We are clearly at an inflection point with the way we work, which goes way beyond the conversation about remote, hybrid, or return to office (RTO). Dissatisfaction and disengagement ripples throughout every level of the organization, including senior executives and founders. 

I was so thrilled to dive into this with Luke Layman on the Shift Work podcast. Layman is a decorated fighter pilot, serial entrepreneur, investor, and transformation coach. In “Redefining Workplace Culture with Catherine Morgan | Ep 101,” we went deep into what’s broken at work – and how we can start to fix it. 

Show Notes:

Today’s episode ventures into the nuanced world of modern-day work environments and the transformative shifts reshaping workplace culture in the post-COVID era. Join me as I engage in an eye-opening conversation with Catherine Altman Morgan, the insightful author of This Isn’t Working! Evolving the Way We Work to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression.

Catherine brings over 20 years of expertise in coaching clients through career transitions and holds a sharp focus on restructuring workplace dynamics for a healthier, more productive future. Together, we navigate the intricate realms of work culture, leadership dynamics, and personal evolution, seeking to redefine workplace paradigms and create healthier, more engaging environments for all. 

In this episode, we talk about…..

  • The apparent labor crisis and how traditional work patterns lead to burnout.
  • Startling statistics about workplace stress.
  • The complexities of creating supportive work environments.
  • Practicing self-reflection and realignment.
  • Strategies to boost employee engagement.
  • The PALMS Framework for holistic evaluation and growth.

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Photo by Israel Andrade on Unsplash