Have you done a bunch of different things in your life and business? Many people have.

How do you make sense of what you’ve done, or figure out what you should do next?

Empowerment expert Susan Eckstein and I couldn’t wait to talk about New York Times bestselling author and speaker Rob Bell’s six-hour audiobook, HANDLING YOUR FIRE: Passion, Burnout, Routines and Resilience (available at www.RobBell.com).

Rob Bell says we all have a thread, something we are innately good at and enjoy, that tends to run through what we’ve done.

And while our thread may stay with us for life, the way we work or the relationships we have – the setups – will likely change throughout our life. I walk through my hopscotch career (setups), which make much more sense once you know my thread.

We also talk about joy, because who doesn’t want more of that?

And failure, which doesn’t really exist.

And curiosity, which is what may lead you forward to your next thing (if you let it).


Photo by Eric Tompkins on Unsplash