Top SecretWorking in the small business space, I have had the pleasure of meeting many freelance workers and solopreneurs.  In doing so, I have gotten a lot of feedback on some of the challenges that they perceive in doing business (e.g., I am going stir crazy working from home every day) to the challenges that they haven’t perceived themselves yet, but weren’t lost on me (talking to them on the phone while they tried to do work in a noisy coffee shop).

So, there has been one recommendation that I have been making that is universal – a secret weapon of sorts for a solopreneur – a Businessworld card from Regus (who, for disclosure is a client of mine*, and whose services and locations I have used as a client of theirs for years).  The Businessworld card gives you access to hundreds of Regus’ business lounges all across the country (and internationally too).  Here’s why it’s so important for a freelancer or solopreneur to add a Businessworld card to their arsenal of tools.

Value: The Businessworld card costs approximately $29 a month for US nationwide access, which is roughly equivalent to a dollar a day.  To be able to get out of your home or pop into a lounge while you travel and have a professional space to efficiently work for that price is the true definition of value.  They even have coffee for you, so net-net if you are visiting a coffee chain several times a month, you may even come out ahead.

Flexibility: The Regus Businessworld card allows you to visit different locations and even upgrade to having the use of an office a few times a month or having a virtual mailbox if you need for an additional fee.  If you are having a client meeting and need to use a conference room, no worries, Regus can help you book one at a reduced rate as a Businessworld member to impress an important client or to have a team meeting in a space that accommodates a number of participants.

Amenities: Regus offices are professionally outfitted with all of the business amenities that you need, so if you are busy running between your home, a copy shop, a coffee shop and more, you have every business amenity – plus a helpful staff – right at your fingertips in one location.

Privacy: It’s critical that when you are handing client business – or even aspects of your own business, like financial information – to have privacy.  This cannot be achieved in a hotel lobby, coffee shop or on the go.  The Businessworld card gets you access to a business lounge where you can have the level of privacy and security that you need in your business.

Networking: A solopreneur or freelancer can often find customers through other small business owners and Regus locations are chock full of them, providing a great opportunity to network in a comfortable environment.

I know personally, when I am traveling especially, the Businessworld card has been a huge asset to me in terms of getting work done from the road.  For more information on the Regus Businessworld card, visit