We’ve all started to roll our eyes when we get a soulless email from X company describing their safety precautions and concerns for our health during the pandemic, because they all seem to have done a copy and paste from the same master template.

However, this doesn’t mean that your customers aren’t watching you. 

And they’re watching what you DO even more than what you say.

Because talk is cheap.

Your customers are actually watching a few things: what you say, what you do, and how you treat your employees. Botch any one of these and former or prospective customers may go elsewhere.

Chicago is about to enter Phase 4 of reopening, and while friends and I have shared concerns it may be too soon, we also understand that our local economy, and frankly much of what we love about the city, is at risk if these establishments can’t bring in some revenue soon. 

(I do not envy our mayor and governor. Those are some seriously difficult decisions to make.)

Recently, I have noticed some companies doing an outstanding job communicating their thinking and policies, and I wanted to share them with you. 

The big guy

I love Target. It’s the only big box brand I have a personal connection to. If I can buy it at Target, they get my money. 

But even if I wasn’t a fan girl before, I probably would be after I saw this: Target raises minimum wage to $15 an hour months before its deadline 

Target said Wednesday it is raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour and will give all hourly employees a one-time bonus of $200.

The $2 per hour raise will apply to employees at stores and distribution centers, beginning July 5. Target had temporarily raised its wages by $2 an hour in March as coronavirus cases rose.” 

I did notice when they raised wages in March. This is great PR, and I hope it will boost profitability. 

The little guy

This hit my heart strings. It made me want to support them even though they are not in my neighborhood. 

The bigger venue 

This was beautifully done. Every restaurant / bar / venue should do something like this because it answers questions every would-be patron will have. Bravo! 

(Thanks Barry Moltz for posting this.) 

I hope I got you thinking about what you might do – that would be meaningful – for your customers and employees. 

We are watching.