Small businesses are always our priority here at and just as Carol highlighted in her recent book release, The War On Small Business, the small business community has been the most negatively impacted by the pandemic response. So, to help spotlight and give extra support to those small businesses this holiday season (and the rest of the year, too!), we have created the ultimate holiday 2021 gift guide, filled with all kinds of incredible small business products and services, all provided by our own fabulous contributor network of small business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs. The gift ideas are presented below in no particular order.

So, whether you are looking for creative holiday gifts for clients, family, friends or even just a little something for yourself, we encourage you to shop at small businesses using the ultimate holiday 2021 small business gift guide below!

1. Celeb-Loved Gifts Can Be Yours

Kaley Cuoco, Demi Lovato, Colin Morikawa and more have all fallen in love with Cuddle Clones and its handmade gifts modeled after your very own pets! Choices range from plush clones and golf club head covers to blankets, slippers, PJs and more. Every purchase helps buy meals, medicine and toys for shelter pets across the country.
Thanks to: Martin Stein of Cuddle Clones.

2. Build a Solar Powered Car!

Build and paint a car that really drives with this STEM "Build a Solar Powered Car" kit. Kids will be delighted and amazed as they watch the car that they built with their own two hands drive around using only the power of the sun. Build on your own or join one of Teni & Tayo’s virtual or in person classes and build in a group. It’s the perfect gift to keep kids learning, having fun, and away from their screens for hours!
Thanks to: Omobola Imoisili of Teni & Tayo Creations.

3. A Gift They'll Actually Use!

During the pandemic, so many people returned to old hobbies, like playing music. So, give them a gift they'll actually use, like guitar lessons! So many people dream of playing guitar and nothing replaces in person learning. Do a search for "Guitar Lessons Near Me" or if you're in the Buffalo Grove, Illinois area, you can give the gift of guitar lessons from my music school (or treat yourself!):

Guitar Lessons by Mike Walsh
Thanks to: Mike Walsh of Mike Walsh Guitar Lessons.

4. Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

A hand-crafted bouquet made from quality beef jerky. Our man bouquet arrangements are 100% edible. With thousands of 5-star reviews, this
out-of-the-box gift idea is surely a crowd-pleaser.

Each bouquet's "vase" is a Manly Man pint glass and is pre-arranged, sealed, and packaged fresh with oxygen absorbers in a stylish branded box.
Full Dozen
Pint Glass "Vase"
4 Flavors: Original, Teriyaki, Hot, Mixed
Arrives Assembled
Slides Out of Custom Box
Thanks to: Greg of Manly Man Co.

5. For the Love of Crayons

My name is Stacie and I am the owner and a mama maker behind the Etsy shop KagesKrayons. I specialize in making hundreds of different shaped crayons and laser engraved items.

One of my biggest and unique sellers are my Personalized Name Crayons which are handmade by me in my studio. They make the perfect gift for those with unique names or for those who are impossible to shop for (who wouldn't love crayons that spell out their name??) I look forward to adding a little color into your life!
Thanks to: Stacie G. of KagesKrayons.

6. Sugar Plum's Wine Box Truffle

Perfect for the wine enthusiast, this gift combines a love of wine and chocolate! Sugar Plum’s Wine Box Truffle Assortment features an assortment of Sugar Plum’s incredible handcrafted chocolate truffles all beautifully laid out in a wine bottle-shaped box she will love! Includes flavors such as Black Raspberry, Creme Brûlée, Tiramisu, Lemon Merengue, Champagne, and more. $38
Thanks to: Neil Edley of Sugar Plum.

7. Plants as Wellness Gifts!

Lula's Garden is an eco-friendly succulent gifting company. Our vision is to connect people through a one-of-a-kind gifting experience. Our eco-friendly gardens arrive pre-planted in a gift box that is uniquely designed to serve as a planter for the succulents to thrive in. We proudly support - an organization that helps improve lives around the world by providing access to safe water. Each garden sold provides six months of safe water for one person in need.
Thanks to: Liraz Birnbaum of Lula's Garden.

8. Silk = Better Beauty Sleep

Available in 25 colors & made with 100% mulberry silk, Celestial Silk pillowcases help achieve a more restful beauty sleep, naturally.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic & temperature-regulating, which helps provide a better sleep experience. Silk's natural properties also help keep hair & skin moisturized and smooth.

All pillowcases arrive beautifully gift-wrapped, making them perfect for easy, yet thoughtful gift-giving.
Thanks to: Danielle Jackson of Celestial Silk.

9. Classic Condiment with a Twist

It's time to spice up your Christmas. African Dream Foods is a hot sauce and seasoning company that specializes in all-natural products using hand-picked South African ingredients. This 4-pack gift set is the perfect present for the hot sauce lover in your life, it contains 4 unique and bold flavors.

Lemon and Garlic Peri-Peri,
Ghost Peri-Peri,
Jalanasco - Fermented Jalapeno Hot Sauce,
Habanasco - Fermented Habanero Hot Sauce.

Every bottle also supports African wildlife conservation!
Thanks to: Natasha Jebens of African Dream Foods.

10. Stunning Leather Handmade Bags

Lund Leather Company is offering a stunning selection of beautifully-designed pads, totes and bags. Each piece is made in the USA and includes a lifetime guarantee.

All Lund products are made from responsible leather— i.e., leather that is processed using less energy and generating fewer pollutants.

This irresistible portfolio is made of durable, full-grain leather and includes a standard 8½" x 11" notepad. Free shipping on orders over $250.
Thanks to: Joanne Levine of Lund Leather.

11. Gourmet Chocolate Wreath

Sweeten their holiday with a unique, handcrafted Chocolate Pizza decorated to look like a holiday wreath. This one-of-a-kind gift idea is made with a blend of gourmet Swiss-style chocolate and homemade English toffee and trimmed with an avalanche of candy favorites. Your choice of "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays". Available in milk or dark chocolate and ready to ship nationwide. Made by Chocolate Pizza Company - a family-owned small business that has been featured on Food Network.
Thanks to: Ryan Novak of Chocolate Pizza Company.

