening now and skyrocketing unemployment filings, it’s a stretch to think of a corporate job as being secure.

So, what if have a business and you are your own boss? It’s tempting to think that would be more secure because you are (hypothetically) in control of your own fate.

However, there are a lot of random things that can happen – technology can change everything, markets can shift, competition can get fierce, services can become commoditized, etc.

I thought bartending would be the safest job in the world, but right now all the bars are closed here in Chicago. Who would have thought that could happen?

I want to share this video with you to get you thinking. Since there’s no such thing as job security in corporate or as a business owner, it can be better to think about what you want to be doing and how you would like to be working.

Then, consider who would pay you to do that, and in what type of an arrangement – freelancer, contractor, employee, or entrepreneur.

This month my business turned 10. It has been a truly wild ride. We made it over the line, but we’re a little bloodied and bruised. There have been some big wins, and several epic failures.

Which only backs up the point I make in this video: What do you want to try?

You might as well try it, because there are no guarantees in life.