In this video, I put on my business consultant hat and talked with sales leader Morgan Rabas, who shared her best advice for how small business owners can hire the right sales rep. 

We began our conversation talking about what you need to know in your business before you hire a sales rep. You have to be realistic regarding the current state of lead generation and understand your lead conversion rates in order to set reasonable expectations and appropriate compensation for the sales rep. 

We talked about the different types of sales reps you might need, depending on the growth stage of your business, and how these reps would spend their time. 

Rabas shared what qualities you want to look for in a sales rep, and also why previous sales experience might not be as important as you think. 

For the past 10 years, Rabas has developed a track record of building and supervising high-performing sales teams, defining go-to-market and sales plans, and creating new services and offerings. 

As the Director of Sales for a SaaS technology company providing risk management and asset protection software and services, Rabas supervised 234+ sales representatives, 8 direct managers, and 16 teams, achieving targets of $40M+ in new revenue.

I hope you’ll find this conversation as interesting as I did.