And just like that, the first half of 2022 is over. We’re in summer here in the northern hemisphere, but I am starting to see the end of the year and feeling a twinge of panic. How can a year drag AND fly by at the same time?

Like you, I am looking at what I have done so far, and what I want to accomplish by the end of 2022. Some things are going well, and some things need to be adjusted.

And then there is my book launch, which will take a huge amount of time and effort, that is about to kick into high gear. (You can learn more at

But it’s not like my other work is going to go away as I add all the launch activities onto my plate. Oh no. They will be in addition to working with my career transition clients and editing this blog.

I will be one busy girl this quarter.

Initiate new project(s)

My publisher and I will be spending a lot of quality time together over the next few months. We have to finish editing the book, create the book cover, get blubs for social proof, format it for all platforms, get it into distribution, etc.

Marketing and PR for the launch are primarily my responsibility. I need to book myself on as many podcasts as possible. I will try to write guest blog posts wherever I can. I will give free webinars. I will post frequently on social media. (Honestly, I feel like I need a nap as I write this.)

Double down on what is working

I am enjoying publishing my Evolving Working Podcast and will continue doing that. It’s fun and it helps me further establish myself as a thought leader, and it could help drive people to my book. That’s a win-win.

I absolutely love my job search coaching group, so I will definitely keep that going as well.

Pivot and adjust what could work better

I sell my coaching time in six-hour blocks, which clients can break up however they need. This business model worked really well for a decade.

That said, I think there is a better way to serve my clients now, providing even more value and a consistent client experience. I am very clear about what people need to hear at each point in their job search and I have a ton of written and video content already created. With technology automation and help from the other coach I am partnering with, I think we could create a world-class service for our amazing clients.

I am going to work on this.

If you’ve been having a little too much fun and not paying enough attention to your business, now is the time to bring your attention back to planning and executing because Q3 is here!

However, if you’ve been heads-down and forgot that it’s summer, step away from your business and go have some fun. You’ll be able to catch up when you come back refreshed and filled with enthusiasm and ideas for your business.


Photo by on Unsplash