Need some good news? Who doesn’t! This is a heart-warming story of a small gesture that made a huge difference to one person, and ultimately to many others.

Don’t miss Carol’s recent post on, “Read the Email That Helped This Man Go From 3 Part-Time Jobs to a 6-Figure Salary.” Carol begins:

“Back in late September of 2014, I received an email inquiry via my website. I receive these frequently and do my best to try to respond and be helpful. This note was from a man who I don’t recall having communicated with previously and who was also clearly in a bad mental state. Below is his actual note, reprinted with his permission and with identifying information redacted.

I share this story because it’s not only personal, but because it shows how small gestures can help inspire a shift in mindset and how that shift in mindset can lead to a change of circumstances.

Carol, I am writing this because I am a desperate man who is just trying to avoid a melt-down. I am a fan of yours and I hope you can give me a minute of your time.

I have a B.S. in [redacted] (who cares) and I have been an unsuccessful small business owner. I had to relocate to [redacted] so my wife and I could take care of some family members. This state sucks for jobs because so many people are educated and willing to work for peanuts.

All I can find are super low-paying jobs. I am working three jobs right now just to survive and I can’t go on like this very much longer. Do you have any tips or advice on how I can find a good job or of any small businesses I can start? I have the brain and the drive to be successful, but I am clueless on how to do it.

Thanks for your time.

[Name redacted]

I could tell that he was grasping for any words of encouragement, so I sent the following response.

You can read the rest of the post here.