As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we’ve all had important business opportunities, meetings or presentations that we’ve needed to be at the top of our game to make it through. But, how do you psych yourself up and get into the right mindset to seize those opportunities? Well, we have reached out the fabulous contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to learn their best tips for getting energized before big business opportunities. Their answers are presented below, in no particular order.

You may notice some similar ideas listed, but I kept them separate, as something in the way one is framed may resonate differently with you.

1. Freestyling Superhero

Before every speech or coaching session, I always picture myself as a superhero flying in to save the day. I literally transform from a single mother running a business to a superhuman figure whose only job is to move my audience/clients from their state of confusion and self-sabotage to clarity and execution. As I am mentally transforming, I dance to my own freestyled theme song telling my inner critic to shut up and my inner winner how dope, qualified, and necessary I am.
Thanks to: Natalie Fikes of Greater Purpose Society.

2. Make it a Team Effort

I learned teamwork isn’t only good for business, it’s also good for public speaking.
After the first big business speech I gave fell flat, I realized I had made assumptions instead of gathering information. I didn’t know my audience.

After that, I sought input from team members to help me brainstorm ideas, craft an appealing message, and provide feedback on test runs until the content was good enough and my public-speaking nerves were calmed enough that I felt comfortable.
Thanks to: Karen Condor of

3. Wake Up Early!

My best tip is that I wake up early the day of the meeting/speech/opportunity. The earlier I wake up, the extra time I have to make final adjustments, such as going over some final notes and to edit my speech/project, and making lists to ensure nothing is forgotten. I always like using the extra time to make sure my suits for the meeting are pressed and ready to go. The more prepared I am, the more confident I am during the big event/opportunity.
Thanks to: Derin Oyekan of Reel Paper.

4. Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Whenever I have to lead an event, prepare for a big business opportunity or give a presentation, I always prep by giving myself a detailed pep talk.

I remind myself that this is a great opportunity, I care and want them to care about the topic I'm talking about and am prepared to do my best. I also keep in mind that the audience will feed off of my energy and will give me back whatever energy I put out there. I try to put myself in the audience and how I'd want to see myself on stage and this always energizes me to give it my all.
Thanks to: Mike Walsh of Mike Walsh Guitar Lessons.

5. Hit the Ground Running!

One of my favorite things to do the morning before a big meeting or presentation is to go for a run. By this point, all the preparation is done and getting my endorphins flowing from a good run helps me much more than 30 more minutes of cramming or prepping. Running lets me work out any nervous energy. Plus, I typically have one or two good ideas that pop into my head while I'm pounding the pavement.
Thanks to: Erik Wright of New Horizon Home Buyers.

6. Walk to Talk

Try this experiment. Think of the worst moment of your life. A failure, disaster, flop and embarrassing moment. Now, take a walk as you think about it. Your posture is low, your head is down, shoulders dropping and of course your face shrieks of disappointment. Now, visualize yourself walking to a podium or chairing a meeting! Pretty frightful right?

Now, do the opposite. Think of the best moment of your life! Replay it, relive it, feel the emotion that is sweeping you mind and body. Now walk!
Thanks to: Andrew Greenberg of Speaking of Andy Greenberg.

7. Self-care Strategy for Success

A solid self-care strategy will set you up for wild success. Your best self isn't tired, jittery from caffeine, and foggy from over-thinking in front of your computer all night.

Instead, prepare to seize the day by getting a solid night of sleep, staying hydrated, eating a healthy meal, and incorporating movement and mindfulness into your morning. Customize the formula to determine exactly what gives you the mental clarity and physical energy you need to succeed.
Thanks to: Linda Mueller of The Expat Partner Coach LLC.

8. The Smartest Guy in the Room

Confidence is the key to any meeting. So, act like you're the smartest guy in the room. People will respect your moxie.
Thanks to: David Brimm of BrimmComm.

9. Visualize a Positive Outcome

It sounds cheesy, but visualizing the outcome I want really helps build up my confidence.

Doing a great presentation is 90% about having the confidence to deliver your content effectively and passionately.

To help boost my confidence and get in the zone prior to a big meeting, I visualize things going well, such as people in attendance responding very positively.

This helps me feel, and therefore act, more confident in the meeting.
Thanks to: Dan Richardson of Dan Rich.

10. You are the Expert!

Ask yourself, why are you there in the first place? You are the expert that people are looking to for information. Your speech, your meeting, and your opportunity is to inform people on who you are, on what you know. Get psyched up and build your confidence because you are in fact the expert or else you wouldn't be in the position that you're in!
Thanks to: Matthew Gillman of SMB Compass.

11. Excited for the Audience

Every time I speak, whether it's a new, topical presentation or a self-help training on leadership or communications, I think how each participant is learning this information for the first time. They are eager to hone their leadership skills; they want to be a better communicator and connect with others; they want to learn the secrets to body language. Whatever the topic, I get pumped thinking about how each person in the audience will use the information to improve their life.
Thanks to: Barry Moline of California Municipal Utilities Assc.

12. Visualize the Success

My one great tip for getting pumped before a big event, speech or opportunity is to visualize how I would feel after I have clinched the deal or made a splendid presentation. The feeling of satisfaction, the applause and admiration, the congratulations and the plenty "well done, good jobs!". And of course, the profit involved if it's a business opportunity.

Picturing all these gives me the boost and motivation I need to stay positive, give my best shot and make it work!
Thanks to: Lily Ugbaja of Mom Baby Heart.

13. Understand Your Audience Needs

I remember a presentation to a CEO of a large company. I spent a lot of time researching, preparing the questions and replies. The meeting began and I found him to be distracted. This was when I opened a slide that depicted exactly how I could address a key issue of theirs. His interest piqued up and there were a dozen questions. At the end, I walked out of the meeting successful with a purchase order.

Learnings that I follow: To engage an audience, we have to deeply understand their needs.
Thanks to: Tushar Bhatia of Empxtrack.

14. The Right Mindset for Selling

Getting yourself in the right headspace is the key to deliver a really great presentation.
The right mindset for selling is that you’re not selling. You're communicating the value of your product to your buyer, you should really believe it’s going to help them and make their lives better.
If you approach your presentation from that headspace, it'll go a lot better and come across much more authentically.
Thanks to: Steve Benson of Badger Maps.

15. Talk Positively to Myself!

I make it a point to talk positively to myself before every big meeting. I had once read that research proved that an athlete's positive self-talk prior to and during a performance consistently created a higher win rate. Once, I did it. I found it to be true.

In the minutes leading up to my presentation, I say over and over, "You are a dynamic speaker!" "You are amazing." "You are prepared and confident!"

"Your words will create a self-fulling prophecy."
Thanks to: Zondra Wilson of Blu Skin Care, LLC.

16. 3 Tips to Slay Your Big Day

In the Covid world, I have been doing many webinars. My tip is a 3-part process: 1) Have your slides or material complete the night before. Knowing this is done will help you sleep better before the big day. 2) Start your day with exercise. If your presentation is later in the day, take another walk outside shortly before. Sunshine and fresh air will put you in the right mindset. 3) Enjoy a comforting beverage with your presentation. I choose a healthy chai tea blend with minimal caffeine.
Thanks to: Chris Abrams of Marcan Insurance.

17. I Recall Something Funny

I usually think of something funny to pump myself up before a coaching session or workshop. I can always count on the memory of my ninety-year-old grandfather getting so mad at a tow truck driver that he was about to fight him--on Christmas Eve no less! Recalling this helps me maintain a positive facial expression before I speak and allows me to leverage the "butterflies" to energize me when stepping on the stage.
Thanks to: Dr. Ian D. Brooks, MS of Rhodes Smith.

18. C'mon Grandma, Auntie, Cousins

No words are more powerful than the ones from Maya Angelou. Anytime you have anything to do like a big speech, meeting, or opportunity, I psych myself up and get into the right mindset with Maya. "Self love is very important and it comes from within. When you walk into the room, bring everyone with you that you can remember who has loved you. That way, people can't take their eyes off you. C'mon Grandma, Auntie Kay, Cousin George." You are not alone and you have an undeniable sense of yourself!
Thanks to: Jean Chow of MsBizWiz.

19. Visualization Is Queen

To psyche myself before a big opportunity, I normally close my eyes for a few minutes, clear my mind, and then I begin visualizing the outcome including my flawless execution. This not only helps me calm down, but, it also reframes my thinking towards positive goals and outcomes. As a representative of your small company, this method can help you remain calm under the pressure of this big opportunity. It will also give you clarity on what you want to achieve, and how to achieve it.
Thanks to: Carol Tompkins of AccountsPortal.

20. Eye on the Prize

How many of us have ever gotten in our car to drive to a party without knowing exactly where we are going? Whether you know it, or you set the GPS to find it, you have the destination in mind.

We need to do this in business, too. Know what our outcome is & do what we need to do to make sure that we get there.

Envisioning success enables it to happen!

Having a clean picture in our minds of what we want the outcome to be & having a plan to make it happen gets us ready to make it happen.
Thanks to: Ben Baker of Your Brand Marketing.

21. It's About THEM, Not Me!

I remember all the great things I've done to deserve the opportunity in front of me. As a list maker, I have a running list - in my phone - of everything I've done to help others succeed. It's a nice reminder, and a real excitement booster, to recall the difference I've made for others! Then, I concentrate on what I can do for the current audience. Remember... You must be willing to help others before you can truly help yourself.
Thanks to: Kelli Komondor of K2 Creative, LLC.

22. Preparation is Crucial

Be prepared. It means I have to spend an hour or two beforehand putting together my points in a logical order so that when I present them, the audience will understand the importance and be convinced of my position. It also means knowing your numbers cold. If you're convincing your audience that Company X's growth will be healthy for the next 12 months, you'd better know that number inside out. That way, when opportunity knocks, you can seize it!
Thanks to: Ann Young of Fix The Photo.

23. Picturing Your Audience

The most important thing is to get your mind right. Mentally rehearse the details of your speech. Take mental pictures of the room you're speaking in, and remember that most of the audience will be there solely to support you. The best way to get pumped up is to break your audience into two groups; those that want you to succeed and those that want you to fail. Then, just focus on destroying the group that wants you to fail.
Thanks to: Todd Perry of Outdoor Gadget Review.

24. Positive Mental Attitude

I pump myself up by having a good, positive mental attitude. Let that positive energy feed me. An athlete - in any sport - would tell you that visualization (and the act of rehearsing in your mind) is important. Give it a try the next time you're getting ready to make an important pitch, talk, or other on-stage occasions. Focus your thoughts on what you want to accomplish, rather than what could go wrong. I know it sounds simplistic, but give it a try and see if it works for you.
Thanks to: Robin Brown of Vivipins.

25. Positive Body Language

One of the best things you can do to get yourself into a motivated and powerful mindset is to take control of your body language. If you sit up straight, smile, and look around at others while making small talk, it will make you feel more confident. This positive vibe you exude is sure to get other people noticing and wanting to get to know you better.
Thanks to: Anders Rydholm of

26. Plan It Out

I think the most important strategy is simply to always plan what you're going to say. Nothing gets you as pumped up as having a plan and then executing that plan. Flow follows focus, which is why it's so important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you want to do it. I like thinking about little moments in my life that took me from feeling like a mere mortal with average potential to feeling like a star.
Thanks to: Bill Sebastian of Men's Fashion Blog.

