Virtual ConferenceI was speaking at an event a few days ago when I shared that I hate going to conferences and events (ironic, I know).  I love the idea of them—the knowledge, the learning, the connections—but I hate actually attending. One reason is that I am logistically lazy—I don’t like to have to “go” somewhere for most anything (probably attributed to my hectic travel and professional schedule…or else to genetics).

The other reason I don’t like going to events is that I am an introvert. People often find this hard to believe, because of my personality, media presence and the fact I am often hired to emcee or speak at these events. However, the truth is that I am not good at networking in a big group. I stand in the corner by the cheese (or other food product—and always the food) and rarely talk to anyone because I find it draining.

That’s why I love when companies come up with innovative solutions that help lazy and introverted people like me get knowledge without the yucky parts. In fact, I liked the one that DexDigtal was doing so much, I agreed to keynote it.

DexDigital is having a fantastic small business event on June 25 and 26.  It’s a virtual event, which means you don’t have to get on a plane, you can wear your pajamas if you want and you don’t have to worry about working the room.  At the same time, you get access to speakers like Michael Port and me, and you can network and interact virtually, which from my perspective is the best of all worlds. And did I mention that it’s free?

You can register here and choose to attend any or all sessions.

I will be talking about how not to get social media and customer loyalty backwards, giving you strong tips on how to focus your marketing efforts to build long-term customer value and make money (which should be your objective in social, not getting Facebook “Likes”). Plus, I will take your questions and interact with you on Wednesday the 26th after my keynote.

There’s a whole bunch of goodness and nothing to fear, so register today while there’s still availability.  You can also follow the hashtag #dexdigital for some good content and information prior to the event.