There’s no way around it, entrepreneurship is not easy! So, how do you keep up the motivation to work hard on your business when things slow down, you get complacent or feel burnt out? Well, we have asked the oh-so-motivational contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to share their best tips for getting and staying motivated. Their answers are presented below in no particular order.

You may notice some similar ideas listed, but I kept them separate, as something in the way one is framed may resonate differently with you.

1. Mind Your Privilege

Put things in perspective. Never forget how privileged you are to start a business and even try and make your dreams happen in the first place. Remember that there are millions of people around the world struggling to have the most basic needs – food, water, safety, freedom of expression, etc. A simple quick search on the Internet will show you just how truly good you have it. If that doesn’t motivate you to make the most of the incredible hand you’ve been dealt, I don’t know what will.
Thanks to: Abhi Lokesh of Fracture.

2. Celebrate Your Wins

Create a journal where each week, you record your business wins- those small things you tend to brush past as you move to the next item on the never-ending to-do list. Write about the new prospect, the possible speaking engagement or the completed freebie for your mailing list. When you're feeling stuck or like you're not doing enough, read through your weekly business wins. You'll see how much progress you've made, which will motivate you to keep moving forward.
Thanks to: Brandyn Campbell of Brandyn Campbell Communications.

3. Change Your Perspective

Feeling overworked? You're just that good and your business is flourishing. Are things slowing down? Think of this as more time to reinvent your business, brainstorm, perform a competitive analysis, work smarter, etc. Is a client giving you a hard time? Think of it this way: they're helping you improve your business processes. You are in control of your thoughts, so ask yourself what you can learn from your current challenges. Pause, breathe, and shift the way you're interpreting the situation.
Thanks to: Bernard May of National Positions.

4. Take an Inspiring Course

When I'm unmotivated, taking an online course gets me excited about my business again and provides a fresh perspective that fuels my work. Nowadays, there are a lot of affordable video-based courses about how to market your small business. Even if I think I know a topic really well, it can be useful to take a course in it, because each instructor has new insights. Or sometimes, I'll take a course on something I'm interested in that's unrelated to business and it has the same motivating effect.
Thanks to: Chloe Brittain of Opal Transcription and Editing.

5. Take a Look Around

When I feel that I'm not as motivated as I could be, I take a look around at those I admire for their accomplishments, especially my wife. Not only is she my wife/best friend, but she's also one of the more accomplished business people I've met. All I need to do is take a look at her undeterred desire to serve and help her clients, and I'm right back in the game. Who inspires you?
Thanks to: Peter George of Peter George Public Speaking Inc.

6. BJJ Benefits Business

If I'm feeling low energy, I turn to my hobby: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When you need a break from the stresses of running a business, or the anxiety over a slowdown, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu quickly jogs your mind out of work-mode. The physical exertion also de-stresses the body, while the focus required makes it so you can't worry about your business. You'll come out of your practice session re-energized, and maybe even have jogged a new idea loose in the process!
Thanks to: Shayne Sherman of TechLoris.

7. Celebrate Small Wins

Starting and growing a business can be a very long and drawn out process filled with obstacles and challenges. You will get small wins along the way and it's important to celebrate them. This is why restaurants tape up the first dollar they earn and the plaques of awards they win. Signing a big contract or making a big sale are always celebratory milestones, but remember to savor the small milestones, too. They can keep you going when you really need an emotional boost.
Thanks to: Jim Wang of Wallet Hacks.

8. Stimulating Clients Motivate!

I stay motivated and engaged as a solopreneur by working with interesting and stimulating clients and by learning new ways to grow both their and my business. There’s nothing better or more motivating than knowing that you are driving results for someone else’s business, and in the process, growing your own. And, I'm continually motivated by discovering new skills and tactics that allow me to better deliver on my promise of providing value to my clients.
Thanks to: Juli Lassow of JHL Solutions.

9. Focus on the Why

When I get burnt out, I always reflect on why I started the business. I write down the five reasons that I wanted to own an agency. I also look back at where I started and how far I've come. During these times, you have to go back to the why and look at the big picture.
Thanks to: Alison Maloni of Alison May Public Relations.

10. Motion VS Productivity

Understanding the difference between motion and productivity is essential to keeping motivated. A day of just motion, like viewing emails and social media posts or being on endless conference calls will not move your business forward. It can also lead to feeling overwhelmed. To remedy this, plan something productive to do each day, for example, an activity to gain new customers and measure your results. Small accomplishments can improve your morale. It'll also identify areas you may be avoiding.
Thanks to: V. Michael Santoro of Vaetas, LLC.

11. Do Not Lose Focus

My best tip— remember what you are working for. You have a passion for something and you want to provide that passion to other people through the service or product you offer. At the same time, you are an entrepreneur, meaning you do not want to work for someone else. If you lose sight of these things, you are going to find yourself as an employee chasing someone else’s passion.
Thanks to: Nathan DeMetz of Nathan DeMetz Personal Training.

12. Hustle or Starve

I remember starting out... If I didn't hustle, we didn't eat!

I wanted to make sure that my wife was fed, my child was fed and then I was fed. It was all about getting to the next level of consistency in my business. It's all about MRR, a Monthly Recurring Revenue. If I wasn't getting at it, I wasn't getting fed and I wasn't getting paid. That is and was a huge motivator for me.
Thanks to: Christopher Carter of Approyo.

13. Motivation vs Inspiration

Be sure you understand the difference between motivation and inspiration.

We are often inspired by people who are the best, the GOAT, or who are at the pinnacle of our industry.

But, they are so far ahead of us that it can be discouraging. If we can't imagine getting there, why would we try?

Instead, be motivated by the person who is just a little ahead of you because you CAN imagine that with just a little more effort, you can get there.
Thanks to: Beth Bridges of The Networking Motivator.

14. On-Going Celebrations

Too many times we as society & entrepreneurs celebrate the "new". The new business, new innovation or the new customer. Those are great, but not what entrepreneurship is about.

As successful entrepreneurs, we know that it is the long haul, the daily grind & the background tasks that lead to long-term success. Those are what need to be celebrated. Take joy in realizing the incremental steps that lead to long-term success & celebrate with staff how the little things create big change!
Thanks to: Ben Baker of Your Brand Marketing.

15. Reflection!

When I struggle to stay motivated, I step back and look at the big picture. Looking back at where I started from is a good way to remind myself of how far along I've come and to measure how much I’ve already accomplished.
Thanks to: Zondra Wilson of Blu Skin Care, LLC.

16. Motivation Loves Company

When I need to be reminded that it's worth fighting the good fight (for more customers), I find stories of fellow entrepreneurs who managed to overcome ennui, enervation, and a lack of esprit. To illustrate, Intel's founder and former CEO, Andy Grove, escaped Nazi concentration camps and then Communist-ruled Hungary at the age of 20. Immigrating to NYC, he worked as a busboy before earning degrees and acclaim in the semi-conductor field. By comparison, my obstacles pale.
Thanks to: Marlene Caroselli.

17. Know Your Purpose

If you are in business to deliver your passionate purpose, then staying motivated is easy. When you are tempted to go off track, just ask yourself, "How is this going to help me serve my passion and purpose?" If it doesn't, then put the distraction aside and reorient yourself to get what you want and deserve.
Thanks to: Mitch Krayton of Krayton Travel.

18. Sparking Momentum

You’ve made all of the right moves by creating specific business goals and prioritizing them. The challenge is, carving out time to work on them during your busy day.
A powerful solution: pick your top goal, break down the key steps into reaching it and then, send yourself daily reminders (e.g., via Gmail calendar, mobile alerts, et al.,) on each step until you have reached the goal.
Pro tip: continue sparking momentum by giving yourself a reward each time you finish a key step.
Thanks to: Kelly Isley, Author of Adapt Now.