27. Make it ALL About Them

The best way to get pumped up before a presentation is to visualize how your presentation will impact your audience's lives. What will change for them after they hear you? How will their lives be better? What will they do with these new ideas? Why do they need your product, service, or expertise?

Nerves can take over when we focus on ourselves. When we focus instead on the audience and how THEY benefit, we can use that adrenaline to really make a difference!
Thanks to: Laurie Brown of Laurie Brown Communications.

28. Start With a Good Coffee

Starting the day on the right foot is important. Everyone has their way to start the new day, but it pays to develop a routine. As my (pre-pandemic) days were filled with multiple meetings and home viewings, I had to be up and on full power early on. My personal routine was a strong coffee and no breakfast. If an overly important meeting was scheduled, I made sure to get up earlier than needed and gave it more time to get up to speed - often with a second coffee.
Thanks to: Edward Briggs of HomeReview.

29. Imagine the End Result!

When you prepare for an important meeting or presentation, take a moment to imagine the perfect end result. See, and above all, feel that it already happened. When you are truly feeling the end result happened, anchor that with a specific sign, like squeezing 2 fingers together, press your thumb with your index finger/middle finger, or both. Whatever works for you. Do this a few times, repeat the signal and experience the feeling. Now you're ready to do whatever you do best. Have fun!
Thanks to: Erwin Wils of Millionaire Life Strategy.

30. Pose & Think Like Wonder Woman

Studies show that your mind follows your actions, and that power posing actually changes body chemistry.

When I have a big meeting, pitch or collaboration scheduled for the day, I take a few minutes beforehand to take some deep, calming breaths and strike a power pose. Think - Wonder Woman. You simply stand tall with your chest out and your hands on your hips. It only takes about 2 minutes. This helps boost confidence and clear thinking, and then I'm ready to take on any challenge ahead.
Thanks to: Danielle Jackson of Celestial Silk.

31. Eye of the Tiger

My best tip to get pumped up before a major business meeting or call is to listen to the song Eye of the Tiger. And don't just turn the song on in the background and let it play while you prep notes or pull slides together. Really listen to it. Close your eyes, think about every lyric, and allow yourself to really absorb the song. I like to visualize myself crushing my call or meeting as I immerse myself in the music. Trust me, it works every time.
Thanks to: John Ross of CPA Prep Insights.

32. Eat Your Favorite Food

What gets you more excited than indulging in your favorite food or treat? Pick something that you love but don't typically indulge in, whether it be Haagen Dazs, Bottle Caps candy, or a Slurpee from 7-Eleven. Because you don't typically indulge, it will give you something to look forward to before the big business speech or meeting. Once you indulge, you will be psyched to crush your meeting because it already started out awesome!
Thanks to: Devin Miller of CEO of Miller IP Law.

33. Overprepare to Overdeliver

I'm not what you'd call a high-energy cheerleader type of business speaker. What I do believe in is diligently preparing every note, slide, and talking point with the audience's specific needs in mind. This meticulous mindful prep ensures that I have confidence in the updated content and in the unique value of the message I'm delivering. The audience should feel that confidence and sense how my expertise could translate to their business objectives, as well.
Thanks to: Jason Myers of The Content Factory.

34. Psyched Up for Opportunities

A 30-minute workout helps me get excited. I like mixing in jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, and lunges. While exercising, I listen to everything from musical theatre to heavy metal music. This puts me in an upbeat and positive mood and makes my mind clear before a big and important speech.
Thanks to: Jacob Dayan, CEO & Co-founder of Community Tax.

35. Write it Down and Tear it Up

It's easy to become fearful before a big presentation or opportunity. And in the midst of those fears, you can easily begin to doubt yourself. One thing I advise before a big event is to face those fears by writing each one down on a piece of paper. Once you have them written down, go back and record the truth next to each one - I can do this. I am smart. And so on. Once you're done, take the list of fears and tear them up! Focus on reciting the true statements until your confidence grows.
Thanks to: Vickie Pierre of

36. Dress for Success

Before speaking at a conference, I put energy into choosing a flattering outfit. I spend two days choosing possible outfits and try on selections for family members. This has two purposes. First, focusing on choosing clothes distracts me from getting nervous about the presentation. Next, when I give the presentation, I know I look my best which instills me with confidence.
Thanks to: Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging.

37. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Dehydration from anxiety on the big day is quite common, and quite commonly it plunges the health down. Have a glass of your favorite drink, ideally, one that makes you feel healthy and confident. And take this spirit with you into your big business opportunity. It can dramatically affect the impression you make on the prospects. Plus, the liquids are good for your physical as well as mental health - keep you hydrated, psych up and get into the right mindset to seize the day.
Thanks to: Nathan Sebastian of Goodfirms.

38. Yoga for Confidence

When I'm feeling anxious and have a big day ahead, I start with yoga. It helps me to focus and to feel stronger and more confident. Concentrating on my breath calms my nerves and reduces my stress-level.

This video from Adriene Mishler is perfect for preparing for an important work day:
Thanks to: Gude Hudson-Gool of Synsera Homes Limited.

39. Have a Recharge

The entrepreneurial journey is full of crucial events, meetings, and solutions. That can be quite stressful and requires lots of energy. So, having a recharge before the important day always helps.
It is the time when you can fill up your energy and put yourself first to reduce stress, fear-factor, and prepare for something BIG.
Thanks to: Tatyana Artemova of IStartHub.

40. A Quick Jog Around the Block

The way I get pumped before any business speech, whether virtual or in-person is with some good old-fashioned exercise. I enjoy going for a quick jog to get my body going and to relax my mind as endorphins are released. While I'm running, I visualize my speech and rehearse it in my head, which helps get me in the right mind state to deliver a convincing speech. After a cold shower, I'm out the door, focused and ready to start my speech at a moment's notice without skipping a beat.
Thanks to: Jack Benzaquen of Duradry.

41. Instill Confidence in Yourself

Confidence is the fuel that powers your motivational engine and can help get you psyched up for a big meeting.

Find a routine that leaves you feeling confident in your abilities and your experiences before a big meeting. Think about your past success, feel good in what you wear, and do whatever it takes to feel confident.

Do what it takes to be confident ahead of your big meeting and you'll knock it out of the park!
Thanks to: Josh Saga of Dweller Power.

42. Make an Exertion Ritual

An exertion ritual before a talk is just what it sounds like: you exert yourself before you speak to get your heart moving, feel in touch with your body, and boost your energy levels. Exertion can amp you up, and it can also reduce the amount of anxiety you feel since it naturally reduces the level of the stress hormones in your body. There are many ways to execute an exertion ritual, like doing a brief workout, dancing to hip hop music in your hotel room, or jumping up and down backstage.
Thanks to: Dusan Stanar of

43. What's Past is Prologue

Shakespeare wrote in The Tempest "What's past is prologue". It basically means that the things in the past merely set the stage for the story that is yet to come. Each day is a stepping stone on your path, so don't waste it. Seize the day, go again and be relentless in your pursuit of excellence. But, and this is important for me anyway, have fun whilst doing it! Be passionate about what you do and stay the course no matter what life throws in your way.
Thanks to: Alistair Dodds of Ever Increasing Circles.

44. Build a Confident Foundation

Your typical positive affirmations aren't my favorite. They're generic and not always correct. I use a similar concept, though, and tell myself I'm qualified, I am an expert, I have valuable insights to share.
These are facts, but when I'm stressed out, my brain naturally reverts to doubting myself. In order to get excited about opportunities, I have to consciously remind myself of who I am. That gives me a foundation of confidence on which to build excitement.
Thanks to: Melanie Musson of

45. Knowing What I'm Talking About

The only way I get excited before a meeting or a speaking engagement is to know what I'm talking about, so I sound like the authority. I believe that preparation is the key to success.
Thanks to: Kristin Marquet of Marquet Media, LLC.

46. Be Your Own #1 Fan

I’m a big fan of giving myself affirmations before a presentation. You’ve got to be your own #1 fan, you know? It’s pretty much exactly like Jack Donaghy in this clip from 30 Rock, down to the confused coworkers:
Thanks to: Paula Thompson of Effective Spend.

47. Deep Breath

Backstage, spiritual practices are similar to the periods of quiet and stillness I observe. Prayer, reflection, contemplation, and showing appreciation for the opportunity are some of mine. Spiritual activities will help you relax and feel more grounded and optimistic. Each time, I take a long, deep breath in and exhale fully. I repeat this three times, with the third inhale consisting of three quick bursts attempting to get even more air into my lungs, followed by a long exhale.
Thanks to: Thilo Huellmann of

48. Talk to Other Presenters

Attend any of the earlier talks by other presenters if you're offering a talk as part of a more extensive series. It demonstrates appreciation for your fellow presenters while also helping you to gauge the audience's reaction. What is the general mood of the audience? Is everybody in a good mood, or are they a little stiff? Is the essence of the presentations more strategic or tactical? Another speaker could say something that you can use later in your presentation as a springboard.
Thanks to: Timothy Robinson of InVPN.

49. Power Up

On big days, whether presenting to large opportunities or meeting with key accounts, I make sure to stop and pray. While I may not know all that will arise in any particular discussion, I do know God does. For this reason, I think it best to get a Higher Power involved before hand.
Thanks to: Josh Toal of Killarney Metals.

50. Confident Body Language

To ease the pre-presentation nerves, practice confident body language. When your body exudes confidence physically, your mind will follow suit. Although you don't want to spend the whole afternoon jutting out your chest in a gorilla pose, using power stances a few minutes before giving a talk or going into a nerve-racking interview will help you feel more confident and assured.
Thanks to: Eric McGee of TRGDatacenters.

51. Don't Sit Idle Before Speech

From my experience, I never sit idle before any business speech or meeting. Sitting is passive, so avoid it at all costs. Standing or walking for a few minutes will assist you in catching those stomach bats. Make your best Power Ranger pose and keep your head high before taking the stage!
Thanks to: Veronica Miller of VPNoverview.

52. Slow Down and Use Pauses

When you are anxious, it's easy to rush your speech and end up speaking too quickly, which causes you to become out of breath, nervous, and panic! In your voice, don't be afraid to slow down and use pauses. Pausing can be used to highlight important points and make the presentation more conversational. Take a nice break and keep your cool if you find yourself losing control of your pacing.
Thanks to: Brian Chung of Alabaster.

53. Keep Yourself Hydrated

A dry mouth also accompanies anxiety. Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water before talking to avoid cottonmouth blues; remember to go to the bathroom first. When presenting, keep a bottle of water handy in case you get a dry mouth from chatting up a storm.
Thanks to: Yvonne Chavez of Painting Kits.

54. Hit the Gym

I'm a pretty nervous guy, so I really have a hard time whenever I have to present myself in public or face an important business meeting. And even though a part of that guy still remains in me, I found a way to fight it when that time comes, and it's simple: I hit the gym prior to any big presentation.
It's a proven fact that exercise reduces stress and gives you a feeling of relaxation, and that's exactly what gets me in the mood before facing the public.
Thanks to: Igor Tkach of DAXX.

55. Moving Keeps Blood Pumping

My top tip for getting pumped up before a big business speech is to move here and there to get your blood pumping. Having the blood pumping is a perfect way to pump yourself up. If I have a major or important day ahead of me, I go full-on freak and jump up and down for about 30 seconds in one position and move here and there and that helps me a lot with my speeches.
Thanks to: Daniel Velez Vasque of Home security.

56. Taking Several Deep Breaths

Taking several deep breaths before a business speech is the best way to get pumped up. Since anxiety tightens the muscles in the chest and throat, it's necessary to use deep inhalations to relieve the tightness. The power of a long, steady, deep breath should not be underestimated. It increases the amount of oxygen that enters the lungs and brain, suppresses the adrenaline-pumping "fight or flight" reflex, and triggers the body's natural calming response.
Thanks to: Joe M. of Wood Working Land.

57. Positive Thoughts

Whether or not you consider yourself a Zen master, constructive visualization is successful in numerous studies. When we visualize an excellent outcome to a situation in our minds, it's more likely to come to pass. Imagine yourself getting lots of laughs when posing with the excitement of Jimmy Fallon and the poise of Audrey Hepburn, rather than thinking I'm going to be awful out there and visualizing yourself throwing up mid-presentation. Positive thoughts can be powerful, so give them a try.
Thanks to: Bram Jansen of VPNAlert.

58. Practice the First Minute

One tip for getting pumped up before a big business speech is to practice the first minute in your mind. Rehearse the first few sentences of whatever you're going to say as the captivating opener— a witty quote, personal story, or surprising statistic and rehearse as many times as you can. Knowing precisely how you'll begin gives you confidence, allows you to look directly into the eyes of the audience as you begin (rather than at notes or a slide), and makes a strong first impression.
Thanks to: Damien Knight of Workever.

59. Rehearse Lines

Practice giving your talk in the location where you will be giving it. Some acting coaches recommend rehearsing lines in different positions, such as standing up, sitting with arms spread wide, and standing on one knee. The more you change up your role and environment, the more natural your speech will sound. Try capturing and replaying your presentation to see if you need to improve.
Thanks to: Jim Hildenbrand of Tiger Financial.

60. Keep Smiling

One great tip for getting pumped up before a big business speech is to keep smiling. In the moments before you speak, keep an optimistic, friendly smile on your face. Smiling has the effect of relaxing the body. Smiling releases endorphins in the brain, which calms nerves, encourages a positive mindset and promotes a sense of well-being. A smile also expresses trust and self-assurance. It conveys that you are delighted to see them and that you are excited about your message.
Thanks to: Shad Elia of We Buy Houses Here.

61. De-catastrophize Brain Freezes

It is perfectly natural to forget what you were going to say during a speech, and it has probably happened to the majority of people who have given a speech before. Although it can appear disastrous at the time, the viewer rarely listens, and if they do, they quickly forget about it. Understanding that this is just a small blip in your presentation and not a disaster will aid you in quickly recovering from the memory lapse and continuing to deliver the presentation in a professional manner.
Thanks to: Daniel Carter of Considered Content.

62. Rehearse Your Speech

One tip for getting pumped for a speech is to rehearse your speech. Practicing as much as possible is one of the best ways to ensure that you give a confident speech. You could ask the help of a friend to help you master the presentation before it's delivered, and if you can't find anyone to serve as your practice audience, consider practicing in front of a mirror. Repeating this process and feeling that you've done whatever you can to prepare for your speech will help you gain confidence.
Thanks to: Tanner Arnold of Revelation Machinery.

63. Make Use of Notes

Unless anyone expressly tells you not to, you are free to use notes to help you keep on track with your presentation. Use your notes as a visual cue to help you get back on track if you get confused when you're nervous.
Thanks to: Michael Robinson of Cheap SSL Security.

64. Change Your Breathing

One best tip for getting pumped up before a big business speech is to change your breathing. You will reduce your anxiety and start to feel calmer by making your out-breath twice as long as your in-breath. Breathe while counting to three, then exhale while counting to six. Keep this for at least a minute before your big speech.
Thanks to: Ben Rose of Trainer Academy.

65. Rehearse!

Rehearse & rehearse! No responsible leader would consider "winging it" when it comes to developing an organization's budget, product development pipeline or other key areas of their business. Investing time and energy in learning how to communicate effectively, both in terms of how to create persuasive content and how to deliver that content in ways that will grab and keep their audience's attention, is a surefire way to boost confidence before making a presentation or high stakes engagement.
Thanks to: Helio Fred Garcia of The Logos Consulting Group.

66. Rock On!

Playing some of my favorite songs in the car, or in my headphones, helps calm my nerves, and prepare me for a successful day. The positive energy that I feel when I listen to music I love gives me a boost of confidence and makes me feel unstoppable.
Thanks to: Katie Fellenz of Trust & Will.

67. Outfit of the Day

Dressing to impress is a great way to pump yourself up before your next speech or meeting. You’ll feel good about yourself, be less aware of whether or not people are thinking negatively of you, and you’ll look extra professional/prepared. Additionally, you could throw in a special pair of cufflinks, a cool new tie, or another noteworthy touch.
Thanks to: Brandon Brown of Grin.

68. Be like Beyonce

As a corporate lawyer walking into board meetings, zoom meetings and everything in between, I pump myself up to 'be like Beyoncé'. I channel her fierce energy and passion. Ever see Beyoncé command the stage? That's the confidence you want to exude. There's no opportunity I have not seized with this mindset - stand in your power. Be like Beyoncé.
Thanks to: Shira Kalfa of Kalfa Law.

69. S.A.V.E.R.S. Works Every Time

The S.A.V.E.R.S. model has worked for me, whereby I find a place to get 5-15 minutes of silence, followed by a few affirmations to remind myself that I can do anything. Next, I'll visualize how I imagine the talk going perfectly. A few push-ups and a 60-second plank help my posture on stage (exercise), followed by a reading of my notes. Finally, I'll scribe the names of a few of the attendees and their roles down, so I can make the talk more personalized vs. me talking at the audience.
Thanks to: Steve Wiideman of Wiideman Consulting Group.

70. Avoid Forbidden Territory

Speaking with passion is important in presenting PawPurity’s product line to an audience. Fortunately, it’s an easy subject to talk about; knowing when to stop is not. So, I work in reverse in preparing and remind myself what doesn’t need to be included more than what does. I create a checklist of areas of discussion to avoid. I set a strict timeline on each topic that will be covered. Lastly, I mentally tell myself to STOP when I start to stray into “forbidden” territory.
Thanks to: Lisa Porter of PawPurity.

71. Get a Little Zen

When I need to psych myself up for a big business meeting or another opportunity, I find that the best way to retain my focus is to enter the situation feeling relaxed. This helps me to stay grounded, as well as able to think on my feet and make decisions that result in positive outcomes. Incorporate whatever works for you, whether that be yoga, meditation, or simply clearing your thoughts on a short walk.
Thanks to: Andrea Loubier of Mailbird.

72. I Get Really Prepared

Nothing can psych me up better for a business meeting, whether in-person or on a video call, than being prepared. I like to do my research, prepare data and know that I can present the best information possible. Additionally, it never hurts to take a peek at competitors and draw some inspiration.
Thanks to: Alexandra Zamolo of Beekeeper.

73. Brainstorming Goes a Long Way

One important thing that a person can bring to a meeting is creativity, and there are few methods that produce better results than a little pre-meeting brainstorming. This can be done alone, or if you can find someone to bounce some ideas off, then that's even better. Make a list of some strategies that you'd like to try and see where that inspiration may blossom.
Thanks to: Carrie McKeegan of Greenback Expat Tax Services.

74. Try Some Quick Mobile Learning

There's being prepared - and then there's being prepared. I like to reference research that I've uncovered, or perhaps strategies that I've learned. And one of the best ways to actually "learn" in a pinch is from your mobile phone. Whether it's a course that you're taking, or finding how-to guides and white pages, there are plenty of opportunities online to help you prepare for a speech, a meeting and life, in general.
Thanks to: Greg Kozera of ELM Learning.

75. Get a Second Opinion

Before a meeting or other business opportunity, it never hurts to get a second opinion. Whether it be a colleague or your closest friend, run though your list of ideas and your general outline, and leave yourself open to get really inspired by the feedback that you receive. It's all a great part of the creation process!
Thanks to: Timmy Yanchun of LTHR Shaving.

76. Do Something Unrelated

A good way to walk into a meeting with a clear mind is to do something totally unrelated beforehand. This can include anything from reading a book to a quick walk or run. Too often, we can get inside our own heads, causing us to lack the focus that we hope to maintain during a meeting. So, relax, stop worrying and get ready for a stellar presentation!
Thanks to: Jared Zabaldo of USAMM.

77. Listen to Music or a Podcast

When you're just about ready for an important business moment, it can help to pump yourself up with pure motivation. Of course, this can mean different things to different people, so be sure to select what works for you! This can be an exhilarating song or an inspiring podcast - whatever inspires you.
Thanks to: Heidi Robinson of Because Market.

78. Don't Forget to Breathe

Public speaking has always given me anxiety, so I developed a system to control my nerves when I have an important business meeting. After doing breathing exercises to calm down, I start imagining the meeting being over and with a huge success. I tend to visualize everything, my facial expressions, my feelings, what I will say, everything! This little exercise helps me get in the mood and amps up my confidence because inside my head, I already know that everything is going to turn out great.
Thanks to: Branka Vuleta of LegalJobSite.

79. Sing, Sing, Sing

I love to psych myself up by releasing positive energy first thing in the morning.
I love to sing, so if I'm faced with a busy day, I sing positive messages. Phrases like "today's going to be a great day" or "I'm going to do awesome today", also a little dance works wonders with this.
I find this lifts my spirit and makes me smile, even if I wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
And, boosting your team's morale and making them smile before they start work sets them up for success throughout the day.
Thanks to: Nicola Bleu of Your Creative Aura.

80. Preparation Gets Me Amped

I am always most hyped for a business opportunity when I know I'm fully prepared for it.

Preparation eliminates the anxiety of an important business decision and lends to greater anticipation.
Thanks to: Luke Hancock of Bin There Dump That.

81. Music!

We all have those songs that instantly get us pumped up, make us feel confident, and psyche us up for whatever is ahead.

For me, I have a playlist of songs I turn on to get me psyched up and in the right mindset to do my very best!

Find those songs that get you pumped up and turn them on right before that big meeting! The adrenaline will fuel you!
Thanks to: Nora Mitchell of Household Advice.

82. Getting in the Zone

For me, doing something for myself to really channel my energy helps me get ready for a big business meeting or big event. I need to stay calm and centered. I meditate, light a candle, smell some essential oils like Abundance and Joy, then play EDM dance music and even dance sometimes! It really gets me pumped and in the zone!
Thanks to: Michelle Mekky of Mekky Media Relations.

83. Encouraging Text Messages

My favorite way to pump myself up before a big meeting, speech, or business opportunity is to text my husband about it before it begins. My husband is quick to reply with words of encouragement. He wishes me good luck and assures me that I'm going to do great — and I love that! It empowers me to go forth and put my best foot forward to do a fantastic job.
Thanks to: Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.

84. Focus On the Future

Close your eyes and focus your mind with as much clarity as possible on the very end of the meeting (which, of course, went well) and what you will be doing directly afterward. Believe it or not, the world will not have ended! Even better, have a delicious lunch booked with good friends right after. I use this all the time for things like dentist appointments too! Imagine strongly now that you are on the "other side" of the event and that your life IS better, and you will make it so.
Thanks to: Chris Kalaboukis of hellofuture.

85. It's Show Time

Have a minute away, by taking a break for 10-15 minutes before the big moment. Make sure you leave everything behind. Look for a place that makes you feel peaceful. It could be near a pond, next to some flowers or under a tree. What do you need to do there? Simply something that brings joy to your heart. Sing, dance, meditate, read, have a juice, eat something you really like. This short break will help you rejuvenate and relax.
Thanks to: Tasha Holland-Kornegay of WIRL.

86. Lock In On the Results

The best way I’ve found to get hyped up before a big opportunity is to visualize the consequences of success. Let’s say it’s a presentation to land a huge deal – I’ll visualize what that additional revenue will mean for both my business and my personal life. How is this task going to impact the future of my company? The bigger the impact, the more excited and pumped-up I’ll get. The thought of losing the opportunity means failure isn’t an option – I have to go and crush it.
Thanks to: Andrea Ahern of Mid Florida Material Handling.

87. Know Your Value

My tip is to watch getting TOO hyped up, as over-excitement is even worse than under-excitement. Instead, get super clear on the value of what you are about to present, and why you are the one to present it. Between that and the adrenaline, you'll be motivated into the right energy.
Thanks to: Tomer Yogev of The Big Joy Theory.

88. Crafting Your Win-win Pitch

I have an ongoing "what I want" document that I add to before every big meeting. I write out what I want and what value I can bring to the client. Having the document be ongoing is valuable, because sometimes it takes more than one meeting to land a deal. We want to land in a win-win, so having written it out, and having a record of how the deal has evolved makes it that much more clear in my mind and I can adjust with the flow of the relationship.
Thanks to: Tema Staig of Women In Media.

89. Visualize Success Into Reality

I am a big believer in and practitioner of visualization, which means I spend time before an important event, by myself, picturing it going well and visualizing a positive outcome. I think about why my passion and knowledge will be well received, why I will make a good impression on coworkers, investors, managers, or conference attendees and I enter the room excited to show people what I have to offer and say. Projecting and visualizing a positive outcome makes it more likely you will shine.
Thanks to: Bryce Welker of CPA Exam Guy.

90. Know, Believe, Excite!

Rather than psyching yourself and your people up for opportunities that may or may not come your way, focus on being psyched every day so you're ready when any opportunity presents itself. Be experts in your business, be genuine in your interactions, firmly believe every word you say, and be honest about what you and your business can do for others. People will get excited about the great things you have to offer if they feel you understand them and they can trust you.
Thanks to: Jeanne Rodriguez of Pennico Press.

91. Get Excited!

To pump up before a business event, I think deeply about the one thing that gets me most excited about this opportunity. If it’s a
presentation, what’s the most exciting finding or most interesting tidbit of information that I’m going to present? If it’s a meeting, I think about the opportunity that could come out of the meeting— even if it’s that I get to spend a half-hour talking to someone new. This mindset helps me focus on the positive and remember that it’s an opportunity.
Thanks to: Rob Bellenfant of TechnologyAdvice.

92. Be Positive

I think it's helpful to say positive affirmations. These can include: "I can do this," "Nothing is too hard for me," or "I will have success in this day."
Taking this step before any sales or marketing meeting or any big business opportunity can make all the difference. Research studies have shown that positive affirmations not only make people feel better about themselves, but they can also help improve your focus on the task at hand, which can lead your business to more success.
Thanks to: David Jiang of Reason to Smile.

93. Remember, it's Game Day

Getting ready for the big meetings or opportunities takes the same amount of commitment as getting ready for a game when I was a competitive athlete. If you’ve done the work and are confident, then on “game day”, it’s a matter of balancing emotion and focus and following a routine. For me, I take time to visualize the perfect meeting in my head ending with the outcome I’m looking for. I then put the headphones on, turn on the Greatest Showman soundtrack and get the adrenaline rolling!
Thanks to: Drew Laine of PenaltyBox Sports.

94. Visualize to Achieve

Before a big speech or talk, I visualize how I want it to go. I imagine every gesture, movement, and nuance of my talk, along with how I want my audience to react. This creates a mental blueprint on what I need to do to elicit my desired response. Then, I simply step into my visualization and make it happen. I also find visualization useful when dealing with important business opportunities. Visualizing your success makes it tangible in your brain and easier to achieve.
Thanks to: Phillip Lew of C9 Staff.

95. Empower by Dressing the Part

Dressing the part is the key to getting energized for important events. The process of crafting the perfect look gives you the creative space to reflect on the opportunity. Do your research, figure out who is involved and what style they respect. The clothing, hair and make-up you chose should reflect both your inner self and the respected image of your audience. When you take the steps to plan your look, you can visualize how the opportunity will play out and help manifest your desired outcome.
Thanks to: Marah McMillan of Fashion Freelance Services.

96. Effective Mirror Self-Talk

What really works? Two-minute self-talk. Instead of seeking confidence from others, I pull it out from myself. I remember I am my best coach and advisor. While talking in the mirror, I acknowledge a few facts. Like the audience does not know what I will speak, so even if I slip-up, they will never know, which further reinforces I simply got this! Lastly, self-talk in the mirror shows me a true version of myself, ensuring I do not "pretend" to be confident, which can actually make things worse.
Thanks to: Eisha Ahmed of You Decode.

97. Being Calm Wins the Day

Pumped up isn’t a right word for how I operate. I’m a naturally high-strung individual, so most of my life is trying to calm down. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast; I’ve already done my studying, preparing, writing, and practicing, so the few hours before my event, I’m trying to get relaxed and take my mind off what’s coming. I like to crack jokes, walk around, get loose, etc. Nothing ever goes according to plan, so most of my time is preparing to roll with what comes.
Thanks to: Ben Cook, Jr. of Printed Kicks.

98. Tap Your Past Wins

Before meeting a prospective client or making an important presentation, I close my eyes and envision my biggest win.

I relive it in detail and it instantly puts me in a winning mindset.

I highly recommend choosing a time in life when you succeeded when the odds were stacked against you.

It never fails to get me ready to perform at the top of my game.
Thanks to: Josephine Ortega of The Main Museum.

99. Focusing on Core Intent

It comes down to core intent. For example, profitability or tips for communicating with greater authority, etc. I hone in on the core values specific to the situation and visualize them. This process keeps me in the present moment and focused. Of course, I want to close a deal post-presentation, but focusing on what really matters helps me provide the best of myself to those who are taking valuable time to listen to my presentation. I want them to know that I care about what they take away.
Thanks to: Bernard May of National Positions.

100. Mr. DJ, Turn the Music Up!

Nothing relieves my anxiety and gets me pumped up like dancing. I put on some '90's dance music, turn the dial to "ear-splitting," and jump around like a monkey on crack. The monkey would probably shake his booty better than I do, but it's my go-to energy-source any time I need to perform well in my business!
Thanks to: Joni Gonzales of Life Unflaked.

101. Be Prepared

Be prepared. Study your material, know what you want to say, stay focused, and rise to the occasion. Don't wait for people to tell you what to do; make things happen and seize on opportunities. It all starts with knowing your stuff cold so that there's no hesitation or fumbling when the moment is upon you.
Thanks to: Dr. Deborah R. Paquette of Essay Center.

102. Visualize the First 2 Minutes

You need to nail the first two minutes, so going over that in your mind is crucial. Visualize what you'll say, your body language as you say it, and even how you'll react after your opening is complete. This will allow you to focus on your audience instead of notes, which is a mistake for your opening, and you'll consequently make a stellar first impression.
Thanks to: Thomas Hawkins of Electrician Apprentice HQ.

103. Remember Your "Why"

When I need to get myself into the right mindset to pitch myself or my product, I like to take a moment to remember how my product helps people. I believe in starting businesses with a purpose. My company, Oklahoma Smokes, has a clear purpose: to help people quit smoking. We identified a need we were passionate about that allowed us to help others, and the purpose grew from there. Thinking back to the origins of my company and our purpose in business always puts me in the right mindset.
Thanks to: Ashwinn Krishnaswamy of Oklahoma Smokes.

104. Give it to the People

My best tip is to use a quote and/or a short story that illustrates your point and that will resonate with the audience. Make sure it's age-appropriate, targeted, and brief. It should feel good and make people go ahhh...

When the audience can relate to an experience, the story becomes something that connects, making it easier for you to state facts, opinions, and get better feedback. This is how you Give it to the People.
Thanks to: Chisa Pennix-Brown, MBA of Lady Bizness Inc.

105. Give Them What You Got!

When I give a speech, I make it about them- the audience. They are coming to get motivation, answers, or guidance. Instead of thinking about being nervous, I envision how excited the attendees are! I put my focus into delivering an engaging and motivating speech. Energy is contagious- if I am high energy, I can pass that on to the audience. Knowing they are looking forward to what I have to say gets my adrenaline going!
Thanks to: Stacy Tuschl of Stacy Tuschl, LLC.

106. Workout for a Positive Mindset

To keep a positive professional mindset, you have to cultivate a positive personal mindset. I exercise every day because it keeps the chemicals in my brain balanced and wards off stress and anxiety. There's obviously more to mental health than working out— diet, purpose, genetics— but I think the key to keeping my mind right is to stay active and keep moving. This is especially important on days when I have a big meeting— when I'm optimistic, it makes optimism for my company a no-brainer!
Thanks to: Vincent Bradley of Proper Wild.

107. Meditate to Find Your Focus

To get excited and motivated before important business opportunities, you must first find stability and grounding. Meditating before important calls helps me cultivate a confident and focused presence, while refocusing on my priorities in a meaningful way. Taking a quiet moment to find the best version of yourself and visualize positive results will help you go into your meetings ready to take on the world.
Thanks to: Yuvi Alpert of Noémie.

108. Take Care of Yourself

To present the best version of myself and my company during big business opportunities, I make sure to prioritize self-care tasks throughout my day. A hungry and irritable CEO is not going to be able to charm prospective partners or close deals. I drink plenty of water, get an adequate night’s rest, and eat filling meals to make sure that I’m in the right mindset to pitch my business with optimism and charm.
Thanks to: Bill Glaser of Outstanding Foods.

109. Make Sure You're Not Hungry!

I believe that one of the worst things that can happen during an important meeting is having everyone hear your stomach growl from hunger! So, be sure to take a moment to have a healthy snack. It will also provide you with energy, and stave away the "brain fog" that people can experience when too much time has passed since their last meal.
Thanks to: Rachel Jones of Hope Healthy Supply.

110. Embrace Positive Self-Talk

Positive self-talk is key to create an optimistic mindset before any important meeting, pitch, or call. The more you say something, the more you’re going to believe it— that’s why self-deprecating humor can become such a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fighting doubt can be difficult, but it’s of the utmost importance to avoid negative thoughts and words if you want to reach your highest potential. Try writing 5 of your best traits before your interview to remember you are worthy of success.
Thanks to: Tyler Boyd of Squeeze.

111. Hungry, Humble, and Smart

To inspire myself before important business opportunities and pitches, I remember Patrick Lencioni’s framework of being “hungry, humble, and smart.” Not only is this a good rule of thumb for pitching, it also connects me to my inspiration in business and the best way to achieve my goals. Stay hungry by pursuing important opportunities, stay humble by remembering that you need to earn those opportunities through thorough preparation, and always be smart when innovating within your business.
Thanks to: Shaun Price of MitoQ.

112. I Listen to Queen Songs

One of my favorite songs is Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now", which is also my anthem for getting pumped up before big opportunities. For example, a few weeks back we did an all-hands meeting where I was making exciting announcements about our business growth. I wanted my tone and demeanor to match the enthusiasm of the message. So, I opened YouTube and turned on my song. I was super psyched up by the time the meeting started, and it went better than I could have hoped. The song played a big part!
Thanks to: Melissa Kelly of Virtual Team Building.

113. Use an if and Then Planning

The one tip I have to get psyched up on important business opportunities is using an if and then planning style. Should you be stuck in situations that seem tedious or awful, be kind to yourself and start giving yourself more favors by accepting that there are certain things outside of your control and capacity and it's perfectly okay. Put boundaries and limits, and do not only focus on knowing what plans to do ahead of time, but when and where to execute such. Decide ahead of time.
Thanks to: James Page of Cryptohead.

114. Draw Energy From Inspiration

If you’re content and in your comfort zone, it’s much harder to prepare yourself for that next big opportunity.

Drawing energy from inspiring stories is a great way to get psyched up – this could be anything from reading about the humble beginnings of a huge corporation to learning about something cool that a local startup has done to overcome adversity.

Once you’re able to connect with those inspiring stories, you’re in a better position to take a risk and seize the opportunity.
Thanks to: Ben Harper of Meet Hugo.

115. The Power of Positivity

Before I speak at meetings or events, I take at least 1-2 minutes for practicing breathing exercises. Then, I say the following positive affirmations: “I will share my highest good to those listening. We will all learn from this experience. I will speak clearly and concisely.”
Small business leaders need to bring big energy to shine bright in front of the bigger players. In many ways, this means there is more pressure placed on a smaller firm because you always need to stand out.
Thanks to: Kerry Wekelo of Actualize Consulting.

116. Prepare in a Big Way

Nothing gets me more excited about a big meeting or opportunity than feeling overly prepared and really into the work I'm doing.

If you put in the time to prepare, have everything very organized, and dive headfirst into the project, you'll be psyched up because you know you're going to do a great job.

Figure out how much time you need to put into preparation in order to do a great job - and then times that by two. Your knowledge and confidence will psyche you up for the chance to do well.
Thanks to: John Bertino of The Agency Guy.

117. Getting Psyched for Biz Opp

What I do is envision every aspect of the meeting going perfectly - from the moment you're walking in up to when you leave. How I will say hi, how they laugh after a joke, where we all sit, how I decide to share my screen, and how we shake hands at the end, etc. While you can't predict everything that will happen, envisioning it going well helps you get in the right mindset and increases the odds of success.
Thanks to: Patrick Prommel of Patrick Prommel.

118. Visualize Success

I always try to visualize my success as I deliver a speech for a few minutes before the presentation. It helps relieve stress and achieve a more relaxed state of mind. I think of all the good things that may happen as I speak confidently. It’s important to appeal to all your senses – sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste to create a vivid picture of success in your mind and focus on your feelings. This powerful technique can help you calm down, believe in yourself, and feel more confident.
Thanks to: Chad Sakonchick of BetterLegal.

119. Remember You're an Expert

Some of the biggest fears that come up before a big business opportunity are related to imposter syndrome. To put those doubts aside, I like to remind myself of all the experience and knowledge that I have worked hard for. When you remind yourself that an invitation for that meeting, job interview, or speaking gig is an acknowledgment in itself, you'll be able to network, pitch, or present more confidently. That confidence will help you make the most of your business.
Thanks to: Charlie Tatum of Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

120. Claim Your Success

Practice affirmation. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you're going to nail this opportunity. Visualize yourself achieving the success you want. Feel confident. Feel good and smile. These will pump you up and prime you for the opportunity.
Thanks to: David Cusick of House Method.

121. Listen to Pump-up Music

Start your day in a good mood by listening to upbeat music. It's better if you've created a psyche-up playlist you'll listen to every time before a big opportunity. Music triggers the release of dopamine, the happy hormones in your brain, making you feel good. Get excited and tell yourself you got it!
Thanks to: Fred McGill of SimpleShowing.

122. Breathe, Just Breathe

Working with a breathing coach has taken my business presentation skills to the next level.

Before my final all-important presentation of the year, I worked with a specially trained breathing coach. She coached me through some basic inhalation exercises 15 minutes before my appearance on stage to feel calm and confident once it was time to take the spotlight.

The results were the best speech of my life and the most enjoyable, too.
Thanks to: Marsha Kelly of Best4Businesses.

123. Breathing and Yoga

The best way to get psyched up before an important business opportunity is to do some breathing exercises or even some yoga if you have the space. It can help you to clear your head and get focused on the task at hand, keeping your mind free of distractions.
Thanks to: Chris Riley of USA Rx.


My #1 tip for getting pumped up is to sing and dance to your favorite upbeat song. Mine is, SNAP - I've Got The Power!
Thanks to: Reb Risty of REBL Marketing.

125. Diction

One of the best ways to prepare before a speech or meeting is to take the time before to practice some diction exercises. They can easily be found online and can help to make sure your consonants are crisp and that no one misunderstands what you're saying and that your point comes across clearly.
Thanks to: Alexandra Seagal of Animalso.

126. Power of Imagination

One of the most effective methods I know is to close your eyes and imagine the day going exactly as you planned. See it! Experience it! Envision yourself being totally successful in achieving everything you set out to do that day. Focus on positive outcomes— picturing the results that you want to achieve. This kind of positive imagination can place you in a peak state of mind where anything seems possible and helps you get into a motivational mindset to take action and give it your all.
Thanks to: Michelle T. Nixon of Leather Trouser UK.

127. Big Belief in Small Business

During big meetings, the “prove yourself” mentality can be disempowering, as it places all the authority and agency into the hands of the party sitting opposite. When you relinquish that power, your presentation is likely to feel out of your control— and read that way. Instead, radiate the belief that your business is an asset to your audience; they are lucky to be in the room with your big ideas. Your business has the potential to change their lives, instead of merely the other way around.
Thanks to: Ryan Prejean of Guardian Computer.

128. Follow an Inspiration

Always try to find inspiration in someone who has familiar goals like yours. Once you know the journey and experience of the person who has walked the path you are planning to take, you can commit fewer mistakes and can overcome all the challenges you will face. This will help you think of creative ideas that can help you more and stress you less. Try learning from the mistakes people make following the dream you are about to fulfill. Stay determined and explore more to focus on your aim.
Thanks to: Fred Hoffman of IBC& Outdoors.

129. Trust Your Efforts

Try listening to your favorite music for psyching up yourself. Think positively about your skills and ideas to trust yourself. Celebrate your success to gain some motivation. Make anything that makes you happy and energetic, your motivational secret. Whenever you feel low, find help in that secret. Choose one productive method to help you out regarding expanding your business among your competitors. Staying practical helps you the most, so be determined and focused on your goals.
Thanks to: Eva Lerma of My Travel Tripod.

130. Well-researched Plan

First, you need to stay motivated for your aims and have well-researched data for your plans. It may include all the perks and weak points of your plans that you may face in near future. Then, be ready for any loss or success that you will proceed towards. Stay confident about your decision to face all the possible storms and know the potential your desired plan has. Just focus on your goals to avoid mistakes.
Thanks to: Kate Gross of Fix the Photo.

131. Meeting and Greeting

The best way to get pumped up before a big presentation is to meet and chat with the audience beforehand. I find the less formal conversation helps squash some of the public speaking nerves, and getting to know the listeners personally helps pump me up. It’s much more exciting to give a presentation to people I’ve met, wondering how they may weave new insight I share into their own stories.
Thanks to: Brian Dechesare of Breaking Into Wall Street.

132. Silicon Valley Hack

I've led big meetings with Silicon Valley startup bigwigs. Now that I'm a business owner, I'm constantly being introduced to new clients. The tip I continue to rely on year after year is data preparedness. It's not a sexy phrase. It won't win me the front page of Forbes. But it has everything you need to own the meeting. Simply put it means to over prepare, scrutinize the known data and prepare for the objections. I can walk into a room with the utmost confidence & be psyched to close the deal.
Thanks to: Matt Lally of TheGiftYak.

133. Visualize Success

If I have an important business meeting, I set aside five minutes to visualize what I want to happen. I close my eyes and imagine sitting in a movie theatre and watching a movie. The movie shows me at the business meeting, impressing all the attendees and successfully negotiating a favorable deal.

I try to see every detail, including my clothing, my body language, and my facial expressions. This technique never fails to fill me with the confidence and positive mindset I need to close the deal.
Thanks to: Gilad Rom of Huan.

134. Jump on Thy Bed

It'll sound silly and funny, but when I want to energize myself quickly, I go and jump on my bed.
My bed is very bouncy, but also very sturdy, so I can let go and jump as hard as I can.
It works for me because it energizes me and destroys any drowsiness I had. It also reminds me of my childhood when I adored jumping on beds.
That memory makes me want to smile and as soon as I start smiling, I feel good and raring to go.
This might be a weirder tip on this list, but it works for me.
Thanks to: Nikola Roza of SEO for the Poor and Determined.

135. C-Suite's Approach

The first thing I do is embrace the discomfort and anxiety that comes with making big business moves and decisions. This feeling is completely normal, and I use it routinely before I get psyched-up for work. After that, I commit to positive affirmations and imagery that gets me energized and going to work on the challenges. Visualizing the end-result of your efforts is always a fantastic way to hype yourself up for the big opportunities.
Thanks to: Akram Assaf of Bayt.

136. Meditation Always Works

My approach to being psyched up for important business opportunities is somewhat strange because I prefer to do it through meditation. Meditation is a very special practice for me because it helps me clear up my head and think clearly about business. Getting into that mindful state is what gets me energized and hyped up to tackle work challenges. I believe meditation is very underrated in this aspect, and I would definitely suggest you try it.
Thanks to: Aaron Haynes of Loganix.

137. Exercise!

Multiple studies have shown that even as little as ten minutes of exercise does wonders to boost your energy and clear up your mind.

