key to the moneyWe think of ourselves as positive people. We like to share positive messages. However, there’s a paradox we want to share with you.

One of the most positive terms in the successful entrepreneur’s tool kit is a negative one.

The Point of All Planning

It took us a long time to realize what we’re about to tell you. Entrepreneurs often think the point of planning is to secure a loan, attract angels, or get venture capital funding.

Of course, business plans written to raise money are a valuable tool. However, business planning is critical for every enterprise.

The challenge entrepreneurs face is that we’re “idea people.” We see opportunities everywhere.

The net effect is a mushy mind. We struggle to find clarity. That’s where planning comes in.

When you look at the big picture purpose of strategic business planning, we realized it’s not about finding opportunities. The whole point is to eliminate possibilities so you can focus on those few things which will bring you success.

To help you understand, we’ll reveal the negative positive word through a story.

The Paradox of No

One of our friends is a venture capitalist. He generally provides funding for about one out of every 100 businesses he looks at.

How does he filter through so many opportunities? His answer was revealing.

“The faster I can get to “No” the better,” he said.

He understands The Paradox of No – choosing the negative delivers positive results.

Every day, you’re faced with 100 (or more!) bright, shiny objects. They range from opportunities you could pursue to things you could do. They all demand your attention.

You have the power of choice. You can – and you must – choose to say “No” most of the time. And the faster you can say it, the better – because you only have a fixed amount of time.

The Power of No

By saying “No” to the wrong opportunities and things, you can say “Yes” to the right ones.

“No” keeps you from wasting time.

“No” helps you keep doing what’s important.

“No” prevents you from drifting.

“No” will get you to the success you dream about faster.

So just say “No.”

It may be the most negative term in our language. But you’ll get further faster if you just learn to say it.

You don’t have to feel guilty about it. We believe success is about living life on your own terms. Other people have their terms. They even have terms for you! But you have to do what’s right for you.

Don’t spend a single second re-thinking it once you’ve made the call. You made the right decision given all the information you had available. End of story.

We’ve been saying “No” more and more these days. How about you?