19. First, Call in an Ad Agency!

Whenever you are looking for ways to get motivated and increase your business, FIRST... call in some ad agencies to help you take a look at the results of your past and current advertising and to help you take a look at the costs and opportunities that could help you increase your business starting immediately! Call in a few ad agencies and discuss the costs and opportunities with them, and go with the ad agency that makes the most sense. And, as they say in advertising, "Don't wait! Call now!"
Thanks to: Robert Barrows of R.M. Barrows Advertising.

20. Motivated by Purpose

Running my insurance business and ensuring my clients are satisfied with the coverage they have while also seeking new clients to help can be very stressful. But, at the end of the day, I always remind myself that no matter how hard my day was, in the end, I know I am helping others by ensuring they have the health insurance they need. There is nothing more personal or important than one’s health, and I make sure to humble and motivate myself with the role I play in that for my clients.
Thanks to: Brett Casey of HealthMarkets.

21. Take Time to Reflect

Giving yourself some time to reflect and take a step back from it all is always wise, I feel. It helps you to see things with a different perspective and permits you to come back to things with a fresh new outlook. Give it a try!
Thanks to: Eric Knight of Persistent Management.

22. Match the Mission to Passion

This has not been a problem for me. Instead, I want to do everything at once instead of focusing on the next most important task!

It’s because I finally discovered my passion and it has nothing to do with making money. It has everything to do with doing the One Thing I feel compelled to do.

I ask: “Is this really how I want to spend my time? Am I moving my mission forward by allocating my time this way?” Burnout is easy to avoid if you know you are pointed in the right direction.
Thanks to: Janie J of Janie J - Live Your Best Life.

23. Read, Read, Read the Blogs!

To get a motivational boost, I read blogs voraciously. There are two kinds I read. The first is blogs in my niche. Those give me ideas of things to write about or nudge me to take actions that don't occur to me when I'm feeling sluggish. The second is marketing blogs that give me a reminder (or new ideas) of things I could be doing with my time to promote my business.
Thanks to: David Leonhardt of THGM Ghostwriters.

24. Learn from Mistakes

As an entrepreneur, I faced many bad days in my business, but these days, I have settled my business brilliantly.

To stay motivated, you need to touch your high approaches, develop a strong purpose, and map your goals and desires. Learn from mistakes, be positive and don't chase the final result, just focus on the journey. And, make a plan to achieve these. Whenever negative thoughts begin, you should counter-attack them by your goals and desires. So, exercise your motivation muscles every day.
Thanks to: Ali Hasan of Film Jackets.

25. Get Up With Purpose

When I go to bed at night, I think of the first thing I want to accomplish the next day. It is usually the first big thing on my to-do list. Since it is on the list, I have already started planning for it. So, I think about how I will feel when it is done. Queue smiles and snores. The next morning, I wake up knowing what my first big challenge is and I am raring to go accomplish it.
Thanks to: Matt McKee of Matt McKee Commercial Photography.

26. Look at What's Possible

Perhaps my best motivational tip for when times get tough is to look at someone who has already achieved the results you want to achieve.

When you do this, you're reaffirming to yourself that it's possible. You're reminding yourself that if that person can do it, so can you. Sometimes, all it takes to get back on track is a reminder like this.
Thanks to: James Pollard of The Advisor Coach.

27. It's Not Just Me, Right??

It seems like every year, I hit that dreaded point where I'm just exhausted and feeling burnt out. One of the best ways I've found to battle it is to talk about it! I have a weekly Facebook show and once a year, I bring on a mental health counselor and talk about what I'm going through, how I'm working through it and share tips for other entrepreneurs to help them avoid stress and get through those low times. The engagement is amazing and it's a great reminder that we all go through it!
Thanks to: Bobbi Baehne of Think Big Go Local, Inc.

28. Get Into the Zone

Everything is frequency and vibration. I go to You Tube and type in “frequency binaural solfeggio limitless prosperity”, make a selection, put on my headphones, and get into the prosperity zone. It works!
Thanks to: Sheila Van Houten of New Light Consulting.

29. Passion Drives Motivation

The best way to stay motivated on your business is to follow the sentiment, “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life!” I LOVE being a dentist and I’m motivated to help my patients by being a source of education and how we’re able to help so many of them achieve their ideal appearance with an improved smile. You’d be amazed how touching it is seeing an adult or child smile in awe when they see their “new” reflection in the mirror - that’s motivation!
Thanks to: Dr. Ashley Paré of Shoreline Smiles.

30. Routine and Habit

I like to maintain a consistent schedule in that I wake up at the same time every day, I exercise, I develop a list of my top to-do’s for work, and I aim to mark off at least the top three on that list. This helps me stay motivated, focused and present in both my personal and professional life. I read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and that only reinforced my will and desire to maintain a consistent schedule.
Thanks to: Nigel Blythe-Tinker of VGW.

31. Great Projects, Great People!

The excitement of working on new projects every day, and with people I enjoy, is what keeps me motivated. The ability to create new solutions on a daily basis with a talented client team is invigorating. It's always rewarding when a client hires us to help them, but it's even more rewarding to see that the suggestions and ideas we offer are put into place and make their business more productive, helping them succeed in today's competitive business environment.
Thanks to: Carlos Castelán of The Navio Group.

32. Rediscover Your Inspiration

Entrepreneurs will always face ups and downs. The challenges and failures will be harder to accept than the wins. The way I keep myself motivated in these times is by looking back at notes I wrote to myself when I started working on my idea - what I was thinking, the assumptions I made and the confidence I had. I draw inspiration from the passion that got me excited in the first place and this usually re-energizes me to overcome the obstacles and march on.
Thanks to: Rodney Yo of Best Online Traffic School.

33. Fuel Your Entrepreneurial Fire

I believe that one of the best ways to keep going as an entrepreneur is to make sure that you are always in the presence of other entrepreneurs. It was your passion as an entrepreneur that drove you to create your product or service, take that somewhat calculated risk and perhaps give up that “real job”. When the going gets tough in business, entrepreneurs can get the spark they need to keep moving forward by tapping the passion of their entrepreneurial peers!
Thanks to: Larry Mietus of Speaking of Strategy.

34. Forget BALANCE!

Balance is something every entrepreneur seems to chase, it's finding time for what you love outside the office. A good plan today will look quite different tomorrow. Shifting happens on a daily basis with growth & experience. Grow with your business & trust the people around you for help.

Outsource when possible, even if hiring scares you. It will give you back your time. After all, balance is more about making time for the things that matter & being mindful not to get lost in your business.
Thanks to: Laura Templeton of 30 Second Success.

35. Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

When you become a mom, you must commit - to the good times and the bad, the uncertainty, and the journey. You don’t know exactly what’s in store, but you have a sense it will all be worth it. When you become an entrepreneur, you must commit - to the lucrative and lean years, the uncertainty, and the journey. Stay focused on the long game to remove the pressure of having to make it all happen right now. Give in to the idea that it will all be worth it.
Thanks to: Kristi Andrus of LUXI.

36. If Not NOW, THEN When?!

I'd say the most important thing to remember when things get difficult as an entrepreneur and you're struggling to get by is this: No one is promised a long, healthy or successful life. You have to keep yourself healthy if you want to live better and even then, you could get hit by a car tomorrow and die...

Too many people live in fear of failing at something they're passionate about not realizing that failure is part of the process. As they say, "it's better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all".
Thanks to: Carlos Then of Mr Then Consulting.

37. How to Stay Motivated

Here’s my tip to stay motivated:

Taking care of myself keeps me motivated and healthy, using meditation along with exercising. Self-care is huge. You can’t pour from an empty cup.
Thanks to: Tasha Holland-Kornegay of

38. Resilience: How to Bounce Back

Resilience and persistence are often used interchangeably; there is a difference.

Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Persistence: firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

They both deal with difficulty and require a mindset to be mentally tough; however, resilience refers to bouncing back and persistence refers to pressing on.

When I lost everything, I got up every morning and chose to move forward. Thrive!
Thanks to: Royce Gomez of Royce Talks.

39. Start with Why

Start each day by reminding yourself of why you decided to start your business. For many entrepreneurs, this will be things like to better provide for my family, to help others within my community, or spend your days working on something you love. This daily reminder of why you started your business can help keep your drive alive and push you through the tough times.
Thanks to: Nick Disney of Sell My San Antonio House.