Pressed for time? Put on the headphones, play some loud music, drop to the floor and do as many push-ups as you can, then jump back up and do as many squats as you can. Now you are ready to seize the day!
Thanks to: Bruno Pešec of Pesec Global.

138. Look to a Role Model

If I want to really pump myself up before a big meeting, I like to put myself in the shoes of one of my favorite business motivators. I may read through a blog, listen to a podcast or watch something on YouTube. I love being inspired right before I set out to do some inspiring of my own!
Thanks to: Jordan Dwayne of 6 Ice.

139. Be Full of Energy

When I need to get pumped up for an important, pivotal business meeting, I want to make sure that I have plenty of energy, but I also want to keep my health in mind. Consider eating a healthy snack that is full of energy, such as apples or bananas with peanut butter, yogurt, trail mix, chickpeas and more.
Thanks to: Rachel Jones of Shop Hope.

140. Get Your Head In the Game

If you have a big business venture ahead of you and you want to make sure you nail it, psych yourself up by heading over to YouTube and getting VERY INTO some of your favorite TV-movie psych-up scenes! Act accordingly - put yourself in the scene. In need of ideas? Sports fans: try Gene Hackman's pre-game pep talk from Hoosiers; it's a blood-pumping classic. More of a fan of war/fantasy movie? I got you. In Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, check out the Rider's of Rohan "Rohirrim Charge!"
Thanks to: Renato Profico of Doodle.

141. What's Your Why?

Your why is the main factor that drives you to do what you do. It's the reason that you get out of bed every morning and work as hard as you do. Take a few minutes and reflect on what drives you and the ultimate end goal you want to reach. Once you target what motivates you, keep this in your head before every big speech/meeting. Think about how this big speech/meeting is a stepping stone to helping you achieve your why and you'll find that the passion will come naturally.
Thanks to: Omer Reiner of FL Cash Home Buyers, LLC.

142. Founder and Owner

I love to have a dance party before a big business speech or meeting! I turn on some upbeat jams, take a few deep breaths and get the jitters out by dancing around and jumping up and down for a few moments before start. It works like a charm to calm and center me with all the high vibes needed to crush a big business moment!
Thanks to: Stephanie Riel of RielDeal Marketing & RielDeal & Co.

143. Just the Facts Ma'am

No longer do I talk about how great my company is, our background, the team. Instead, I tell the story about how we got news coverage for a variety of relatable clients. Preparing for a presentation is easy when you only address the one question the audience wants to know; can you get this kind of news coverage for our firm? To prepare, I make a list of just the facts outlining how we develop story angles that land media coverage. It's a simple approach that works every time... well mostly.
Thanks to: Lisa Porter of Porter PR and Marketing.

144. Do Power Posing!

As a business owner, the best tip I can give to getting pumped for anything is to do some power posing. I lift my head up, take my shoulder back, spread my arms wide, and just take a deep breath. I do this with my team before a meeting, I do this by myself before I present to a huge crowd, and I encourage this practice to be done by anyone within my social circle. I have proven that it pumps up vital energy into my system, and removes my inhibitions.
Thanks to: David Bitton of DoorLoop.

145. Talk Positively to Yourself

Speaking positively to yourself before a business speech can help boost confidence level. Self-belief can drop immensely right before a speech, and talking to yourself, telling yourself that “I can pull this off,” and admitting that the audience believes you to be the expert can work wonders for you.
Thanks to: Megan Ayala of Patricia and Carolyn.

146. Stretch a Little

To psych and pump up yourself before an important meeting or a business presentation, you need to release mental stress to feel confident. By stretching and exercising a little, your brain will get more oxygen and stress will be released. By releasing mental stress, you’ll feel relaxed and confident before going in for the meeting, and nail it.
Thanks to: John Marsano of Advanced Inheritance.

147. Practice in Front of a Mirror

Looking at yourself successfully and powerfully delivering your speech can boost your confidence better than anything else. It helps you avoid relying on notes because you are looking at yourself throughout. You can critically analyze yourself and see what the audience sees and improve all the shortcomings that you find. The better the prep, the more confident you’ll feel.
Thanks to: Sylvia Silverstone of Womenio.

148. Practice the 1st Minute

The start of your speech sets up the flow and confidence through the rest of it. Questions like “How do I start?” or “What’s the first thing I say?” can shake your confidence. Repeatedly practicing the first minute of your speech helps you walk in very confidently. A good start keeps you strong throughout the rest of your speech. You’ll be able to directly look at your audience and create a powerful first impression.
Thanks to: Liam Mills of Value Hunta.

149. The Inner Mining

My tip for getting myself pumped up before a big opportunity is doing what I like to call “inner mining.” Just as miners dig underground to obtain vital minerals, I mine within myself to excavate the winner in me. I do this by affirming myself to myself. The affirmations that I speak activate the winner in me and encourage her to emerge for the big opportunity.
Thanks to: Erma Williams of The Pomade Shop.

150. Take Deep Breaths

Stress and anxiety can stretch and tighten up your chest and throat muscles. This condition can restrict your speaking power and cause difficulties during the speech. Taking deep breaths can expand your lungs, increase the amount of oxygen that flows through your lungs to your brain, and trigger the body's normal relaxation response. Avoiding that uncomfortable feeling of anxiety can help you be all psyched up for your speech.
Thanks to: Ryan Nieman of

151. Believe Like You're an Expert

Your words have the power to create your circumstances, learn how to take your affirmation skills to a higher level. Making yourself believe like you’re an expert and no one can perform better than you can be a huge pat on the back. Keep up with the positive affirmations.
Thanks to: Alecia Buckhanan of Indebted Mom.

152. Act Excited When Nervous

I believe that nervousness is all in your mind, and if you trick your mind into thinking that you’re confident and excited, it will start feeling confident. If you feel nervous before or during an important business meeting or a speech, try to act excited and your mind will start to follow your body movements. As the body gestures depict excitement and confidence, the mind will also feel and act the same.
Thanks to: Andrea Kuznak of Go Visa Free.

153. Power Posing

One tip for getting pumped up that always works for me is power poses. It might sound (and look) silly for some people, but standing in front of the mirror in the ‘Wonder Woman’ pose with hands on hips for one minute makes all the difference. I stare at myself in this wide stance and start feeling more daring, enthusiastic, and much less anxious. Pose up for a win!
Thanks to: Tytus Golas of Tidio Live Chat.

154. Opportunity, Failure, Openness

Like everyone else, I get nervous about things not going well. It's okay to feel this way! Nervous energy is energy, and that's something you could channel.

A lot of the time, it's going to be a bit of anxiety over performance or how one's perceived by others. Ask yourself WHY these things bother you.

The things you feel iffy about are ultimately avenues for growth, and the more you practice engaging with them, the easier it gets.
Thanks to: Chelsea Rivera of Honest Paws.

155. Engage with the Audience

I think the best way to feel pumped up and confident before and during a significant meeting is to engage with your audience before the session begins. You’ll get comfortable with them this way. It is a fact that we speak better, more openly, and with confidence with people we are comfortable to speak with. So, meeting and greeting your audience before you speak to them is the best way to feel confident and psyched up for a business meeting or speech.
Thanks to: Ferne Berg of

156. Start Spending the Money...

They say that you should never count your money before it's in the bank, but if you've got a unique set of financial goals, there's nothing wrong with doing a little window shopping ahead of your big opportunity.

I work out what the prospect translates to in a financial sense and then find where it aligns with my goals. I have a very long list of experiences that I plan to have before I die and knocking my prospects out of the park moves me one step closer to ticking something off the list.
Thanks to: Lance Willkins of Call Outdoors.

157. Pitch Your Relevancy

Relevancy always wins. Before you are going to pitch your business for an opportunity, research the company to the core and find the relevant points. Use these in your speech or presentation. Make these points integral to your whole movement. Concentrate on the relevancy of the relationship to easily win over your audience.

This will get you energized for your pitch. It's something you know, something you are good at, and something that will win. Keep this mantra in your head before going in.
Thanks to: Donna Bloss of Thrive Cuisine.

158. The Power of Visualization

Whenever I spot a business opportunity, I conjure in my mind making it happen. I imagine shaking hands with a customer or investor, and believing that it would be a success even before it happens. The power of visualization aligns my visions with my actions. Visualizing that an upcoming meeting or business opportunity is going to be a success makes me all the more excited about it and takes away some of the stress and anxiety. I imagine sealing the deal and getting it done and it works!
Thanks to: Mark Valderrama of AQUARIUM STORE DEPOT.

159. A Faster Pulse Helps

While it might sound silly, but pushing up my pulse a notch helped. Ten push-ups before an important call or meeting give me the edge in the conversation. I tend to be more “charged up” and quick in responses.
Thanks to: Peter Thaleikis of Bring Your Own Ideas Ltd.

160. Enthusiasm Goes a Long Way!

It is important that you exude the presence of enthusiasm before any important business opportunity. This will make you feel, speak, and act positively, which will shift the tides better in your favor. Therefore, in order to prepare and be enthusiastic for an important business opportunity, you must be physically, socially, and mentally healthy. This can be done through effective associations with people that encourage you, sufficient sleep, regular exercise, and daily healthy brain habits.
Thanks to: Marques Thomas of QuerySprout.

161. How I Condition Myself Prior

What I do in order to get myself ready prior to important business meetings is make myself as informed as I can about my client. I do my homework. When I really know who I’m talking to, I get really confident and I feel like there’s nothing that can go wrong. Because of this, my momentum just flows through and everything falls into its place. This just goes to show that when you’re prepared enough, you can handle any situation and you can definitely get things to go your way.
Thanks to: Ted Liu of Just SEO.

162. Pep Talk to Yourself

Being a positive self-talker help you control your emotions and up your performance game; no matter if you do it louder or internal. As the technique name implies, you talk to yourself in an encouraging and confidence-boosting way. Giving yourself a little pep talk before you're off to grab an opportunity provides enough psychological support and keeps your mind steady.

OR even rewind the positive setbacks of your life, how you managed those tough situations and built a success lane for yourself.
Thanks to: Mudassir Ahmed of Blogging Explained.

163. Research, Research, Research

I admit it. I'm more than a little OCD when it comes to business - and an over thinker! I've found that the best way for me to get psyched up before a business opportunity is to know EXACTLY what I'm gearing up for. The better prepared I am, the more confident I am going into the meeting. That confidence then carries through in everything I say and do. Also, be yourself! Don't alter your style or preferred manner of doing business for the sake an opportunity; you might not be able to go back.
Thanks to: Trish Stukbauer of I.E. Marketing.

164. Practice, Practice, Practice!

I just practice, practice, practice so that I come across as natural and make sure I’m hitting all of the key points I want to deliver.
Thanks to: Michael Stahl of SERVPRO.

165. Speak With People You Trust

I'd recommend finding someone you can consistently rely on ahead of a big meeting or when you need to make big decisions.

Find someone who knows you and can keep your best interests in hand when offering their opinion for you. Ahead of a big meeting, they'll be able to provide a new perspective for you to take into this big opportunity.

A good mentor or friend will be able to get you into the right mindset and be confident heading into this big opportunity.
Thanks to: Tom Willis of Phoenix Perform.

166. The Power Pose

The power pose probably has the best psychological effect on our confidence and mindset before a big presentation or meeting. Amy Cuddy, a renowned psychologist, suggests opening up your body, keep your arms and legs away from it, and take up a lot of space. This pose will make you feel confident and powerful because it tricks your mind into thinking that you have grown big as you occupy more space.
Thanks to: Daren Nadav of Courseforme.

167. Listen to ASMR

Go on YouTube and listen to ASMR videos; they are visually and audibly soothing. They calm your nerves; it’s perfect because everyone gets stage fright. Perhaps getting pumped up means remaining calm, as well.
Thanks to: Johell Aponte of Move On House Buyers.

168. Work Off Those Nerves!

My best tip is to work-out prior to the event.

For me, a good workout gets my heart pumping, my blood flowing, and the endorphins popping. I perform at my best, both mentally and physically, after a workout.

It allows me to nail that speech or meeting, as well as to respond to any questions with authority and sincerity. Some people may tend to get nervous or anxious, which adversely affects their performance.

Any type of workout will do, cardio, weights, or a brisk walk or run.
Thanks to: Steve Groom of Maryland Home Buyers.

169. Get Out of the Box

When you venture outside of your comfort zone, you get a deeper understanding of the world — what's good, what's bad, what's common, and so on.

The usual becomes exceptional again when seen through a different lens. You continue to notice new facets of individuals and activities. Your universe stretches well past you and your bubble.

It's a good idea to get out of the shell every now and then.
Thanks to: Richard Mews of Sell with Richard.

170. Take Deep Breaths

This technique may seem obvious and too mainstream, but it is one of the most effective ones to get psyched up and confident before an important business meeting or a speech. When you inhale for longer and more air, your brain gets more oxygen, it releases stress from your brain making it calmer. A calm mind is always confident, as we all know. So, take deep breaths before going in to take an important business opportunity.
Thanks to: Tim Culpepper of Conexa.

171. Calm Down!

I'm a high energy, excitable person in general, so the challenge for me is to actually calm down! There's no substitute for preparation to feel empowered to take on the task, so I do my homework and then some. Knowledge is power. I learn everything I can about my audience, the organization, it's mission, any past challenges they've dealt with, what their pain points are. Focusing on helping and adding value to the audience shifts the spotlight from me to them and eases performance anxiety.
Thanks to: Michelle Horlbogen of The Gentlewoman Boss.

172. Music for Your Mindset

We always listen to music to get in the right mood for work -- whether it's lo-fi beats we write to, punk rock before filming videos or speaking engagements, or just some folksy stuff while traveling for our blog.
Thanks to: Lauren Keys of Trip Of A Lifestyle.

173. A Power Pose

A power pose refers to having a confident body posture with your arms a little wider and your chest pushed a little out. Take this pose as soon as you are in front of the audience and have all the eyes set on you. This improves the way your audience looks at you and how seriously they take your speech. Instantly gaining all the attention with a pose boosts your confidence and helps you feel stronger in the situation.
Thanks to: Vicky Cano of Meal Fan.

174. CMO on Positive Visualization

The best way to get pumped up before a big opportunity is to use positive visualization. Before going on stage or beginning an important call, I envision the result I desire. For example, that could be getting offered the contract, or the audience giving you a standing ovation.
Positive visualization helps to reduce anxiety and boost confidence before a big event. It works by creating a 'memory' of a successful event, then having a sense of 'remembering' as you go through the meeting.
Thanks to: Cierra Loflin of Zodiac Guides.

175. Use the Mirror to Help

I leverage what Louis Hay espoused in her book, "Mirror Work". I look into my eyes in the mirror and tell myself how great I am, how well I'll do and how successful I've been in the past doing the same or similar. I do this for 10 minutes, occasionally 15 minutes if I was REALLY nervous or doubtful. Doing this is powerful. I feel really energized, like I can do anything.
Thanks to: Tiffany Wright of The Resourceful CEO, LLC.

176. Ice, Ice, Baby

Submerging myself in an ice bath has become my go-to answer for stressful situations. Research has shown that cryotherapy can activate the central nervous system.

For me, the cold baths train my mind and body to learn that it doesn’t need to react so strongly to things like screaming kids, misplaced keys, or running late to an appointment.

I hit the ice cold water the night before a talk and breathe deeply. Then, the pre-podium panic doesn’t ice my heart.
Thanks to: Bart Turczynski of ResumeLab.

177. Anchoring in Your Big "Why"

I anchor in my “Why”. I ask myself why am I doing this, what is my purpose in life and business. This helps me gain perspective, it allows me to perform at my best. It erases any fear because when I’m anchored in my big “Why”, I remember that this is a journey, that there will be challenges along the way and I won’t allow a small loss to take me away from achieving my dream and goal. Fear and excitement are very close feelings, this allows me to focus on excitement and purpose.
Thanks to: Maria Alcantara of Millennial Money Queens.

178. Change Your Breathing

It is normal to be anxious before your big business speech, but it is also essential to steer clear of this feeling before starting your presentation. Changing your breathing pattern to making your exhale duration twice as long as inhale time helps. For example, if you inhale for two seconds, exhale for four. This practice reduces anxiety, makes you feel calm by normalizing your heart rate. It is suggested that you change your breathing pattern at least 5 minutes before your presentation.
Thanks to: Chris Brown of Tudor House Consulting.

179. Speak in a Louder Voice

I suggest you raise your voice during the speech or a business meeting. When you speak louder than usual, your brain tricks you to be authoritative and boosts your confidence. The reason for this is that a louder voice always depicts authority and power, as we have always been telling ourselves.
Thanks to: Adam Garcia of The Stock Dork.

180. Grab the Attention

Imagine grabbing the attention of a room that’s full of people like you, you know exactly what to say and how to grab their unconscious mind. You can take full charge and command.
Thanks to: Angela Watson of Ownage Pranks.

181. Rock Your Socks Off!

My tip for getting psyched up before any big real estate negotiation or deal is music! As a former singer/songwriter, music has a great influence on my life and I often use it to help motivate or excite me. In fact, my secret weapon to get into the right mindset is listening to Survivor's ‘Eye of the Tiger’ really loud and will often leave it on repeat to really pump me up!
Thanks to: Steve Laret of The Steve Laret Team.

182. Watch the Wolf of Wall Street

Watching this, and looking how the main lead, Leonardo DiCaprio hypes up the room, pay attention to his people skills, what words he uses, his body language and implement what he does on stage.
Thanks to: Nathan Lloyd of Expert Fitness.

183. Breathe to Make Blood Alkaline

Before a big meeting, I get into the zone by doing three rounds of the Wim Hof method breathing. It makes your blood hyper alkaline. I also do this every morning, as well. It changes your physiological response and gives you control over your nervous system, resulting in a
controlled boost of energy--perfect for tackling any project or pitch.
Thanks to: Olga Gonzalez of Pietra Communications.

184. Getting Psyched for a Speech

I like to connect with my audience through our commonalities. Whatever it may be, finding the proper way to connect is crucial for them to absorb the information. It’s one thing for them to comprehend what you're saying. It’s another thing for them to digest it. I want to create an impact when I speak. By making sure to know my audience, I can find the correct stories to tell and topics to discuss that can all lend themselves to the purpose of my presentation.
Thanks to: Katie Lyon of Allegiance Flag Supply.

185. How To Prepare for a Speech

When preparing for a speech, I outline what I would like to say, making sure to stick to the goals. Often, speakers can stray from a topic and, in turn, risk losing their opportunity to drive home an idea or win over an audience. By outlining your talking points, you provide yourself with an overview of the presentation and the message. It enables you to address the audience in a more collected way without detracting from the purpose.
Thanks to: Jamie Bainbridge of Mylo-Unleather.

186. Barking for Instant Energy

Go to your own private space, in your office or car for example, and bark as loud as you can for at least 10 times. This is what's called Bioenergetics, and this essentially raises your energy levels and gets your blood flowing similar to deep breathwork.

It's important to practice this beforehand as you may certainly feel some sort of headrush that you aren't naturally used to. Leading up to your presentation, this gets you in the zone, ready to execute with newfound energy.
Thanks to: John Li of Fig Loans.

187. Everyone is Rooting for You

Embrace your human side and know that your audience wants you to do well. This mindset shift may take some practice to get a hang of, but once you understand that your audience is there to watch you succeed, you will actually embrace the pressure and control it, instead of the other way around.

This is a great way to relieve tension off of your shoulders because you acknowledge your imperfections authentically. You also show your vulnerability and this ultimately builds rapport and trust.
Thanks to: Zach Reece of Colony Roofers.

188. Do the Power-pose

The power-pose is a term coined by Amy Cuddy, a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School. It refers to standing up straight with your arms raised above your head, your chin slightly upturned and your eyes looking up towards the sky. It's considered by many to be a "victory pose" - a psychological confidence booster that indicates that you have won. This is a sure-fire way to appear more confident - give it a try before your next meeting.
Thanks to: Devin Schumacher of SERP.

189. Visualize and Attack

Before I give a big speech, I think about the Soldiers and Officers I have led. With such strong bonds and a deep sense of loyalty, I knew that if I gave the command, they would charge with me towards the very gates of hell armed with nothing but empty water pistols. I would visualize that, and give the command to “attack”. Seriously, I would say “attack” out loud and be ready to take the stage – if I am confident enough to wage war on hell, this is easy.
Thanks to: Gerald Gangaram of Gerald Gangaram.

190. The Alien Routine

The Alien Routine can calm nerves and drive excitement levels up. It works like this… you wake up in a bed you don’t know. You’re an alien who knows nothing about earth, all you know is your mission - deliver a jaw-droppingly awesome pitch. When you frame your existence around one goal, it’s easy for your subconscious to focus on that goal. The more you sink into this role play, the less nerves affect you - after all, you’re an alien on Earth for one day, so why be nervous?
Thanks to: Mitchel Harad of Expert Opportunities.

191. Think of Growth

I reflect back on where I started 20 years ago as a local business owner with just a handful of products and customers, and how the business has grown to over 1000 products and tens of thousands of customers all over the United States. This has afforded me the freedom to make my own decisions, personally and professionally, which fills me with pride and gets me pumped up before any big occasion.
Thanks to: Barb Abrahms of PalmFlex.

192. Getting Energized to Speak

Prior to the pandemic, I spoke to large crowds monthly. To calm my nerves and clear my thoughts, I would walk 5 miles, rain or shine, listening to James Weldon Johnson’s “Lift Every Voice and Sing” performed by various performers and choirs. Over and over. The power of the words gives me peace, still. And, the tempo of the music allowed me to have a brisk energized walk.
Thanks to: Genma Holmes of GSH Media.

193. Go Offline

Whenever I have an important assignment, I try to go offline for at least 30 minutes before the event, so that I can collect my thoughts and focus on the task. This is sometimes challenging if I have a hectic day, but I realized that it’s much better to miss out on a thing or two than jump right in a meeting, completely unprepared. During this alone time, I love writing down my strategy on a piece of paper and going completely old-school.
Thanks to: Malte Scholz of Airfocus.

194. Establish a Morning Ritual

I have a very long morning ritual that helps me relax and get into the mood. I usually start with a short meditation before I raise my adrenaline levels. Sometimes, if I’m not feeling too energetic, I force myself to do some exercises and move my body so that I get the initial energy boost. Afterwards, I fully focus on the task I have to complete and visualize a positive outcome. It is a longer process, but it has helped me prepare for all of the major events so far.
Thanks to: Nick Chernets of Data for SEO.

195. Practice Through Visualization

I make sure to prepare both my substance and my form. First, I deeply review anything related to the content. Then, I start to visualize myself in the situation. It stresses and energizes me while practicing. I visualize my presence radiating in the room while talking out loud. Listening to my voice and talking slowly help me to work on the impacts of my words. The more I repeat, the more grounded I am. With this ritual, I shift from being nervous and insecure to grounded and excited to deliver.
Thanks to: Ludovic Chung-Sao of Zen Soundproof.

196. Read the Vibe of the Room

Before your big speech, try to be assertive and read the room; that way, you’ll know what kind of an audience you have. Observe and adapt.
Thanks to: Damon Routzhan of Concrete Candles.

197. Pumped Up for Any Opportunity

It is very important for entrepreneurs and business owners to become pumped up before any business opportunity, like business speeches and meetings. This helps you show your audience how enthusiastic you are, which also helps them to get caught up in what you are presenting or speaking. My best way to make myself pumped up is to imagine how my audience will react to what I will say. I usually get excited whenever I think that what I present or say will affect their perception in life.
Thanks to: April Maccario of AskApril.

198. 5,4,3,2,1...Go!

I use the 5,4,3,2,1-Go method. Off camera I'll stand up, visualize the talk I'm about to give, shout, "5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GO!" and clap my hands hard.

I do this 2-3 times to get ready and raring to go. I find it helps to elevate the heart rate. It removes any other thoughts from my head and helps me to focus on the task at hand.

The second technique is leftfield. It is an NLP anchoring technique, a Tea Tree and Mint nasal inhaler. Clears the airwaves and it's a smell I associate with success!
Thanks to: Robin Waite of Fearless Business.

199. Call a Loved One

Before a big business speech, I find it helpful to call a friend or loved one and talk about anything else. Don't even mention that you're giving a speech in an hour or thirty minutes. Have a chat about what's been going on in their lives and yours otherwise, and let the conversation flow freely.

Give your mind a rest, and remember that there are people who care about you beyond your business prowess. With their voice still in your mind, the speech will seem less daunting.
Thanks to: Chris Laan of Designer Sheds.

200. Listen To Epic Music

My best tip is to listen to the soundtrack from your favorite movie, video game, or other favored media to imagine yourself at the climax. Look for the track that plays at the peak of the tension, the climactic moment that's meant to be unforgettable.

Music affects us greatly when we're in the theater or watching at home. Put your headphones in and drown out everything else around you. Your speech is now a filmic climax, and you're the hero or heroine. Get out there and win.
Thanks to: Nate Tsang of WallStreetZen.

201. You Got This!

Before any speaking engagement, I always take a few deep breaths and remind myself I have practiced a lot and know this topic well. I try to make eye contact with at least a few people in the audience as I speak and share stories from my experience to make my points. I also try to smile a lot; that usually helps me relax and get started and once I start talking, I am usually good to go. I am not a fan of fancy props or slides with more than a few words on them, too much room for error/distraction.
Thanks to: Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls.

202. Own it!

The key is to imagine your success before it begins. Self-talk before a big opportunity consistently creates a higher win rate. It works miraculously and makes the process more fun and cheerful.

We all talk to ourselves, but making small linguistics shifts that turn our thoughts into internal dialogues can pump us up. Practicing distanced self-talk, where you take yourself through a stressful situation by using your own name, will improve the way you think, feel and perform.
Thanks to: Cody Crawford of Low Offset.

203. Move as Much as Possible

You want your inner and outer energy to be in sync and so if you’re physically pumped up, it’ll translate directly to your mood, as well. Just don’t stay stationary!

I personally find that a quick 15-minute cardio session to really helps, just make sure that you keep it light because you want to keep the spirits high — not drain yourself out.
Thanks to: Richa Nathani of Dialed Labs.

204. Practice Positive Self-talk

I like to practice positive self-talk leading up to the big event/opportunity/meeting. Hearing myself say supportive words such as “you’ve got this” and “it’s gonna be ok” is actually very soothing to me. You have to really ooze confidence during the big events and what makes you more confident than self talk?
Thanks to: Alex Keyan of goPure Beauty.

205. Eat Healthy Beforehand

I eat a healthy breakfast and snacks beforehand. Junk food tends to make me feel sluggish and tired, which makes me look unprepared and not as excited for the opportunity as I am. By eating a healthy breakfast beforehand like a smoothie or having a healthy snack like apples and almond butter, my body feels nourished and makes me feel energized and ready to go.
Thanks to: Aylon Steinhart of Eclipse Foods.

206. Let the Anxiety Fuel You!

I love letting the anxiety fuel me. When used in the right way, my anxiety helps me want to do better, which means I double-check my notes, make final adjustments on presentations, and practice my breathing so that I don’t look stressed while talking/presenting. It also helps me remember why I feel like I have to do a good job.
Thanks to: Jason Wong of Doe Lashes.

207. Music is key!

I like having a music playlist that I listen to help motivate me beforehand. Nothing gets you in the mood and puts you in the right mindset like listening to music. Pop music really gets me going, in that it energizes me before I have to go to that meeting or event.
Thanks to: Bari Medgaus of Stabili-Teeth.

208. Exercise Beforehand

I love exercising beforehand. I like to wake up early and hit the gym before a big event to focus and center myself, while getting my heart rate up. It also helps me work through any stress or anxiety I’m feeling.
Thanks to: Guy Bar of Hyfit.

209. Practice Manifestation

I like practicing manifestation and meditating before a big business event or opportunity. It helps me center myself. Getting yourself into a positive mindset is so important because the more positive you are in how you’re going to do, the better you will do. With manifestation, I manifest what the event is going to be like in mind and I focus on seeing myself doing a great job and ending the event/opportunity on a successful note.
Thanks to: Olivia Young of Conscious Items.

210. Get Psyched!

Despite being in the industry for ten years, I still tend to get nervous when there are new project opportunities for our company. When this happens, I just play foreign music in a language I’m not fluent in. It calms my nerves and what’s left is my drive to understand the song lyrics. In those moments, I am reminded of the importance of language and how it helps connect people. It makes me feel motivated in scoring the project with the things I can offer.
Thanks to: Ofer Tirosh of Tomedes.

211. Believe Yourself and Be Honest

Start your day by wearing clothes that make you feel confident. You can also carry a lucky charm. Try meditation or visualize what you're going to speak. Several studies have shown meditation helps with boosting confidence. Analyze how successful people talk, or maybe you can derive some lessons from past mistakes. Only a handful of people admit their mistakes and learn from them. Being honest is the best way to connect to your audience, don't mince words, and keep a straightforward approach.
Thanks to: Avinash Chandra of BrandLoom.

212. Competition Breeds Excellence

To psych myself up before a big business opportunity, I indulge in some old-fashioned competition. I simply look up recent wins on Google of my competitors, or people I'd like to be in competition with, and let that fuel the fire. Perusing Forbes and Fast Company and the like checks the box, too. Works every time for focus, clarity and getting in the right headspace for what lies ahead.
Thanks to: Nick Drewe of Wethrift.

213. Speak It Into Being

To psych myself up for a business opportunity, I literally speak it into being with a strong confident voice and my arms outstretched, multiple times before the meeting in question. I write it down, too. It boils down to a positive mental attitude and exuding overall confidence -- they both go a long way.
Thanks to: Kristen Bolig of SecurityNerd.

214. Get Psyched by Calming Down!

The best tip for getting psyched is to reduce stress. And the best way to reduce stress is to be mindful. Take a few deep breaths and check in with your body and mind. Find where the tension is in your body. Realize the source of the stress. What are the thoughts that are stressing you? What are you worried about? And is that outcome likely? (Probably not or it will not be as bad as you imagine.) Then one more deep breath and think of the best possible outcome. And then – knock ‘em dead!
Thanks to: Shaya Kass of Mindful About Life.

215. Vix's Mindset Fix

As I prepare for a new business pitch or speaking engagement, I keep labradorite, blue apatite and rainbow fluorite on my desk -- labradorite is the magician's stone, blue apatite is for realizations and then fluorite is for creativity, etc. There are many properties but this is what I hold on to.
Thanks to: Vix Reitano of Agency 6B.

216. Imagining Potential

I like to psych myself up for big opportunities by imagining exactly how much potential there is for growth between our company and the business we’re working with. Thinking of future possibilities and the potential for advanced innovative solutions always excites me because it means we could make groundbreaking changes. Of course, I must think realistically, but letting my thoughts run wild helps me to come up with exciting new ideas before reining them back in to a more realistic approach.
Thanks to: Tony Heiser of KEB America.

217. Focus on Lifting Others

To psyche myself up before a business speech, I focus on the end goal, which is always to lift others. (That is typically the core reason they ask you to speak.)

I take time to focus on the end goal versus what I will actually say. I center myself with a few deep breaths, clear my mind completely of any stress or worries (they can wait). I picture the group I am speaking to being open to change - open to my message.  Then, I just have fun with it.
Thanks to: Brent Lovett of Luxe Industries of Nevada.

218. You are the Gift!

My work is rooted in my gifts as an intuitive and creative guide, so I created a bio that reflects what it’s like to work with me. I invited my community to submit 3 words that best describe me, which I loaded into a word cloud app and formatted the result as a thought bubble. I placed this and 1 photo that best reflects my personality at the top of the bio. Before an important meeting, I take a good look at my bio and reconnect with my passion for sharing my gifts with those who need them.
Thanks to: Tracy Benson of On the Same Page LLC.

219. Don't Be Afraid to Go Crazy!

One of my favorite things to do to get pumped, excited and motivated is listen to music and plan out the day. Then, I do a little journaling to empty out all the stuff on my mind and go in with a clean slate. Get all the garbage out so you can focus. It doesn't have to be long...just whatever comes to mind and it's ok if it's nothing. Finally, I listen to a short guided meditation and get a little zen so I can tackle the day or project or event head on. Get "crazy" with it!
Thanks to: Megan Dixon of Megan Dixon Online.

220. A Pep Talk Works Wonders

This is something I always do before a prospective business opportunity or a presentation. Just spend some time in contemplation and highlight all your big achievements and how far you’ve come — as you relive every big success you get more and more excited about acing what’s ahead of you.
Thanks to: Harry Morton of Lower Street.

221. Create a Ritual for Your Team!

The best way to get into the right mindset is to share new opportunities with the team. My team is extremely supportive, and it definitely helps me to practice for upcoming presentations or interviews with them. We build on each other’s ideas, which gets all of us excited about whatever it is we are working on. One routine we like to practice is going around the circle and sharing what we are most looking forward to at the company.
Thanks to: Eropa Stein of Hyre.

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