12. No Covid Hair Here!

Covid Hair IS actually a thing... and whether it's stress, medications, hormones, diet or Covid that has made your hair fall out... The Theorem Method may be able to help.

The Method is a 3 part system to healthy hair which includes Square Root, Density and Sugar Pi. The system, promotes healthy hair from Root to tip! Products are vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, non cancer causing and non hormone disrupting and ship to your door. 60 day money back guarantee.
Thanks to: Theda Blackwood of Theorem.

13. Music And Inner Peace

The mental health of everyone is on our minds this time of year. The audiobook, IN TUNE, MUSIC AS THE BRIDGE TO MINDFULNESS BY Richard "Wolfie" Wolf is the best gift for anyone who loves music and wants new ways to manage stress and anxiety. The reader will learn about famous musicians who practice meditation and have overcome depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts while gaining inner peace. Author Richard Wolf is an Emmy Award winning record music insider whose book has helped many people.
Thanks to: Roz Wolf of In Tune, Music As The Bridge.

14. Organic Skin Care

Blu Skin Care prides itself on sourcing the purest and most potent ingredients including organic in all of its formulations.

Our products are cruelty free, gluten free and vegan. Our ingredients are plant-derived and formulated with botanicals. We are committed to all of our products being non-GMO as well as nutritious for your skin and as close to 100% USDA certified organic whenever possible.
Thanks to: Zondra Wilson of Blu Skin Care, LLC.

15. Old Arthur's Barbecue...Yum!

Spice up barbecuing with a gift pack filled with Old Arthur’s award-winning sauces and rubs. Crafted from the recipes of a former slave, the Pit Master’s Gift Pack will be a hit.

The pack contains two bottles of Old Arthur’s Original Barbecue Sauce and one bottle of Hot & Spicy Sauce, plus six signature dry rubs: Smokestack, Righteous Poultry, Stockyard Steak, Gold Dust, Bootleg and Crossroads. $54.29 with free shipping at
Thanks to: Joanne Levine of Old Arthur's.

16. Vintage Comics Soar!

This year, the best gifts not only recreate the simple pleasures of childhood, but double as great investments. Like a vintage comic book that marked a friend’s misspent youth. Or a favorite video game that’s now a collector’s item.

Not only do people love them, they’re skyrocketing in value—so they’re fun and practical at the same time.
Experts at will help you select a great vintage comic or video game from a few dollars to thousands.
Thanks to: Joanne Levine of Metropolis Collectibles.

17. All-Natural Dog Treat Mix

Cooper's Treats Pupsicle Starter Kit is the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life. It comes with two jars of all-natural Pupsicle Mix that are made in the USA with high-quality ingredients including real meat, plus a silicone paw- and bone-shaped ice cube mold. Just combine the Pupsicle Mix with water, pour into the mold, freeze for two hours and give delicious, homemade treats to the very good dog in your life!
Thanks to: Alex Willen of Cooper's Treats.

18. Unique Gift

Skincare isn't just skin deep. If you want to go above and beyond for your complexion, you need to give a little TLC to your cells. Looking after your mitochondrial health with MitoQ antioxidant supplements will improve the appearance of your skin and prevent the effects of aging on a cellular scale in addition to juicy benefits like decreasing anxiety and increasing energy. It's skincare and healthcare in one breakthrough formula, engineered to help you look and feel your best.
Thanks to: Shaun Price of MitoQ.

19. Clean and Cruelty-free Gifts

One Ocean Beauty has some excellent skincare products that make great holiday gifts. Our products are clean and have clinically-proven active marine ingredients and high-performance peptides. Our formulations contain active ingredients at the full clinical percentage. A few of our products include: Bioactive Body Sculpting Marine Cream, Ultra Marine Cellulite Night Cream, New Ultra Hydrating Algae Oil, Replenishing Deep Sea Moisturizer and Revitalizing Sea Serum.
Thanks to: Sheila Chaiban of One Ocean Beauty.

20. Gifts Pet Owners Love

Crown & Paw sells unique products for pets and pet owners around the world that make great holiday gifts. We offer a mix of fun products that help pet lovers create unique, personalized pet portraits that make a statement. Our one-of-a-kind pet artwork is sold on products, including: throw pillows, canvas, phone cases, standing canvas, blankets, posters and mugs.
Thanks to: Adam Reed of Crown & Paw.

21. Wall Decor for Everyone!

If you've got a history or home decor fanatic in your life, consider gifting a fine-art reproduction print for the holidays! Historic Pictoric uses vintage and contemporary imagery to add a unique take to modern living spaces. Historic Pictoric specializes in historical prints, photographs, maps, and posters printed on museum-grade archival paper. Paired with a nice frame and you have a lovely gift to last for your friends and family!
Thanks to: Jennifer Kellington of Historic Pictoric.

22. Get Glowing for the Holidays!

Mother-Daughter Co-founded small business. We bring you an eco-chic line of wild and organic botanical formulas rewarding you with nutritional benefits and youthful glowing skin. Our brand is clean, green, sustainable, cruelty-free, safe and effective. Our Illuminate Serum was named at TOP 10 Serum in the worldwide 2021 Clean Beauty Awards by CertClean. It was recognized for its product performance and manufacturing without harmful chemicals. This formula was inspired by Rebecca's Stage 4 cancer.
Thanks to: Rebecca Adams of My Alchemy Skin Care.

23. Gifts from Healist Naturals

At Healist, we offer Rest and Recovery Bundles which combines our sleep drops with our Extra Strength Body Lotion which contains soothing botanical oils as well as menthol, camphor and arnica. P. Our Sleep Drops are a fast-acting, sleep-inducing blend of the highest quality U.S. organically farmed CBD with active levels of botanical essential oils (lavender, chamomile, lemon balm) and a custom sleep terpene blend.
Thanks to: Sarah Pirrie of Healist Naturals.

24. Pillow Storage Solution

Pillow Haven™ is a a unique, creative and practical solution for the storage of decorative pillows that keeps them off the floor and out of the way when they are not being used. It is brand-new and first-to-market in the home décor and storage space.

The product was invented by Judy Jacobson after she downsized to a townhome with a small master bedroom. She had no room to store her expensive decorative bed pillows at night, so she taught herself how to sew and created Pillow Haven!
Thanks to: Judy Jacobson of Pillow Haven.

25. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

During Covid, consumers got used to spending more time on the computer. That remains. Buy your favorite blogger, vlogger, or marketer a course or a package of courses from the Mostly Blogging Academy. We have courses on all aspects of online monetization perfect for anyone who wants to make money online. For instance, we offer affiliate marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and search engine marketing. Better yet: Our courses start at the affordable price of $7.95.
Thanks to: Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging.

26. Be a Smarter Homeowner

Get a gift for the CEO of your home who manages all the financial aspects of the property. HomeZada is a digital home management software app that empowers homeowners to save money, save time, and get organized regarding their largest financial asset and biggest expense. HomeZada manages your home maintenance schedule, home remodel projects, a home inventory and consolidates and tracks all your home finances. HomeZada makes your life easy because all the info about your home is in one place.
Thanks to: John Bodrozic of HomeZada.

27. Wooden Watches From Zeitholz

With sustainability at the core of their practice, Zeitholz is a brand that deeply cares about creating unique timepieces inspired by nature. Their wide collection of wooden watches are handcrafted from 100% natural and sustainable wood which is ethically sourced.

The end result is a charming timepiece that perfectly blends rustic and contemporary elements to elevate any outfit, no matter the occasion.
Thanks to: Philipp Zeiske of Zeitholz.

28. New Tool for Your Deck

The Decktool makes it very easy to clear debris out of cracks in a deck after it has been blown off. It greatly reduces aggravation and bending over. It helps make the deck look its best, reduces the chance for wood rot, and is great for paint and stain prep. And Nobody Has One!
Thanks to: George Willison of WymansBest, Inc..

29. Gold Roses - Phoenix Feathers

Rising from the ashes of 2020, celebrate special moments by showing love with Gold Roses. Each rose is grown in the mountains of Ecuador, hand-painted with floral paint, and arrives fresh at your door.
Thanks to: Rick Canale of Exotic Flowers.

30. ScrubzBody Refills!

The ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub refill program is a tremendous hit! It saves money and saves you from having to throw out your jars. Holiday time is the best time to indulge a loved one in this great practice. Along with the "Buy 5 Get 6" or Buy 10 Get 13" pack of refills, you'll get a jar or two of our handcrafted scrubs in their favorite scent. When they use them up, they can bring them in or ship them back and we refill them at a 25-30% discount. It Saves Mother Nature, saves money, and saves skin!
Thanks to: Roberta Perry of ScrubzBody Skin Care Products.

31. Zendoway Cubes

Zendoway Corporate Cubes are a mind, body, spirit nourishing gift created by small business owner Kerry Wekelo to shift your mindset and reduce stress. These squeezable, colorful cubes are each crafted with different themes– Gratitude, Happy, Positivity, and Principles. The four cubes brighten up your office space and remind you to practice gratitude, positivity, and breathing. Available separately or as a set in an organic drawstring bag. Roll a cube to enhance your day!
Thanks to: Kerry Wekelo of Zendoway.

32. Jewelry for Timeless Elegance

Faruzo is an E-commerce website, where we sell jewelry for both men and women. Jewelry is a timeless piece of creation that can be the perfect holiday gift - for both men and women! Why do I say that jewelry is the perfect holiday gift? That is because it is human nature to look the best possible version of themselves! And what better way to celebrate the holiday season than by buying a gift that resonates, reflects, and enhances the wearer's personality.
Thanks to: Aviad Faruzo of Faruzo.

33. Can I Pour You a Cup of Tea?

Plum Deluxe Teas are the perfect gift this holiday season to show anyone how much you love them. Our #1 loose leaf tea of the month gift offers a caffeine and a caffeine free/ herbal option, fit for any budget. All of our ingredients are sourced with care and blended with love and gratitude in our family owned studio in Portland, OR.
Thanks to: Andy Hayes of Plum Deluxe.

34. Luxury Chocolate Brownies

These days with a larger focus on high-quality foods, you can't go wrong with an extra special gift for the foodie in your life.

At B Is For Brownie, we use only single-origin chocolate for our brownies; sourced from Colombia and Madagascar.

We believe that the higher the quality of the ingredient, the better the taste, which is why we offer a range of brownie flavors to suit every taste!
Thanks to: Lou Cox of B is For Brownie.

35. Wake Up Your Senses

The winter is cold, but we have a perfect holiday gift for small business. A tasty and unique Lemongrass Rosehip Hemp Tea. It's a great way to encourage natural health in a classy way. Our Lemongrass Rosehip Hemp Tea has carefully infused CBD, lemongrass, orange peel, echinacea and rosehip. Each hemp tea box provides between 36-48 large cups of tea, packed with the full range of nutritional cannabinoids. The refresh blend of natural ingredients will wake up all your senses!
Thanks to: Aleksandra Krstevska of Evopure.

36. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Dave Beffa-Negrini owns Fool’s Gold Puzzles. He makes custom wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Dave’s puzzles are made of 1/4″ basswood, and are hand-cut. Each piece is carefully hand-oiled, waxed and polished.

You can send in your own photos or artwork. You can also ask Dave to include specially shaped pieces: a heart, cat, golf club— whatever has special meaning for you.

Dave also creates puzzles for corporate clients.

Fool’s Gold Puzzles:
Thanks to: Mark Armstrong of Mark Armstrong Illustration.

37. It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy

One book that every team member of any business should read is It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Thankfully, it can also double as an excellent holiday gift idea.

If you see your loved ones or colleagues checking emails on Sundays and listening to their Slack messages ding every time you go out for lunch or dinner, then this book can provide them with the tools to discover that they can work in a more productive, efficient way.
Thanks to: Marc Atiyeh of Pawp.

38. You Need this Elixir!

Get that refreshing feel with the added benefits of Vitamin C! Contains organic ingredients so you can use it daily to tone skin, prevent breakouts, reduce redness and dark spots. It's like water for dehydrated skin. Instead of always washing the face and bringing a facial wash, this skin care is convenient, portable and easy to use. Don’t leave home without this! The Vitamin C Elixir revitalizes and adds a burst of hydration to skin!
Thanks to: Daisy Jing of Banish.

39. A Dog Collar That Saves Lives

When you buy a Team Plover dog collar or leash, you help to rescue a homeless dog AND get a video showing you the exact dog that you helped rescue through your purchase!

All of Team Plover's beautiful dog collars and leashes are handmade with love in North America. This holiday season, shop Team Plover and give the gift that keeps on giving.
Thanks to: Christian Marcello of Team Plover.

40. Grow Bold, Thick Eyelashes!

ForChic's ForLash Bundle is perfect for any beauty lover that wants to grow their lashes! Our lash and brow-stimulating peptide complex supports your eyelashes and eyebrows natural renewal cycle making your it thicker, bolder, and healthier. With over 4,000 reviews, customers are astounded at the drastic growth they've seen in just one month of using this bundle!
Thanks to: Eymel Daniel of ForChics.

41. Give Him the Gift of Good Skin

Disco has spent thousands of hours perfecting products that help men simplify their routines while maximizing results and achieving smoother, brighter, and clearer complexions. All ingredients in our formulas serve a purpose. Whether they are powerful enough on their own or strengthened by the ingredients around them, they do what they’re supposed to do without having to rely on anything unnatural. You can easily buy all of the men in your life one of our sets or send them a gift card!
Thanks to: Benjamin Smith of Disco.

42. Natural, Flawless Skin

Any beauty enthusiast will relish the opportunity to save time, money and space in their makeup bag or on their shelf by having products that accomplish more than one goal. Journ’s Correct & Perfect, our first range of five color correctors—with deeply pigmented colors—simplify daily routines by neutralizing skin concerns while also helping them improve over time, with active skincare ingredients. Get natural looking, flawless skin in minutes with Correct & Perfect color correctors!
Thanks to: Sara Shah of Journ.

43. Easy Plant Milks

Our plant bases and concentrates are made from minimal, whole, all-natural ingredients.

Whether using JOI to make pure, customizable plant milks or as a base in recipes, our plant bases are extremely versatile and simple to understand.

Our concentrates take up 90% less space than typical boxed milks and can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months. That means you save space and reduce food waste from spoilage. Perfect for folks making more coffee at home!
Thanks to: Hector Gutierrez of JOI.

44. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great gift if you're not sure what to get someone, but know they like certain types of stores and want to support a small business. If there's a small business you know they haven't tried but it fits a niche of an interest they have, it's worth purchasing a gift card. It promotes the business with more sales and also gets more people in the door.
Thanks to: Dylan Trussell of Culprit Underwear.

45. Health Based Goods

Health stores are typically smaller businesses which need a lot of help in economic turmoil. This is a great opportunity to get the community together while also gifting friends and family. Whether it's new cosmetics, toiletries, or self-care related goods.
Thanks to: Jeff Goodwin of Orgain.

46. Hug Sleep

Hug Sleep creates sleep pods, and is the new unique way to get a better night’s sleep. Sleep Pod's unique cocoon-like shape covers your entire body, applying a gentle, calming pressure, just like a hug. Sleep Pod is made from a specialized 4-way stretch material that provides a gentle, calming pressure that simulates the feeling of being hugged or swaddled. Sleep Pod is breathable and does not trap heat, light-weight and machine washable.
Thanks to: Matthew Mundt of Hug Sleep.


Everyone loves the gift of a nice smell. And that's what you'll be giving when you gift someone a!

Founded in Canada, and available all across North America, the recipient will be thrilled to receive a unique, funky, and great-smelling candle.

An appropriate gift to give a friend, family member, co-worker, manager, and so much. Who knew that candles were the best gift you didn't know you wanted.

I've been gifted candles from this unique company and love them! You will too!
Thanks to: Tudor Armand Ciuleanu of RebelDot.

48. Women-Owned Chocolate Co.

When it comes to holiday gift ideas, there's definitely something to be said about spending your money at small businesses who can truly benefit from the additional revenue. And, if you're looking for a gift for your team members, consider something that will be genuinely appreciated like chocolate. Because … who doesn't love it? You can order snack boxes from jcoco chocolate, which is both a small business AND women-owned.
Thanks to: Sara Pereda of MuteSix.

49. Wall Art by Steel Roots Décor

I Love You To The Moon And Back Wall Art from Steel Roots Décor.

This metal wall art piece is handmade in the USA by real U.S. veterans. It makes a perfect gift for your loved ones to show them how much you care. This wall hanging comes in four beautiful finishes to match any style. Suitable for hanging both indoor and outdoor, it looks really gorgeous and can help you create a warm, loving ambiance at your home.
Thanks to: Jeannie Price of Gift Unicorn.

50. Coffee from Portrait Coffee

Ocean Liturgy 12 oz. bag from Portrait Coffee.

This delicious coffee with strong tasting notes of apricot, cabernet, & caramel is Portrait Coffee’s latest collaboration in partnership with photographer and director Ray Neutron. Portrait Coffee is a Black-owned business – a coffee shop and roastery in the West of Atlanta that sees coffee as more than a product, but as an ode to their ancestors. Smooth and airy, these beans have an amazing smell and are a perfect gift for coffee lovers.
Thanks to: Charles Cridland of YourParkingSpace.

51. Great Gift Idea

Kitanica is a family-owned and operated business run by Beej Cronin, his brother Chris Cronin and their cousin Leonard Riccio. The products they create have a remarkably distinctive utilitarian style. The world became aware of Kitanica products thanks to Adam Savage of Mythbusters. Kitanica proudly makes all of its products in the United States using domestically produced materials. Much of the production is done in-house in Northern California at our Oakland headquarters.
Thanks to: Chris Cronin of Kitanica.

52. Holiday Gifts for Everyone

Where we live is our home, and these places have made us who we are. Allegiant Goods creates products that are a reflection of the amazing people and culture that have always made our country great. We take as much pride in our products as we do in the places we call home. All of our apparel and home goods are of the best quality possible proudly printed to order in the US. We love our products and know you will too!
Thanks to: Mike Pasley of Allegiant Goods.

53. Unique Gifts for the Holidays

Designed and housed in our DTLA headquarters, each piece in the collection is individually handmade from start to finish using materials sourced in Los Angeles, California. Our Stadium Sweatshirt and snapback gives that vintage 90’s sports vibe that is so much a part of what I’m about, and I love how these turned out - especially on the sweatshirt with the thick raised embroidery, just like the snapback. Cozy arena vibe for lounging at home over the holidays.
Thanks to: Daniel Patrick of Daniel Patrick.

54. Unique Holiday Gift

A consultation with one of our experts at Gryphon Digital Mining to learn the basics of crypto currency and bitcoin mining would make a great gift for a newbie to the investor community or to anyone who was interested in obtaining knowledge on the crypto space. There are so many myths all over the internet, and it would be helpful for those who are interested in cryptocurrency but have strayed due to their perception of the "ungreen footprint the majority of the space" is leaving at this time.
Thanks to: Brittany Kaiser of Gryphon Digital Mining.

55. Unique Holiday Gift Idea

If you need something for holiday toasts and stocking stuffers this upcoming season, but are looking to cut back on sugar and additives, Flying Embers handcrafts natural wine spritzers. These premium, small-batch spritzers are certified organic and made with zero sugar, sulfites and preservatives. They're light, bright, and nothing but good, clean fun in a can.
Thanks to: Liz Tomic of Flying Embers.

56. Dazzling Moonstone Pendant

Our newest arrival, the Chubby Moonstone Teardrop Pendant, is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one this holiday season. This beautiful piece from Mark Henry Jewelry features a pear-shaped moonstone and a shimmering diamond shield that dangles from an 18kt gold chain. There’s no better way to show how much you care than with a stunning necklace from Mark Henry Jewelry, a premier jewelry house that sidesteps convention with eye-catching designs.
Thanks to: Haim Medine of Mark Henry Jewelry.

57. The Good Book is a Good Book!

119 Leather Co. offers a unique line of handcrafted leather notebook and journal covers, leather bound bibles, and leather accessories. Made to order handcrafted personalized items makes these gifts uniquely one of a kind. Combining a love of leatherwork with a passion for the word, this company has made an art of custom crafting new and rebinding and recovering heirlooms. Personalization is available for an even more thoughtful gift. Order early for the holidays.
Thanks to: Laura Templeton of 30 Second Success.

58. Jazz Up Your RV Patio

Expand your camping living space by setting up a reversible, eco-friendly RV patio rug. Woven from 100% recycled polypropylene – these mats come with durable carry bags and a 1-year warranty.

Mountain Mat was founded by an Air Force veteran after discovering these durable and versatile mats while stationed overseas. Now the whole family is involved in the day-to-day operations of running this American company!
Thanks to: Jennifer Hillberg of Mountain Mat.

59. Custom Packing Holiday Gifts

Create custom packaging for your business’s products this holiday season. Box Genie has been recognized as one of the most sustainable packaging companies in North America. With amazing 3D design tools, it’s never been easier to design custom packaging.
Thanks to: Jim Beard of Box Genie.


Tyler Böe is a family-owned lifestyle company that caters to many generations of clients with timeless classics with a twist. Their daughter joined her family's brand three years ago after leaving Ralph Lauren, to highlight the excellent product that her parents worked so hard to build. While this holiday season will undoubtedly be different, they hope to be able to assist folks in getting dressed and celebrating in their unique way! They're bringing in a lot of unique stuff for the holiday.
Thanks to: Nick Edwards of Snow Finders.


Terry's Fabric Crafts began as a necessity for masks during the outset of the pandemic and has now expanded to include beautifully crafted, handcrafted fabric goods, as well as bespoke orders. Terry has been a seamstress for over 40 years and can make anything out of fabric.
Thanks to: Darsh Ray of Job Alert.


Breck and Grier was founded by a friend and her sister in the summer of 2018. Breck and Grier is a Moroccan tote bag company that creates custom bags. They sell a range of totes that they get from Moroccan family sellers and paint straight at their kitchen table. Each bag is individually painted in the color scheme of the customer's choice! Monograms, family crests, and even your favorite black lab have all been painted by them! It's been a fantastic creative outlet for me.
Thanks to: Tim Parker of Syntax Integration.


Midwest Prep Co. is a passion project that uses classic jewelry to bring preppy elegance to the Midwest. For you, each piece is handcrafted. They provide a variety of bracelets, ranging from nature-inspired to druzy quartz. It is a start-up that makes beautifully crafted handmade jewelry a must-like for all its wearers.
Thanks to: Nicholas Rosenfeld of Making A Will.


Hand-sewn goods are currently available, with a focus on face masks, but plans to extend into home goods in the near future! They began constructing face masks for frontline health care workers who sorely required PPE at the start of the pandemic. It's evolved into a means for them to remember their late aunt, an artist who died at the start of the pandemic.
Thanks to: Daniel Carter of Loanx.


NEELY PHELAN is a Little Rock, Arkansas-based jewelry manufacturer. On her dining room table, she began by crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry for customers. She's now expanded her line to include whole collections of modern, playful pieces that are ageless enough to transition from season to season.
Thanks to: Hassan Usmani of The Stock Dork.


When a dear friend couldn't find what she needed, she started this company. She enjoyed scrunchies as a kid since she had wavy hair. She couldn't locate any hair items that suited her personality and values while shopping at standard large box stores. The Scrunchie Club was formed as a result of this.
Thanks to: Susan Smith of Velden Engineering.


At a young age, a friend's grandma taught her how to knit and crochet. She got really into it after graduation, and her little NYC flat was soon bursting with yarn and projects! Loom & Thread began as a way for her to get rid of her hoard, but it quickly grew in popularity. She sells knit hats, accessories, and home/holiday decor to customers of all ages.
Thanks to: Melissa Collins of Perfect Brew.


A year and a half ago, a friend of a friend began Rose and Clay Earrings! She needed another creative outlet after completing her bachelor's degree. She has always liked jewelry, fashion, and crafting, and this business was developed as a result! She makes earrings (studs, dangles, and hoops) by hand. as well as exquisitely handcrafted hair clips.
Thanks to: Yousun Allen of Yosun UV Printer.

69. Serious Southern BBQ

Serving up Southern BBQ that’s true to regional traditions while still creating unique, reimagined flavors is an art form in itself. Thanks to my Grandma Lillie, a full family lineage of barbecue passion, and a commitment to craft, we believe we’ve mastered it. And with our restaurants and a variety of sauces, rubs, chips, and more – we’re excited to share truly unique BBQ products with families everywhere this holiday season.
Thanks to: Charlie McKenna of Lillie's Q.

70. Locally-Owned Restaurant Cards

We all know that one of the areas hit the hardest by COVID has been the restaurant industry. Plus, we are also aware of that fact that there are numerous unique, delicious options in every city. So, to boost small businesses this holiday season, purchase gift cards that will both help their revenue stream, and possibly introduce a friend or colleague to their "new favorite restaurant."
Thanks to: Ryan Rottman of OSDB Sports.

71. Unique Gift Ideas

June Shine grew out of the want for transparent alcohol that caters to a healthy, active lifestyle. It is brewed with real, organic ingredients: green tea, honey, fruit juice, spices, and our jun kombucha base (also known as the SCOBY). The flavors are so smooth, it’s literally called “the champagne of kombuchas.” There are no artificial coloring, GMOs, pesticides, or processed corn or rice syrup. This makes JuneShine less toxic for both your body and the environment.
Thanks to: Justin Chan of June Shine.

72. Portrait Coffee - Holiday Gift

Portrait Coffee shop in Southwest Atlanta is a Black-owned business that honors the African roots of coffee by hiring a diverse workforce. Portrait Coffee's mission is to provide amazing career and life possibilities for Atlantans and residents via education and training in the coffee industry. Citrus and sharp acidity characterize the Costa Rica blend, which has a light body and crisp finish. It comes from Costa Rica's Tarraz area and has notes of tangerine and lime flavors. It costs $20 a bag.
Thanks to: Marc Tonkin of JTG Travel.

73. Red Moon and Your Period

Red Moon is a holistic period wellness company founded by a long-time endometriosis warrior. Its signature pad is the first-of-its-kind CBD infused organic cotton pad, free of toxins or dyes, that provides alternative relief to a variety of period discomforts through clean and natural ingredients.

Red Moon's founder is passionate about the brand because CBD restored her quality of life from endometriosis, and she hopes it can do the same for other menstruators, as well.
Thanks to: Grace Han of Red Moon.

74. Gift Guide

Founded by former sommelier, Julia Littauer, she recently launched Sovi to “drink less” and not give up wine completely. Crafted with premium, sustainably grown grapes from California vineyards, Sovi offers 25 calories in each can. From harvest to packaging, Sovi partners with winemakers using traditional methods, achieving the flavor, texture and balance you would expect from a traditional glass of wine.
Thanks to: Michela DellaMonica of Tazzy Candy.

75. Protecting Your Small Business

The Brondell Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier with AG+ Technology by Aurabeat is an extra layer of protection for your small business and proven by independent lab tests at MRIGlobal to eliminate ≥99.9% of COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) within 15 minutes, while producing zero ozone. Already protecting millions from viruses globally, the Brondell Pro is lab tested and trusted by medical professions. AG+ Technology is an extra layer of protection for your staff and customers.
Thanks to: Geoff Dunlop of Brondell.

76. New Twist to the Candle Market

Konfession sells handcrafted candles, made by moi, but there is a twist! All of our candles have a hidden secret/confession inside from others who have submitted online. People submit their secrets either anonymously using our confidential forum or people DM our Instagram and include their handles so they can connect with others. Super fun, fabulous brand for all adults (18+) this holiday season!
Made in ON, Canada
Shipping to Canada & USA
Thanks to: Lindsay Schoneveld of Konfession.

77. Clever, New Party Essential!

You know you need it, you just didn't know you could have it - a way to elegantly serve olives while hiding the unsightly pits! We have all done it - put out that little bowl for olive pits - right next to the delicious olives and other carefully prepared, glorious appetizers. It makes no sense. No one wants to see those ugly pits. So corico has created The Olive Boat & Pit Port, a two-piece porcelain ensemble that is a truly a functional piece of art. Makes a fabulous, clever gift for anyone!
Thanks to: Claire Alba of corico.

78. Surprise Box

Send your family and loved ones this holiday with Surprise Boxes from Epilogue Cafe. Each box is customized to make your mom, dad, friends, spouse, or kids feel loved and special! These surprise boxes will contain goodies like books, chocolates, handmade animals, coloring books, potteries, cards, candles that you can only find in Epilogue (contents inside will depend on what kind of box you will purchase). You can buy this surprise box starting from $25 to $200.
Thanks to: Ewen Finser of The Digital Merchant.

79. No More Wet Spot

You can show your love by sleeping in the wet spot -or- you can show your love by getting The Layer. The Layer is a soft, absorbent, & waterproof intimacy blanket that protects beds, furniture, carpeting, the car, sleeping bags, etc. from all imaginable sexy messes (you know the ones). Terrific at home and folds up perfectly small for traveling. Stays put & keeps quiet. The Layer is a chic solution to a very common problem.

The Layer is a woman-owned small business & proudly made in the USA.
Thanks to: Claire Alba of The Layer.

80. Transform Your Curls!

We know curly folks love a good styler which is why Verelle created the Styler Trio so that you can test and mix & match our stylers! All 3 stylers are designed to hydrate, tame frizz, and define your curls without adding weight. Each styler has a different level of hold so you can try them out to get a sense for which styler(s) your pattern likes best. Made by Verelle, a haircare brand that makes natural, clean and customized curly hair care products by curl type.
Thanks to: Christina P. of Verelle.

81. Create a Plan, See the Future!

The comprehensive financial planning tool that makes it easy and affordable for anyone to create a detailed, year by year financial plan. Essential for any household, TCRP allows you to accurately assess your current and future financial health, and acts as a roadmap to becoming financially secure. The perfect gift to help family and friends to stop guessing about their finances, start planning, and gain the confidence to make the best possible decisions for their future. How thoughtful!
Thanks to: Drew Parker of The Complete Retirement Planner.

82. Craft Coffee for Music Lovers

Ever wonder what the sound of a Full Stack amp tastes like? We are coffee obsessed musicians in the Napa Valley crafting roasts inspired by the iconic amplifiers of the rock & roll era. Our gift subscription includes whole bean coffee, fresh from the roaster, delivered anywhere in the US. Gift subscriptions can be customized to any quantity & frequency. Perfect for musicians or music lovers! Learn more about our roast profiles & how we strive to live a more amplified life at @OhmCoffeeRoasters.
Thanks to: Jennifer Knight of Ohm Coffee Roasters.

83. Cold Brew Coffee in 25 Minutes

No one wants to wait 24 hours for cold brew coffee. The breakthrough Vinci Express Cold Brew makes extra-bold cold brew in as little as 25 minutes! (If you're in a rush, get a light cold brew in just 5!) When it's done, the whole carafe fits easily in your fridge door, and a built-in clean cycle means every cup will taste as fresh as your first.
Thanks to: Martin Stein of Vinci Housewares.

84. Make Your Own Stuffed Waffles

Make your own Belgian-style waffles stuffed with chicken, an omelet, fruit or even chocolate with the Wonderffle stuffed waffle iron! Perfect for meals at home or on the go, it's made from cast iron or cast aluminum, is cordless and portable, and can be used on any cooking surface.
Thanks to: Martin Stein of Wonderffle.

85. Baking Sheet Doubles as a Dish

Is it a baking sheet or a dish? It’s both! The new silicone mat from Grand Fusion Housewares transforms from a non-stick baking sheet perfect for cookies into a non-stick AND leak-proof high-rimmed dish ideal for chicken, fish or meat in seconds! Just snap the corners together and get even heat distribution up to 450 degrees, along with the fast clean-up you expect.
Thanks to: Martin Stein of Grand Fusion Housewares.

86. Bond, Build, Fix and Fill

Whether you’re mending a broken part, patching a ripped cord, or repairing wood or metal, Bondic is good for them all and more! A liquid plastic that’s more like welding, it's easy to work with and won’t harden until exposed to the special, included UV-ray wand. Then, it cures in seconds, and often makes your fixes stronger than the original. Layers can be built up, sanded and painted.
Thanks to: Martin Stein of Bondic.

87. Spleash Your Dog Leash

Never worry about forgetting your dog's water on your next walk with Spleash. It attaches to your existing leash and features a 12-ounce water reservoir, a flip-open dish, and a squirt nozzle to cool your pet off, prevent grass burns or even scare away off-leash dogs with its 14-foot range. A portion of every sale goes to domestic abuse support organizations.
Thanks to: Martin Stein of Spleash.

88. Give Privacy

Consider the gift of online privacy from My Data Removal. We remove your personal information from people search websites.

Your privacy matters. Unfortunately, it’s really easy to find where you live by typing your name into a people search website. Thanks to Zillow, a bad guy can then find out how much your house is worth. You are quite busy with work and make the perfect target for a scam or identity theft. How much damage will they do before you figure out something is wrong?
Thanks to: James Wilson of My Data Removal.

89. 365 Days of Happiness

Wish you could be happier? Do you want more fun in life? Discover 365 ways in 365 days to create happiness that sticks!

365 Days of Happiness: Because happiness is a piece of cake is your daily tool to create a habit of living your every day bliss, and is the parent companion to the 365 Days of Happiness journal workbook. If you like to feel good, appreciate being alive, and want to squeeze the most out of life, then you’ll love Jacqueline Pirtle’s effective teachings.
Thanks to: Jacqueline Pirtle of FreakyHealer.

90. Cranberry Wine

Cranberry Wine is one of our most popular holiday sellers, which we combine with orange-cinnamon spices to make mulled wine for our winery's guests. Fermented from 100% pure cranberries, this wine is a holiday favorite you'll enjoy throughout the year. Delicious with ham, turkey, and a variety of cheeses. The fruity taste, combined with mulled spices makes for a surprisingly light yet especially festive and enriching drink during the holidays.
Thanks to: Jacob Tegtman of Talon Winery.

91. Make Patio Doors Dog Smart

Without a dog door cut into your wall, letting your pet in and out can be a hassle when you're home and impossible when you're out. Wayzn transform any sliding patio door into a smart door that opens and closes for your dog and doubles as a security bar. It can run with Alexa, mobile app for iPhone and Droid, or the built-in sensors. DIY installation is tool-free and easy.
Thanks to: Martin Stein of Wayzn.

92. 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas

I think a custom pin is the best gift. If you want to give him something he'll never forget, this is the way to do it! Think about things he has an interest in or likes. If he is into sports, find a sports related pin - Is there a cricket game coming up? Maybe some custom pins to show his team spirit. Bowling night on the calendar? How about a custom pin of his favorite bowling alley. He'll be so happy when he opens his gift on Christmas and sees what a wonderful job you did designing his pin!
Thanks to: Robin Brown of Vivipins.

93. Lucky Pomegranate Earrings

Pomegranates are lucky!

At Next Door Goddess, we turned them into earrings and added our charm, made in Greece. It inspires women to unleash the Goddess within & Stay Unforgettable.

Our statement earrings are designed and handcrocheted by Vasiliki in TX.

A customer favorite-they are

* Bold & lightweight
* Framing beautifully the face
* Gold & red-the lucky colors of good fortune

Priced at $130 (gift wrapping included) they ship only in the States. Enjoy free shipping!
Thanks to: Vasiliki Gkarmiri of NEXT DOOR GODDESS LLC.

94. Beautiful and Unique Gifts!

Our business offers unique, healthy, and beautiful Gift Baskets overflowing with all-natural products from the bees! Our farm is located in sunny Florida and is where we keep over a thousand beehives. During Covid, a rewarding aspect of our business has been to see the generosity and care people have for one another. We're privileged to see personalized notes that come with our baskets and boxes and it has been an encouragement to our business, knowing it will bring a smile to every recipient.
Thanks to: Chris Vasquez of Heritage Bee Farm.

