According to management studies, more than two-thirds of all major business initiatives fail.  This is due in large part to poor communication and execution (aka lack of leadership).   Whether you are an organization of one or 1,000, you can benefit from knowing not only your natural role, but also the roles of those around you so that you can lead them to success.

I talked to Les McKeown, consultant extraordinaire and bestselling author of Predictable Success about his newest book, The Synergist, which comes out in January 2012. You can watch the full interview below for tons of great information from Les, but here are a few takeaways:

Most teams have 3 types of players.  After working with hundreds of businesses, ranging from entrepreneurs through large organizations like Harvard University and American Express, Les noticed that most teams have three natural styles of their team members; Visionaries, Operators and Processors.  While Visionaries and Operators can get a business off the ground without much fuss, throwing processors into the mix (which are necessary for growth) can have the unintended effect of mayhem on a team.

There is a 4th role- The Synergist.  There is a critical fourth role, The Synergist, which I liken to the person holding the Cap’n Crunch Super-secret decoder ring for the Visionaries, Operators and Processors.  This person helps the team communicate and stay focused, ultimately leading the team to success.

Anyone can become a Synergist. While it’s rare for anyone to be a natural Synergist, it can become a learned role for anyone, regardless of your natural style of leadership.

The Synergist role is critical even for small businesses:  Even if you are a team of one, Synergist skills come into play in dealing with vendors, partners, customers and more.

See the full video below and to learn more about The Synergist, go here.


You can connect with Les McKeown via the Predictable Success website or on Twitter.

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