While many folks are summer slacking, we here at Business Unplugged™ are bringing out the fireworks for July. As community manager I want to urge you to join us every day for a guest blogger extravaganza. (Carol is taking some well-deserved time off.)

Where many entrepreneurs fall down is the day-to-day managing of their companies. When we say managing, we don’t necessarily mean overseeing staff. We mean the tasks that can be the lost “middle pieces” of the business because they aren’t sexy, and mostly are just plain old hard work and showing up consistently over time.

We want to help your business to thrive, not just survive, so for the month of July we will be concentrating on these middle pieces. Topics we will cover include how to:

  • Be more productive and get stuff done
  • Prioritize so that the most important, high-impact tasks get done first
  • Make sure you get the help you need
  • Create a content or editorial calendar so you know what you need to be writing
  • Develop a marketing plan so you know where and when you need to be promoting
  • Act like a leader to inspire customer loyalty and retain staff
  • Build a community that will help you get the word out
  • Set up a process for generating referrals
  • Utilize inexpensive (or no-cost) technology to leverage your time and extend your reach

And so much more…

For this series we have some of the best bloggers out there contributing posts. We have invited folks you know – and some folks you need to know.

There are definitely going to be actionable takeaways to help you build your business, and interesting conversations in the comments.

Please join us!