Short videos are everywhere, but you may be wondering what you could do for your business, given your technical skill level and budget. 

I will confess that I have not mastered the short-form video, even though I am very comfortable on camera. 

I wanted to share some examples of videos with various levels of complexity and expense so you could see what might work for you. 

Please note: I embedded these from LinkedIn. You can scroll down each post to read the copy and then watch the video. I recommend following all of these great professionals on LinkedIn.

Teaching a concept 

Susan Eckstein is a coach who has incredible star power. I reposted this video of hers and multiple people reached out to me about her professional presence and compelling message. 

Anyone can do this type of video, but not all of us will drop the mic like she does. 

Establishing personal thought leadership

Lorraine Minister is a solo professional who is creating thought leadership to establish her personal expertise and grow her behavior change and content strategy consulting business. This is the first video of a series where she is exploring a subject that is of interest to her prospective buyers. 

I love how Lorraine walks through examples of different job functions and why they should care about cognitive load. She makes a big effort to be relevant to her audience, which is fantastic.

This type of video requires more technical expertise, but it is still doable for most professionals. 

Marketing a bigger business 

Andy Crestodina is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Orbit Media Studios, Inc. His 60-second videos contain helpful information and I look forward to them. These are professionally produced by an outside service. 

As you can see, all of these include content their audience cares about and are engaging and educational. 

If created consistently, I think this type of video could be very successful for lead generation and for educating current clients. 

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash