This year is half over! What? How did that happen? Where did the time go? 

For me, this has been the longest year ever. It seems like several years since my book was published at the end of January. After that, there was the push to promote it and I did a bunch of podcasts as a guest to get in front of new people. 

Then it was spring and I decided to launch a new half-day workshop called Recalibrate, which participants have loved. Angie and I have already given it twice. So fun!

Now, it is summer and Carol’s new book is out and it’s time to plan for the second half of the year for this blog and my business. 

Do a post-mortem

You may have met or exceeded some of your business goals, but you likely missed some of the goals you set for your business at the beginning of the year. Take an honest – and generous – look at what you were planning to accomplish. What got in the way? 

Then, decide if you want to recommit to this goal or set it aside. Either is fine. 

Check in on profitability

If it has been a while since you looked at your financials, now would be a good time. 

Also, do you know which services or products are the most profitable for your business? You will want to do more of that for the rest of the year. 

Consider what sparks you

There are so many ways you can spend your time in your business. Some of what you do is probably fun or interesting or exciting, and some of it sucks your energy. 

I love doing business planning and making things like trainings or video series or talks. 

I hate doing email autoresponder series. I really do. 

As I think about how to spend my time, I may have to train someone else to do those for me. It is not a good use of my time and someone else would likely do it better, and they might even enjoy it. 

Recharge your battery 

Running a small business is a long-term commitment for many of us. I have been running mine since 2010. Me and my business have seasons where we work hard, and seasons where we coast. 

Right now, I am having a blast enjoying the summer music scene. I am working on and in my business, but I am also making sure that I have a lot of white space to have some fun. 


After you have taken an honest inventory, figured out what makes you the most money, identified what gives you joy, and recharged your battery, you are now ready to recommit to your business and the goals you’ve set. 

I do recommend spending some time planning for the second half of the year and also having some fun. You can absolutely do both. 

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash