two thumbs upAs we move into the second half of 2016, it made sense to go back and review some of the best posts from the year so far.

While it was really hard to choose, here are my picks in no particular order.

I tried to cover a variety of topics that are important to small business owners.


Rich Gallagher: 50 at 50: My Secrets to Success

Brad Shorr: 7 Things To Loathe, Hate And Despise About Social Media   

Mark E. Goodman: What Kind of Expert Is Right for You?

Carol Roth: Boost Your Business Profile with Expert Status

Britt Raybould: Productivity: Spend More Time Doing, Not Reacting  

Rich Gallagher: The Myth of Working Harder  

Carol Roth: How to Exterminate Business Pests

Mark E. Goodman: How to Work with International Small Businesses

Catherine Morgan: How Having a Narrower Focus Can Boost Your Business

Dawn Mentzer: Is Your Business Running with Scissors?