40. Change Things Up a Bit

I find that swapping out tasks consistently helps me to stay motivated. Sometimes, I find myself getting tired of the daily grind of things. I will look for different tasks that I might normally not handle myself (such as SEO, customer service, or web design) and I will research and get involved in that task. It helps me to learn more and get a fresh take on things. Often times, it gives me new ideas to implement for the business.
Thanks to: Kim Hawkins of

41. Live Your Legacy Now

Self-pity and the idea of quitting come easy. Allow 24 hours for self-pity. In that timeframe, think back to how you began. Begin listing the highlights of your journey.

Think about how you want the world to remember you. How will you rise above and help others? Now, set a 12-month goal. Working backward, create quarterly goals and monthly goals. Each month, set weekly and daily goals. Review each evening.

As goal-setting becomes a habit, decide how you will achieve your legacy.
Thanks to: Elinor Stutz of Smooth Sale.

42. You're in This Long Term

Remember that you're in this for the long haul. Businesses take years to build & building a successful business is never easy. If it were, everyone would be doing this, right? When you're feeling exhausted or going through a slow period, don't worry, it's ok. It’s being able to endure the tough times that makes you an entrepreneur. So, tell yourself: you're in this for the long haul, things will even out, and you’ll look back on this in months and laugh. But whatever you do, never give up.
Thanks to: Adam McIntyre of BrandPacks.

43. Set Your Daily Intention

Every day, we have the opportunity to develop and tone our muscles. Self-motivation also requires muscle strengthening. The very first thing in the morning, pick one word that aligns with your intention for that day. Choose a particular situation that you think you will face that day. Embody what that process– not the outcome– is going to look like to you. When we start our day with an optimistic mindset and setting our intention, then we have something to work towards that is positive.
Thanks to: Romy Taormina of Psi Bands.

44. Unplug to Reboot

My one go-to tip for staying motivated when times get hard goes against the general advice from the entrepreneurial masses. Hard times don't always call for you to go harder. Sometimes, the best solution is to unplug for a few hours. Go to the beach, the pool, or be somewhere in nature; preferably around water to soak up all the negative ions. You should even trot off on a weekend getaway. You need to take time out to remind yourself of your goals and why you started your entrepreneurial journey.
Thanks to: Sophie Bowman of Brand Branding PR LCC.

45. Join a Mastermind Group

One tip I have for fellow entrepreneurs to stay motivated to work hard on their own business is to join a mastermind group.

As a blogger, freelance writer, and social media management consultant, I have had to join several mastermind groups. My primary reason for doing so was because I was battling a lot of self-doubt, and that is very difficult to overcome alone.

While I do have an incredible support system offline, most of my friends are not entrepreneurs - they work traditional jobs.
Thanks to: Jerry Brown of Peerless Money Mentor.

46. Demotivation Is the Enemy

It's not getting or staying motivated that's the problem, it's succumbing to de-motivation and/or depression due to an unhappy customer, poor business situation or lagging finances. The way I combat this is to contact one of the better customers and ask for a few encouraging words, which these customers (they've become friends) are only too happy to provide.
Thanks to: Steve Silberberg of Fitpacking.

47. Rescuing Yourself 101

When I feel burnt out or unmotivated, I check myself into a local spa for 24 hours.

I take a notebook and a novel and leave my phone at home.

Guests lounge in a luxurious bathrobe all day. I get a couple of treatments, eat great food, and write or doodle whatever an inspired moment brings. I will also engross myself in a novel of fiction.

This 24-hour vacation gives me a total reset. I come back renewed.
Thanks to: Leslie Bradford-Scott of Walton Wood Farm.

48. Remember Your Impact

As an entrepreneur, I need to remind myself of the real difference and value I am bringing to my clients in my area. It is important to stop and pause, and then think about the good you are doing through your work. It may even help to create a page of quotes from clients who thanked you for your work and the difference it made.
Thanks to: Stan Kimer of Total Engagement Consulting.

49. It's a Family Affair

As a teacher, pro-blogger, and freelance writer, I have my hands full. I also have a family and social life. I do it all by utilizing my family members to help me in my blogging business. My husband is my business manager. He was a businessman, so he has business acumen. My middle daughter is my bookkeeper. She is about to be between jobs. She has time to help and excels at math. My oldest daughter, a freelancer, is my consultant. I get help and don't need a budget.
Thanks to: Janice Wald of

50. Dream BIG & Make it Happen

Opening Instagram and watching a quick motivational video may get you moving for an hour, but identifying what truly inspires you is where sustained growth emerges.

Channel your inspiration into goals in the short term (weekly or monthly), longer out (yearly) and then really push the envelope for 5, 10 and 20 years out. See the life you want to create, work backwards from there to where you are now.

WRITE DOWN the goals and look at them daily. You'll have no choice but to go forward.
Thanks to: Steve McGrath of vIQtory Sports.

51. Are You a TRUE Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is hard. At times, it feels like you are constantly getting punched in the face. During times like this, it's important to understand your “why” as to why you keep pushing forward. If you are passionate, you will keep going; if not, then you will give up. Every time I feel like giving up, I remember why I started and how many people are counting on me to make a difference and change their life. This is enough of a reason for me to never give up, so why should you?
Thanks to: Shailen Vandeyar of Vandeyar Group.

52. Keep Failure on Your Mind

To keep motivation when times get tough, you should ask yourself "If this business failed, would you be happy with your contribution today?"

If the answer is anything but a resounding 'absolutely yes' it forces me and my staff to get stuck in and give ourselves that extra push so we've given it our all.
Thanks to: Pete McAllister of OutreachPete.

53. Put Affirmations in One Place

I have a folder on the desktop which has screenshots of places I have been featured, compliments from clients and readers, emails from my audience on how I have helped them turn around their financial situation, etc. Whenever I feel low or have thoughts about quitting, I go back and read them.

It reminds me how far I have come and how many struggles I have already overcome with flying colors. Remember your journey and where you were at the same time last year. You will be motivated again!
Thanks to: Chhavi Agarwal of Mrs Daaku Studio.

54. Motivation for Entrepreneurs

Being a successful entrepreneur isn't easy, especially at the starting level. You feel like giving up when things go bad in your business. That's why Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said "what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is perseverance". This quote has been my motivator since I started my career in blogging, digital marketing and content writing. Once I remember how successful I want to be in my career, the only thing that comes to mind is perseverance.
Thanks to: Chuks Chukwuemeka of Cumekpreneur.

55. Torpedo Demotivation

Being an entrepreneur is an emotional roller coaster. There are days when you feel on top of the world. But, there are times when you’d rather stick hot pokers into your eyes than put out never-ending fires.

Good news? There’s a way to torpedo demotivation. Connect with peers. While you can’t vent to your family, you can share a knowing glance with other founders who will empathize but won't judge. On top of comfort, you’ll crowdsource solutions that already worked for CEOs like you.
Thanks to: Kuba Koziej of ResumeLab.

56. Remember What Made You Start

The thing that keeps me motivated is the possibility of going back to a 9-5 job if my business fails, stripping me of all the freedom that I’ve become accustomed to from running my own business. My previous day job was extremely dreadful, and as such, I felt miserable all the time. This motivated me to start my own business in the first place, and it’s also the reason that keeps me going.

I'll think about this whenever things look murky and it gets me fired up every time.
Thanks to: Jeremy Ong of HUSTLR Inc.

57. Keep a "Smile File"

My friend Mckinzie Bean taught me that whenever someone says something nice about your business or product, you should take a shot of it and put it a folder.

When the tough days come, pull out your folder or "smile file" and read every good thing people have said, you'll see a reason to work harder, because you'll see that you are changing lives. You'll see that people literally depend on you to work harder to help make their lives easier; that's the biggest motivation!

Works like a charm!
Thanks to: Lily Ugbaja of FindingBalance.Mom.

