My most recent article published through LinkedIn’s blogging platform has over 4,300 views. How did that happen?

Honestly, I wish I knew so I could replicate it. But social media is its own animal and sometimes you post the right content at the right time.

Or you get lucky.

That said, here’s what I think I did right:

Content was timely

The post was a topic that many people were thinking about. At the end of November, many job seekers wonder if they are going to lose a month of time with their job search. They are concerned that the interview process will grind to a halt.

In my article, I share some strategies for using the mood of the holidays and holiday parties for job-search success. Some of these ideas may not have occurred to the readers of my article.

Content was relevant to my contacts and followers

I work with professionals in career transition and I speak at job search networking groups. In addition, I know many executive recruiters. This audience was interested in my topic and shared it on LinkedIn so their connections and followers could see it, too.

Content was upbeat

Some professionals in transition were no doubt feeling beaten down by the often slow slog of job search.

Now, instead of feeling like they had to switch into neutral and not make any progress during the holidays, I gave them a rallying cry to get out there and talk to their connections and schedule informational interviews.

Content was helpful

This is something I’ve learned from being the editor-in-chief here at Business Unplugged: Always be helpful. In the article I gave reasons why I believed the holidays were a good time for networking, and I shared suggestions for what candidates could do.

In short, my information was timely and practical. I think that is what accounted for the success of the post.

And here is another great takeaway from this experience: I got hard data about where readers were located and what job titles they held. Since I’ve been in business for seven years, I have a good idea of who my clients are, but as a new business owner, this could be hugely valuable.

Also, this data is incredibly helpful if I ever want to do paid advertising and promotion in the future, as I will know exactly who to target to get the best results. Below is a screenshot of the analytics from my article.