During these crazy times, many professionals and small business owners have started (or revived or recommitted to) a meditation practice to help them stay focused and productive.

In fact, you can’t get on social media without seeing something about this.

Even enterprise organizations are posting about the importance of mindfulness as part of self-care and stress reduction.

Many of my clients and friends have recently expressed some stickiness around not being able to meditate, or feeling like they are doing it wrong.

I’ve been meditating for 25 years – and I actually do it for other people as much as myself – because I am a much nicer person when I take time to drop in and get clear.

I forgot to mention this in the video, but the a huge benefit of meditation is the two-second delay it can give you in responding in anger or frustration, and saying or doing something you will later regret, like hitting send on that flaming-hot email…

If you only get this benefit from meditation, it will be time well spent!