58. Drop the Coffee and Do This!

One unknown tip for all entrepreneurs is to take cold showers. Although it sounds ridiculous, there are scholarly articles that support this claim. It’s going to feel incredibly uncomfortable, but what it does is increase the number of white blood cells in your body, which in turn helps fight sicknesses which is vital for all entrepreneurs. Most of all though, it gives you an unreal mental and physical boost, similar to that of caffeine without all the nasty side effects!
Thanks to: Patrick Dhital of Honey Skin.

59. *The Why*

It’s inevitable that you'll face your fair share of failures. When your morale is your low, make a conscious effort to remind yourself of ‘The Why’. The Why is your memo for why you started this journey and why you believe in yourself and your efforts. What made you passionate and how is this going to drive you now? When you really believe in what you’re doing, the Why comes easily. You can even write it down as a physical memo or catchphrase that you pull up when your motivation is low.
Thanks to: Nate Masterson of Maple Holistics.

60. Always Aspire to Climb High

One should “Always aspire to climb as high as you can dream". If you aspire to own a Mercedes, you get a Honda – If you aspire to own a Honda – you land up with a bike, but if you aspire to own a bike – you would get just a bus ticket. So, always Think Big!

My view is that you should place as many boats in the water as possible, so that when the winds blow, boats start sailing, may be some of your boats start sailing fast, some slow -- But, at the end there is a business to be made.
Thanks to: Abhishek Chaudhary of LondonSchool of Business & Research.

61. Have No "Plan B"

Clearly, if Plan A doesn’t work, one must do something with the rest of their lives. But, the point is to not plan for what that will be. Don’t think about one, consider one or create one.

Entrepreneurialism challenges you so deeply, on so many levels that during your worst days, if you have a Plan B you will fantasize about how green that grass is in comparison to the moonscape of your current conditions. "Plan Bs" decrease your level of commitment, which increases your chances of failure.
Thanks to: Jeffrey Deckman of Capability Accelerators.

62. Doing What I Enjoy

I'm consistently aiming to increase the time I spend working within my unique ability. The concept of unique ability, which I was first introduced to by Dan Sullivan of Strategy Coach, is the combination of things I'm good at and enjoy doing in my business. Whenever I'm lacking motivation, it's because there is work ahead I don't enjoy. Then, it becomes a game of trying to either delete, delegate, or create a system in my business that allows me to spend less time on these things.
Thanks to: R.J. Weiss of The Ways To Wealth.

63. Win the Morning, Win Your Life

I rise at 4:30am 6 days a week, mostly without an alarm clock. How and why?

Because I think about the alternative: working for someone else and having them tell me what I am worth day in and day out and knowing that the job is never secure.

I also get up for others.

What do I mean by this? I think about how many are watching me and gaining inspiration from what I do or don't do.

Lastly, I know I am doing something most won't do; therefore, I will have what others won't.
Thanks to: Angela Bradford.

64. Reward Yourself

The best tip I can give to motivate yourself to keep going is to reward yourself for the hard work you do during the week. At the end of each week that you made real progress and worked hard, treat yourself to a movie/dinner, an exciting activity, an IPA you always wanted to try, etc.
Thanks to: Mike Lindamood of Wallet Gear.

65. Failure is Not Fatal!

One tip I can give to keep you motivated is to never be afraid to fail, just keep going!

It is very common among businesses to experience challenges. But, what differentiates a good entrepreneur from the rest is the tenacity to keep going and showing up to execute every day! I think of failure as more like a hiccup & much like the relief you enjoy right after an episode of hiccups, you savor a similar feeling when you experience success right after few challenges!
Thanks to: Pratibha Vuppuluri of She Started It.

66. Recharge at a Seminar

Every hard-charging entrepreneur I know has gone through a period of burnout. The solution that has worked for me time and time again for over twenty years has been attending high-energy personal development seminars, like a Tony Robbins event. Being around like-minded people in a positive environment who are committed to growth has been the spark I’ve needed to re-ignite my fire and has helped me experience my greatest breakthroughs in business and life.
Thanks to: Frank Fiume of i9 Sports.

67. Get That Monkey Off Your Back

There isn't one entrepreneur that I know that doesn't bite off more than they can chew. So, what do you do first? Get that monkey off your back! Choose 5 things you have to do for the day, and do the one you've been stalling on first. If you can't tackle it all on one day, chip away at it for a few days -- and give yourself a deadline. All the energy you spend worrying and beating yourself up about not finishing is holding back so much positive energy. The 5 Rocks formula works, if you work it.
Thanks to: Robin Samora of Robin Samora Marketing & PR.

68. Remember the Good!

Keep a success list. Journal your successes. It is easy to focus on your losses and concentrate on what did not work. Combat those downward spiraling, negative thoughts and maintain a list of what has gone right.

Track your to do list; when you cross something off - move it to the bottom so that you can see what you have accomplished. Go a step further and select your medium to big fish and add the ripple-effects of what else happened because if your WIN!
Thanks to: Ed McMasters of FUSIONWRX Inc., a Flottman Company.

69. Meditation and Affirmations

I like to meditate for about 20 - 30 minutes each morning and when I do that, I visualize exactly what I see myself doing, in my dream life. I try to make it as real as possible, so I may create my dream home, my dream travel experiences, my dream lifestyle. When I am done meditating and visualizing, I start scripting affirmations for success and more money for about 10 minutes and that helps to put me in the zone of feeling like I am capable of achieving anything.
Thanks to: Dawn-Marie Nesbitt of I Am Dawn-Marie.

70. Keep it Fresh

Always be prepared to experiment to find new ways to sell your products and services, however be sure that you can measure the results of these experiments. Use these experiments as a way to fuel your creativity, enthusiasm and drive to keep the business moving forward. Infusing something new into your routine is the best way to keep the passion alive.
Thanks to: Anubh Shah of With Clarity.

71. My Kids Can Live This Life!

The main reason I started BrEpic was to spend more quality time with my wife, Sarah, and our sons: Jake, 6, and Chase, 5. My motivation tip is I want to show my sons that this amazing entrepreneurial life is possible with great focus, determination and hustle. I want to be an example to my sons that they can live this dream as well - where you can have freedom of money, time and more. I want to be a positive example for them if they decide to become entrepreneurs one day. That is my motivation.
Thanks to: Justin Breen of BrEpic Communications LLC.

72. Motivation Tip

The number one thing that will motivate entrepreneurs is for them to realize if they stay focused on a daily basis, they will eventually succeed very well. Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were asked to give one word to be able to succeed and both said you need to focus. Now, of course, we all need to rest and relax once in a while, so just tell yourself that you are going to take a day to rest so that the day after, you will have the energy to refocus; it works quite well.
Thanks to: B.P. Greycastle of Name Colorology Group.

73. Phone a Friend

Call a friend who has the problem you are solving. Knowing that you are building the solution to help not just yourself but others is rewarding and motivating. Feel part of something bigger when being an entrepreneur gets lonely.
Thanks to: Renee Fry of Gentreo.

74. Make it Fun!

I used to play video games a lot. When I started my career, I remember telling myself: “I should have started sooner. I’m having as much fun, except now I get paid!” Being competitive by nature, I find that always trying to improve really helps. Whether it’s my business, or Crossfit, doing better than yesterday is what drives me forward. I used to buy better swords to help level up my online player. Now I read books, use my time wisely and try to make the best move to grow my business.
Thanks to: Julien Raby of Best Outdoor Items.

75. My Number 1 PINCH Motivation

Whenever I hit that invisible motivational wall, I go for a walk to mentally disconnect. I become a sponge to the environment around me. The art, people watching, architecture and energy on random blocks inspire me. When I free myself from the confines of my work, I allow myself to be in a moment, which always jolts new motivation. You’ll discover when you disconnect; you will reconnect quicker than you know.
Thanks to: Jason Pinchoff of Jason Pinchoff.

76. Plan. Just... Plan.

For the last 3 years, my team has worked for 6 weeks and then taken off for 2 weeks. The two weeks off, we still check email, but our only project is to plan, to look ahead and see where we want to be, what we want to be doing, and how our efforts are helping to move the business forward. This keeps us working ON the business, instead of getting caught up working IN the business. And at the end of each 6 weeks, to keep ourselves motivated, we plan for a celebration, something to reward ourselves for.
Thanks to: Joe Martin of Martin Creative.

77. Keeping Fit With Your Business

It’s important to schedule times to be healthy physically, because without your health, you can’t run a business. My tips are to stay motivated with your health like you would any business action item: make an Outlook appointment to go the gym, walk around the block while you’re on a call, or having a meeting at a healthier restaurant. Treat staying healthy as any action item for a project with a deadline, and your energy level will rise with your activity.
Thanks to: Dana Marlowe of Accessibility Partners.

78. Motivation Belongs in a Museum

When I need to feel inspired, I visit museums. Take the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton, Ohio, with its 5,000-year-old Egyptian pottery. That potter probably got burnt out once in a while. That's life! When I lay eyes on the works of the past like these pots, I remember that what I'm building is meant to outlast me. Just like that Egyptian pottery, my business is a gift to the future. No matter how slow things get or how "meh" I feel, a conversation with history always gets my head back in the game.
Thanks to: Joshua Lisec of The Entrepreneur's Wordsmith LLC.

79. Attitude of Gratitude

A great way for entrepreneurs to stay motivated and focused is to practice an attitude of gratitude daily. Entrepreneurs are able to become the master of their own destiny and work in a field they are passionate about. Some days are better than others and the tough days can make it feel difficult to keep pushing yourself forward. I find that by practicing gratitude, you are able to quietly adjust your mindset. You'll sweat the small stuff less, which changes the way you approach your work and all.
Thanks to: Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.

80. Daily Dose of Motivation!

As an entrepreneur, I don’t have the luxury of losing motivation. Moving full speed ahead on a daily basis is a must. To ensure this happens, I start my mornings by connecting with my entire staff individually to discuss the progress each is making. Even if I don’t feel like calling clients, working with editors or reporters or writing proposals, once I talk with my team members, their progress and enthusiasm is so inspiring it puts me in a productive frame of mind.
Thanks to: Lisa Porter of Porter PR & Marketing.

81. Give Back to Feel the Love

Every now and then, you need to fall back in love with your business. As an entrepreneur, you really do have a unique relationship with your company. If you're feeling burnt out or unmotivated, take time to rekindle the PASSION. Remind yourself why you started by giving back with your skills and business that you've built thus far. You'll receive so much for personal, mental and spiritual growth. Seeing positive impacts that your work has on others is the single-most way to reignite your fire.
Thanks to: Lauren Grech of LLG.

82. Capitalizing on Failures

My best motivational tip would be to become accustomed to failure and grow stronger from your experience. Many successful entrepreneurs had to go through all kinds of bad investments and unwise startup ideas to get to where they are now.

To stay motivated, you must learn from your mistakes, be adaptable and ready to switch up your strategy at a moment's notice.

In 2011, for example, Bitcoin reached parity with the US dollar, and yet many people are now regretting they didn't invest.
Thanks to: Igor Mitic of Fortunly.

83. Examine How Far You've Come

In the entertainment industry especially, it can seem like success is entirely dependent on the approval of others. Consequently, it‘s inevitable to experience occasional feelings of defeat when you don't book a gig. To combat this and stay motivated, take time to meditate. After a few minutes of focusing on nothing at all, gradually integrate thoughts of how far you’ve come since you started. Remembering your progress will reignite your fire to continue making incremental movement each day.
Thanks to: Davide Ferrari of Davide Ferrari.

84. Take Time to Travel

When we started our first blog, Avocadu, and made $103,457.98 in our first year, we were putting in HOURS upon hours and it felt like we had no time left in the day to do anything else. We took a trip to Nicaragua as a reward for finally finding success. We were able to temporarily set aside all the stress and angst that had built up and live a different lifestyle. It was an unbelievably rewarding experience and we came back refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to continue growing our business.
Thanks to: Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus of Create and Go.

85. Be Motivated & Charge Forward

My tip is to set small goals while you are working hard to reach the big dream. Whenever you achieve one of the small goals, you'll be more motivated to move forward. Train your mind in a way that it's enjoying the process, rather than getting stressed while facing everyday challenges. If you feel exhausted and tired, do something that raises adrenaline, go hike, bike or swim. Learn more, read or watch conferences, lectures, etc., and finally, make sure you exercise or do meditation every day.
Thanks to: Ali Payani of LookinLA Digital Marketing Agency.

86. Sing Your Heart Out

Since becoming an entrepreneur full-time and having more hours to put into my business, keeping my motivation has been a struggle. I think you need something in your day that's not business-related where you can just express your feelings without fear of judgment. For me, that's singing. That's where I channel my emotions, good or bad. After singing, I feel recharged, with a clear mind ready to focus on growing my business. I do this daily and sometimes, multiple times per day because it works.
Thanks to: Drew DuBoff of

87. Overwhelmed and What to Do

My one tip I would like to give is regarding when I am overwhelmed with work and not sure which direction to turn. I make myself a list of what I need to accomplish, I prioritize it, and I then follow it. By breaking everything I need to do down to a list, it truly simplifies it for me, it immediately takes away some of the stress, and it also keeps me on track. And, as I crack away at the list, it builds my morale knowing there is less and less needed to get done.
Thanks to: Jonathan Steingart of GoRoostr Inc.

88. Consistent Deliverables

We’re motivated to succeed by making sure that the quality of deliverables to our homeowners are consistently high - every time. I’ve seen some businesses lose sight of what their initial draw was, and for us, that was always quality products and expert installation. By doing this consistently, customers stay satisfied and that creates a positive feedback loop where they give us great referrals and our team feels great about the service and products we provide. It's a win-win for everyone!
Thanks to: Mason Ruppel of Builders Service Company.

89. 80 Little Reminders

My top tip is to update the lock screen on your phone to something that motivates you. On average, people check their phone 80 times a day. If you leave something motivating, like a quote, a picture of something you are working towards or your "why", you will have 80 little reminders every day to keep going!
Thanks to: McKinzie Bean of Moms Make Cents.

90. Entrepreneurship Motivation

Keep a list of every task you need to complete to keep your business running successfully. Instead of deleting tasks you complete, mark them "done" in bold font. I have both short-term and long-term tasks I need completed in a Google Drive document. Seeing the hundreds of tasks I've already completed helps keep me motivated and remind me how hard I've worked on my business. I check this document at the start of every day to know which tasks to prioritize.
Thanks to: Calloway Cook of Illuminate Labs.

91. Recharge With a Passion

Over the years of being self-employed and running my own business, I've changed how I deal with burn out. In the past, I would simply try to work through it, which would typically just cause more burn out. Now, whenever I'm feeling unmotivated, I take a break and I go skateboard. That's pretty unusual since most people don't skateboard, but working on a hobby, hitting the gym, or doing something else you love can quickly put you back in the positive mindset to continue working.
Thanks to: Dylan Houlihan of Swift Salary.

92. Finding Our Inner Badass

Self-belief is everything in entrepreneurship, but it’s fragile. In 2016, my health failed and I lost my ability to read. My self-image shattered. To regain my footing, I focused on “little acts of courage". If I saw someone do something badass, and then I did it, by the Transitive Law of Badassery, I was a badass too. I pushed my limits of discomfort. By taking action, I witnessed my own bravery and rebuilt my self-belief – even writing a book when I couldn’t read at the time.
Thanks to: E. Keller Fitzsimmons of Lost In Startuplandia.

93. Wu-Tang Energy Blast!

The one motivational tip I have is to listen to Wu-Tang Clan's album Enter the Wu-Tang very loud any time I'm feeling flat. It takes me back to the time I was starting out and psyching myself up for investment pitches. Some failed, some succeeded and it's that reminder that tells me to keep going! It helps me reflect on how far we've come. That and the lyrics and energy always inspire me to keep going! So, find the music that drives you, play it loud, take a moment and then go again!
Thanks to: Alistair Dodds of Ever Increasing Circles.

94. The Faking and the Deep Look

Economics Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman in his book "Thinking Fast and Slow" mentions how holding a pencil so that your face is forced to smile makes a cartoon appear funnier. SOURCE:

So yes, fake it 'til you make it.

But, we should not forget ‘the person’ either.

This means to look deep within you so as to find the root cause of your loss of motivation.

Addressing that real reason would help you more in the longer term.
Thanks to: Elena Benito Ruiz of BeeBole.

95. “Long Term” Mind-Set

Focusing on my long-term career goals and the specific work needed to reach them motivates me. Rather than getting caught up on the success of another person, business, or competitor, my attention stays fixed on actions within my control. As a result, I feel accomplished based on working on the process to reach my business objection, rather than whether I’ve reached it already.
Thanks to: Earl White of House Heroes.

96. How Others Do It

We all know motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why it is recommended daily. The easiest way to get motivated is to meet new faces from different fields, cultures, races. You might get bored surrounded by the people with the same ambitions, so it's better to know how people struggle from different walks of life. We need to know how people from other cultures struggle and what are their obstacles in life and how they overcome it. I think it's the ideal way to get motivated.
Thanks to: Nooria Khan of BeeBole.

97. Turn Things into a Game

For competitive-natured entrepreneurs like myself, I turn things into a game... and then, smaller games within the game- much like winning each inning of a baseball game or even just winning the at-bat. It helps to stay motivated by focusing on compiling smaller wins (no one likes to lose), which in return gets you the big wins. Let’s do this!!
Thanks to: Kornel Kurtz of WebTek.

98. Listen While You Work

Whenever I am feeling the blues, I turn on some happy energetic music and start working. Other than listening to music, motivational music and inspiring speeches available on podcast apps (e.g., PocketCasts) can also lift up your spirits. Moreover, take a stroll in nature, as that’s proven to improve one’s mood. Do so while listening to a self-help book via Audible. Entrepreneurs can listen while they’re commuting, exercising, or working. The key advantage that audio brings is convenience.
Thanks to: Syed Irfan Ajmal of SIA Enterprises.

99. Charging On

My tip: embrace setbacks as opportunities to learn. It's common to blame yourself for your mistakes and even feel sorry for yourself. Under these circumstances, you're pretty much blinded from an amazing opportunity that's out there for you. You just have to keep moving forward and view each disappointment as an avenue for growth. Whenever you find a quote or a picture that inspires and helps you stay positive, place it in front of your computer to remind yourself what this journey's all about.
Thanks to: Monica Eaton-Cardone of Chargebacks911.

100. Don't Be a Lone Wolf

You must surround yourself with a tribe of other entrepreneurs that can support you through your highs and lows. Having others as a sounding board helps avoid the "lone wolf" mentality that you must go it alone. This tribe should be your go-to group as you face challenges, and as an added bonus, they can advise you of what they have done in a similar experience. I have a group of female founders I meet with and we have built a structure to support each other. I could not do it without them.
Thanks to: Summer Crenshaw of tilr.

101. You Need to Self-reward!

I strongly advocate 'self-reward' as a great way to stay motivated as an entrepreneur. I constantly self-incentivize by rewarding myself when I hit a set milestone - either big or small. I recently successfully completed some tricky optimization of my website which had expended a large amount of time. I rewarded myself with a great night out with friends and a nice crisp shirt. For me, self-reward instills increased motivation, which encourages a greater level of hard work into the future.
Thanks to: Ollie Smith of Energy Seek.

102. Clear a Path to Help Achieve

Have a clear vision laid out with strategies and tactics in place for how you’re going to achieve them. Entrepreneurs are constantly juggling. If there’s a clear plan, you’ll know which ideas are OK to let go.
Thanks to: Leslie Osman of Park Bank - Madison.

103. Research AND Do the Work

It's easier than ever - especially for us entrepreneurs - to go down rabbit holes while doing research. Continuous research with no action = futility. Find a source of your "truth" for research, learn what you need, and get to work.
Thanks to: Spencer X Smith of AmpliPhi Social Media Strategies.

104. Reset to Kill Your Funk

Once you’ve committed to killing your funk, you need a reset – an event to turn that momentum around. The intensity of your reset will depend on how long you’ve been in your funk.

If your funk has lasted longer, give yourself a longer reset. Go for a long walk or a work-out, journal about your intentions and your mission, write a list, and complete the first step for the project that you’ve been putting off.
Thanks to: Maryna Shkvorets of MARYNA SHKVORETS COMMUNICATION.

105. Bouncing Back After Burn Out

Recently, I had experienced major entrepreneurship burn out, but the way that I bounced back was by enrolling in a few new digital marketing and data science courses online. All of the courses that I had taken helped spark my creativity and jumpstart my motivation again after about three months of feeling overwhelmed and cranky.
Thanks to: Kristin Marquet of

106. Know Yourself

It’s imperative to understand your personality type, what energizes you and what drains you. For me, if I’m not always moving forward and progressing, I get depressed. It’s in my nature to be successful and if I don’t act on this, I’m not happy. Every person inherently has a "best version" of themselves. When you align your efforts with that, you focus your energy, become more productive, find fulfillment and effectively serve others. If you're not operating this way, rearrange.
Thanks to: Mark Shandrow of Asana Recovery.

107. Slowing Down is Okay

You will run into things that aren't working and need adjustment. Be okay slowing down before speeding up again. Everyone wants processes to be perfect and for work to be done at the speed of light. But, it's crucial to success that you sacrifice the appropriate time and resources to fix processes that aren't working. Give enough room to implement successful changes and you'll grow yourself and your business.
Thanks to: Katie Horgan of Giving Assistant.

108. Try the 1% Improvement Track

"If you improve by just 1% every single day, in several months, you will have improved by 100%." I heard these words from Swami Mukundananda at a free retreat he hosted here in Houston, and it completely motivated me to change the way that I run my business. As an entrepreneur, I would work hard to get to a big win, but unfortunately, many of them never came. Once I heard those words? I shifted my motivational point from something huge (and undefined), to improving by just 1% each day.
Thanks to: Amanda L Grossman of Frugal Confessions, LLC.

109. Use Fear as Motivation

I primarily rely on two methods of motivation. First, I always remind myself that I'd rather be my own boss than work for someone else. The last thing I want to do is go crawling back to my old job. This fear has helped motivate me during down times. I also consistently remind myself that every little thing I do has the potential to turn into something great. It could be as little as sending one extra email. Basically, I use the potential of incremental revenue for motivation purposes.
Thanks to: Matthew Ross of The Slumber Yard.

110. Get the Right People

My best motivation tip for every entrepreneur would be to surround yourself with the right people. Whenever I feel frustrated, burnt out, or unsure, I can count on my team to rally and support my ideas, give their feedback, and space when I need it. I also have a folder on my desktop for days when I feel defeated. I save screenshots of encouraging text messages and emails from my team, clients, and peers who, at one point, sent a note of encouragement or gratitude. It’s perfect motivation!
Thanks to: Trivinia Barber of Priority VA.

111. The Secret to Motivation

Entrepreneurs have been trying to unlock the secret to infinite motivation for years. People think that they should adopt the same motivations as other entrepreneurs, but what works for some might not work for you. Money is perceived as the main catalyst, but profit may be the least motivating factor for some people. The best way to stay motivated is by matching the excitement for your idea with a tenacity for tackling challenges. Let these challenges help you stay motivated, so embrace them!
Thanks to: William Griggs of

112. Mentoring Drives Motivation!

Entrepreneurship can prove stressful and isolating, so try connecting with a business mentor! Mentors enhance entrepreneurs' motivation by sharing expertise, acting as a sounding board, and reminding them that they're not alone. An effective mentoring relationship creates a framework of accountability and support, completely free of charge. Our 10 years of research also shows that 75% of mentored entrepreneurs increased their revenue, and 82% of their businesses survived the first two years.
Thanks to: Anita Ramachandran of MicroMentor.

113. Work Late to Break Free

When I first started my business, I was working a 9-5 during the day and then spent the rest of my night focusing on growing my business. My motivation for working hard at night was actually the thought of being able to quit my day job. Every day I would sit there at my desk and think "I hate this job". Later on in the night, I would use that thought as my motivation to work hard, knowing that the more work I put in, the faster I could leave my day job. It took 9 months of work, but I got there!
Thanks to: Beth Noll of Gift Observer.

114. Kick Customer Service Up!

My best tip for small business is to take customer service up 1000 notches. Treat customers not just with respect for their money but with respect for them. Get to know them & serve them well & with all you've got. They will then bring you friends & relatives!

Great customer service reminds business owners of why they are doing what they do in the first place. This really helps prevent burn-out.

And, take vacations from work! You need to trust others to do the work you hired them for.
Thanks to: Roberta Perry of ScrubzBody Skin Care Products.

115. Coffee Mogul Motivation

I ask my staff one question; "What are we going to be? And they respond, "rich".
Thanks to: Renee Brown of Wild Card Roasters.

116. Catch the Wave

Success is about catching the big wave. (A surfer metaphor— I read it somewhere.) You can’t catch it if you’re not out there on your board. I’m a visual artist, so I try to visualize it. I try to conjure up a new image each time (sharks, mermaids, bathtubs, rubber ducks, skateboards, desert islands, frosting waves on a cake). Then, I sketch it out and add a caption: “It’s coming— be ready!!” It gets the wheels turning, puts a smile on my face, and I’m ready to jump back in.
Thanks to: Mark Armstrong of Mark Armstrong Illustration.

117. Love Your Gig!

We launch baby gear rental entrepreneurs on BabyQuip daily. The ones who love the work are amazingly energetic and motivated. Entrepreneurship can be challenging. There isn't a time card to punch to force you to show up. Your business results are in direct proportion to your effort. If your work is rewarding, you're a lot more likely to stick with it, even when your friends are all heading to the beach. Love your gig. It's easier to put in the long hours that lead to success when you do.
Thanks to: Trish McDermott of BabyQuip.

118. It's All About Balance

There's a time and a place for being hard on yourself. Wanting to be better and do better is healthy, but knowing when to turn that off is key. One of my daily rules is that I listen to my body. I know how hard I can push myself, so it's very important for me to recognize when I need a break, when I need sleep, or when I just need to unwind and spend time with the family. Work can wait, it'll be there when I am energized and ready to focus on it.
Thanks to: Bryn Butolph of Eat Clean Meal Prep.

119. What's ONE Thing I Can Do?

When I'm feeling overwhelmed or demotivated in my business, I ask myself, "what's ONE thing I can do today to make the day feel like a success?"

This helps me narrow it down to a high priority task or on really off days, something super small but manageable.

For example, I might choose to focus on writing a draft of a blog post. On a really off day, it might be to schedule a few posts to social media. Over time, even small steps toward a goal add up!
Thanks to: Bri Bell of Frugal Minimalist Kitchen.

120. Just Keep Swimming

As Dory from Finding Nemo says, "Just Keep Swimming!"

I use this as a personal mantra when I'm feeling overwhelmed or like there is just too much to do. All you can do is focus on one task at a time. Eventually, you'll get through it!
Thanks to: Marielle Chartier Henault of AquaMermaid.

121. Change Focus & Feelings

When things are tough as an entrepreneur, I focus on gratitude. I make a list of 10 things I’m grateful for right now.
It’s a good practice at any time and I do it every day. It immediately helps shift focus on what is going right and generates a feeling that everything is good. If you’re an entrepreneur in America, even your worst days are better than most of the rest of the world. It’s a matter of remembering that.
Thanks to: Dustin Radin of Online Visibility, Inc.

122. Recognize Your Impact

The thing which motivates me to get out of bed every day is envisioning the insights and successes my clients and customers experience. When I hit rough patches in my mindset or energy, I will wake up daily and read testimonials, texts and messages from them as a way to motivate me out of bed. Knowing my actions have a bigger impact helps me get out of my own way and show up in my business.
Thanks to: Entrepreneur Coach Bri Seeley of Bri Seeley Coaching.

123. Work With Exciting Partners!

Doing the same thing over and over again can get boring. So, why not switch it up? Working with new people and new companies is a great way to make your current line of work interesting while pursuing your business agenda. For example, Mansa partners with Michelin-star restaurants and hotels that are directly in line with our mission. Working with tea sommeliers and chefs are the most exciting part of our business!
Thanks to: Ashley Lim of Mansa Tea.

124. Look Back on Your Hard Work

As a diamond engagement ring retailer, the most exciting thing we do is change two people's lives forever. When our team is feeling beat down, we will shut down our computers and huddle in a conference room. From there, we take 15 to 30 minutes to read our fantastic reviews and look at posts of our customers' engagement photos. We get a lot of emails of engagement photos and there is nothing quite as uplifting as sitting down to look at how happy we can make lovers of all ages.
Thanks to: Brandon Cook of Clean Origin.

125. Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

Entrepreneurship is being on a mission where nothing can stop you. It will take twice as long as you'd hoped, cost exceedingly more than you'd ever budgeted and will be more challenging than anything you'll ever try, but if you give it your all and refuse to give up, you can trust it will be the ride of a lifetime. No matter what… this has been the most rewarding journey of my life. You can't cheat the grind, but if you give it your all, you can trust that the payoff will be worth it.
Thanks to: Lori Cheek of Cheekd.

126. Step Outside of Yourself

Step outside of yourself and realize that everything you are feeling, whether frustration, burnout, or complacency, is simply chemical interactions in your brain. What is tangible and visible is the progress you have made from each concrete step taken, building the business up from zero. Remind yourself that you never know which next step and push will be the one to carry you over the cusp into a new stage of growth.
Thanks to: Joanna Weng of Shangri-Land: EverLife.

127. Find the Solution

The best motivational tip I have for entrepreneurs goes back to Bevov’s philosophy of understanding and solving customer needs. I am motivated to start something from scratch and have it turn into people using it to help their needs. I become encouraged to solve a problem that exists in the world. The most sustainable way to work hard on your business is to focus on solving a problem and not on the money aspect.
Thanks to: Sandeep Purwar of Bevov.

128. Look to Your Customers!

Find inspiration from your own customers. It's a great reminder of how your business is impacting others for the better and why you need to keep going! As an example, my mission is to help others be a positive impact on our environment. Seeing creative ways our clients use eco-friendly packaging to spread the importance of sustainability inspires me to continue creating better solutions. No matter what your business' mission is, seeing how others support your work make entrepreneurship worth it!
Thanks to: Saloni Doshi of EcoEnclose.

129. Keep Your Brain & Body Active!

Keep those synapses firing to stay motivated. When meeting and talking to people, ask a lot of questions. Conversations will be better and more interesting, too. Take breaks to move and exercise; do something active every day to stay healthy and break up the day. Plan lunch meetings to get out of the office regularly, which is a great way to stay connected and engaged personally and professionally and shake up the routine. Motivation comes from staying active, so keep moving forward!
Thanks to: Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls.

130. Be Patient During Tough Times

Being patient is essential in entrepreneurship. There are days where I feel like throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and there are days where I’m on cloud 9. Entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs.

It’s important to remain *calm* during the downtimes. Do not *PANIC*; take a break if you need. Start with a determined and positive mindset. Create a brief plan with an achievable goal and start executing. You’ll start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
Thanks to: Joe Hughes of Village Bakery.

131. Think About the Bigger Picture

When complacency sets in and going to work feels like a struggle, I recommend thinking about your core values and the broader impact of your work. Why did you start your business? Who have you helped over the years? How can you push through and support your family?

I keep a few pictures on my desk: my family, loyal members of my team who have stuck by me and the tiny office I started in. When I step back and think about the broader implications of my work, I can push through the challenges.
Thanks to: Sid Soil of Docudavit Solutions.

132. Draw Your Battle Lines!

This means getting remarkably clear on what you and your company stand for and fight against. On a core biological level, our behavior is driven by the desire to move away from pain and towards pleasure. By getting clear on what your company stands for and stands against, you are tapping into this primal sense which will not only boost your motivation, it will also enhance the motivation of your entire team.
Thanks to: Declan Edwards of BU Coaching.

133. How a List is Your Best Friend

Create a baddass list for when motivation wanes. Reminding yourself how fabulous you are is a sure-fire way to get you out of a funk. It's a simple concept, using the power of a positive mindset.
Make a list of all the things you do well. It could be simple - making a mean lasagna, or a much grander task such as being a compelling public speaker. Keep adding to the list. Then, when you need an injection of zest, read a few lines from it and bask in the knowledge that you're flipping awesome.
Thanks to: Julie Brown of Write Little Madam.

134. Relationship First

I believe that if you can make a relationship, you can do anything. When I was younger. I read a book on how to communicate to a child. Then, I read a book on how to listen, how to truly hear what's being said.

When I'm feeling worn out, it's my fault. I step back and recall those (2) books, knowing I've moved away from those rules. My go-to books aren't about sales or business because I'm not in sales, I'm in service.
My best motivational tip is to read up on how to make a real relationship.
Thanks to: Dan Zurcher of The American Striping Company.

135. Stop Working

My best motivation tip for entrepreneurs is pretty simple: stop working. Most entrepreneurs are in love with progress, which is usually a result of their work ethic and this can create a toxic loop of overworking. The problem with this is it can either cause burnout or make you lose sight of what's actually happening around you. Take some time to recharge your batteries and take stock of what's going on, the workaholic in you will be motivated to get back to it once you recover from the burnout.
Thanks to: Sean Dudayev of Frootful Marketing.

136. Run With Positivity

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and it is easy to go down the spiral of being indifferent after struggling for a while. The negativity can mess with your goals, so make sure that you keep asserting yourself with all the accomplishments you want.

When I was in that zone, where everything felt like it was falling apart, I kept saying to myself, “Something good will happen tomorrow!” Today, I run a successful digital marketing agency. Being positive helps more than you think.
Thanks to: Jitesh Keswani of e-Intelligence.

137. Motivation Tip 4 Entrepreneurs

When times are tough and I need something to pick me up, I talk to my colleagues. We recollect our biggest successes in the recent period and think about what worked there and what we can do to repeat it. I find it easier for me to deal with those hard times when my whole team is involved. We sit down and brainstorm together on what we can do to get ourselves and the company out of a bad situation.
Thanks to: Olga Mykhoparkina of Chanty.

138. Find Your Sanctuary

In entrepreneurship, I learned the hard way that I should give my body and mind time to recharge, so I can regain my motivation. That's why I often fly to my sanctuary - a diving resort in Tulum, Mexico, where I study technical diving and explore another world. Underwater, all your focus is on navigating through tight spaces and being aware of your oxygen levels. This leaves no time to think about business and allows me to clear my mind and prepare for the challenges of the corporate world.
Thanks to: Rune Sovndahl of Fantastic Services.

139. Recharge for Referrals

When I am feeling burnt out or stalled with my business, the #1 thing I need is anything but work. And, if getting distance from my work can involve special 1-on-1 time with my husband or any of my 3 kids (not all together or fighting occurs, which defeats the purpose of a break), then I am able to breathe and put my work into perspective. Once refocused, I reach out to a few women, also business owners, I know that give me the swift kick in the rear that I need. One chat will fuel my fire!
Thanks to: Stacey Brown Randall of StaceyBrownRandall.

140. The Power of Switching Off

Make sure to take a day off work to do something completely different. In an 'always-on' culture, the ability to switch off is vital, helping us get an outside perspective on what we’re working on. This, in turn, makes us feel more relaxed and engaged, which boosts our motivation.

Most of us don’t prioritize enough time to think and reflect. Yet, it’s often when we have the least amount of patience and space in our schedules that we need a ‘timeout' the most to do exactly that.
Thanks to: David Brudö of Remente.

141. Take a Week Off in Seclusion

Today’s work culture pushes "hustling" and “grinding", but what if the most productive thing we could do was actually nothing at all?

Take it from Bill Gates, who schedules bi-annual ‘Think Week’ retreats where he isolates himself for seven days, disconnecting from work, Wi-Fi and even family, to reset, brainstorm and come up with revolutionary ideas.
Proponents of the practice report it provides numerous benefits for their professional growth, as well as their general well-being.
Thanks to: Joe Robison of

142. Push Doubt Aside and Adapt

As a refugee, veteran, and a fintech founder -- I know life can be uncertain. Entrepreneurs will have hardships, but the key is to turn those hardships into the fuel that keeps them moving. The military taught me how to execute consistently in any condition, despite hardships and obstacles. My advice would be to push doubt aside, be persistent, and adapt to overcome obstacles. It works, and has worked for me throughout my life.
Thanks to: Lamine Zarrad of Joust.

143. Take Stock

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to take time every week to reflect and think about the business as a whole. It's easy day to day to get caught up in specific small parts of the business and lose perspective, but forcing yourself each week to really take time to think about what your mission is and whether you are still on track for that is really important for motivation and also performance.
Thanks to: Joanne Thompson CEO of blow LTD.

144. How to Keep the Thrive Alive

As crazy as it may sound, sometimes you have to look down at your feet and say, "I trust the process!" In the realm of entrepreneurialism, there will be highs and lows. But when those lows show up, you can't allow them to cause you to give up or forget... you're made for this. And, that's why you have to treasure your footsteps! When days get hard, look down at your feet. They've brought you through good days AND bad ones. They are what keep you moving forward, even in the drought.
Thanks to: Dr. Renee Sunday of Renee Sunday Enterprises .

145. Photograph Your Customers

To increase morale and motivation, we seek and save pictures of users on our site who do creative things with our logo — making their own Belacam-branded shirts, sunglasses, nails, etc. It helps us remember how much people care about what we’re building! We’re up to around 50 pictures now and will soon be making a collage to hang in our office. It’s all about the people.
Thanks to: Tyler Marx of Belacam.

146. Work in a Variety of Locations

My motivation tip for when I feel burnt out is to change the location of where I'm working. If I've been working at home for the past few days or weeks, I'll switch it up and go to a local coffee shop or outdoor cafe to get my mind back into the game. Often, changing location is enough to re-motivate myself to start getting more done.
Thanks to: Stacy Capio of Her.CEO.

147. Regroup to Get Ahead

When things slow down, I like to regroup and take a closer look at my mission. I got into this business to provide a service and help others, so in times when things may not be going according to plan, it's important for me to review my business' core values and remember how I want to move forward. Keeping this in mind will help propel me forward when things begin to pick up again.
Thanks to: Josh Camitta of MJArsenal.

148. Reward Yourself

Celebrate your wins. Even if it's just a small accomplishment such as closing a new customer, make sure to acknowledge your progress. This will help you stay motivated through the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship. It's easier to stay motivated if you give yourself a pat on the back every now and then.
Thanks to: Michael Coleman of Medical Marijuana Inc.

149. Why a Win Wall is a MUST

Create a "win wall" in your office or wherever you are working that when you are in a slump you can take testimonials, client thank you cards, and other things from the wall and read through them for validation of you being on the right path and what you do matters.
Thanks to: Bunny Young of A Better Place Consulting.

150. Double Down When in the Zone

My advice is to understand that motivation comes and goes. Some days, you are going to be on top of your game, while other days, you may feel uninspired. That's perfectly natural. The key is to understand when you are feeling creative and motivated, and then work as hard as you can. When you are feeling burned out or lack excitement, focus on getting the busy work done that's less mentally taxing.
Thanks to: Jacob Edwards-Bytom of Made4Fighters MMA Gear.

151. Do You Want to Be Happy?

Do you want to be happy for the rest of your life? Never make a boring business your strife. Just because it makes money isn't enough. It must also be your passion. Find a passion that makes money, and you'll be happy for the rest of your life!
Thanks to: Christopher Carosa of author, A Pizza The Action.

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