95. Witchy Candles

Emerald Hearth makes the best holiday gifts. Their candles are witchy themed and perfect for anyone who likes a non-traditional holiday. Bonus points because they smell great and last a long time. Seriously the best candles I own.
Thanks to: Happy Customer of Emerald Hearth Creations.

96. Patriot Fire Pit

Enjoy the warm glow of A Fire Pit on those chilly nights. Combine with the most comfortable outdoor seating sets with incredible fire pit tables so you can have a fun barbecue night with guests or an intimate dinner gathering. Great to put out on the balcony, patio or verandah. Stylish and portable. American made.

The Patriot Fire Pit by Ohio Flame combines sleek and modern styling with outstanding American quality and durability.
Thanks to: Chris Campbell of The Charming Bench Company.

97. Spicy Innocent Momma

Meet Leon Shell red mesh lingerie set. It is one of her many handmade lingerie and can be customized to fit ANY size and in any color that one desires.
The wise say beautiful begins underneath.

This is a must have in one's next bedroom affair. With staying and working from home, who says everything has to be boring? Spice it up Momma.
Thanks to: Angelina Mahany of Angie's Showroom.

98. Wine Caddy Gift Idea

A light weight wine caddy. For personalization, You can also engrave the recipient's name or certain message on it. It is easy to carry around, and best for picnics.
Thanks to: Gian Moore of MellowPine.

99. His Highness & Her Highness

Imagine having a jewelry piece that you can wear it on any occasion and it will still look stunning.

The beauty is that you can customize it to suit you and your loved ones. There is an array of designs and colors to choose from. Whether it is HIS or HERS or theirs including the children, you are covered.

Great gift for any occasion, for anyone you want. Classy and Stylish. More like royalty.
Thanks to: Teleigha Peavy of L. Signature Collections.

100. Goodbye to Ugly Pictures

PhotoAiD Photo Generator is a web and mobile app that enable you to take document picture by yourself. With step-by-step guidance, you can create a valid, good-looking photo without any effort. The idea was developed by three brothers from Poland by mixing their photobooths experience with innovative AI technology. Since every person needs official photography for ID, passport, or even LinkedIn profile, it is a gift that can fit into any occasion and anyone's needs.
Thanks to: Maciej Kubiak of PhotoAiD.

101. Stop Being "That" Person!

Don't be a bad gift giver this holiday season. If you are thinking about giving a cheap store bought candle as a gift, STOP!

Most store bought candles are made of cheap chemical filled waxes. Mia Bella Scent Company candles are made of a dye-free, organic blend of beeswax and soy making them safe and healthy to burn. The unique dual wood wick makes for a perfect burn each time you light the candle.

Stop being a bad gift giver and give Mia Bella Scent Company candles this holiday season.
Thanks to: Mike Smith of Mia Bella Scent Company.

102. A Gift for a Green Transition

Climate change is an evident reality. That's why I like to support every little initiative that intends to make this world a better place. My gift suggestion is the pine tree offered by Sheedo Studio. It comes into a box that you can customize with your brand's logo, so basically, you communicate with your brand image the positive impacts of planting a tree.

Sheedo is a company created three years ago by four young entrepreneurs who bet on valuing people and nature.
Thanks to: Tomek Młodzki of PhotoAiD.

103. A Unique Ceramic Centerpiece

A mesmerizing sight to behold as soon as the rainbow-like patinas catch your eye. The Oval Vase is a tall, teardrop-shaped design best for adding a touch of elegance and intrigue to an interior space. The full copper matte glaze provides a striking finish to the vase, making it an instant contrast to any interior. With an iridescent splash of metallic-like colors and unique patterns covering the vase’s body after Raku firing, no two pieces are the same.
Thanks to: Adil Ghani of RAAQUU.

104. The Candle You Can Use Again!

From Spark To Flame is a luxury scented candle company. Our candles are all handmade with clean burning soy wax, high quality essential oils, and beautiful glass containers making them the perfect gift for the holidays! They come in 5 beautiful colors and fragrances and the containers are meant to be reused and repurposed after you've finished burning your candle.
Thanks to: Emma Musto of From Spark To Flame.

105. Homesick Candles

Homesick candles are great for gifts. Whether you've moved and miss the smell of your home state or are homesick for memories, Homesick candles have some of the best options for scented candles that will take you or a loved one back home. These candles are utterly unique, and they provide options for everyone.
Thanks to: Jim Pendergast of altLINE Sobanco.

106. Black Wraith Designs Rings

*Rings made from crushed opal by Black Wraith Designs.* This small business has unusual tastes, and you can get as many rings as you'd like that are highly customizable. There are a variety of crushed opal options, and you can make as many designs as you want, all customized to the different people in your life.
Thanks to: Ian Sells of RebateKey.

107. Batarangs

Batarangs from Swords, Knives and Daggers are perfect for your geeky friends. These batarangs are actually throwing stars, and they present some of the most fun you'll ever have. Your friends and family will be thrilled when they get either black or technicolor batarangs for gifts.
Thanks to: Dave Herman of EZ Surety Bonds.

108. Gourmet Goodies that Give Back

Women's Bean offers hand packaged Premium Gift Boxes full of delicious gourmet options - from bean, scone and cookie mixes to Thai Curry cashews, popcorn, coconut bites and more using 100% post-consumer recycled material. Best of all, Women's Bean is a nonprofit that gives women battling addiction, homelessness and incarceration a second chance learning gourmet food production and earning a paycheck. Every product sold allows the nonprofit to continue to hire and train at-risk women.
Thanks to: Katie Wagner of Women's Bean Project.

109. Chili Oil from Boon Sauce

Chili oil from Boon Sauce gives your food-loving friend a great taste of unique flavors. This small business has already received quite a few awards, and it's even appeared on YouTube and the food show Worth It. Boon Sauce makes their sauces in batches, so be on the lookout for your favorite one and snap it up when it becomes available.
Thanks to: Cliff Auerswald of All Reverse Mortgage.

110. Let WoofPack Carry the Load

Dog lovers: meet your new favorite Pack, The WoofPack dog walking accessory bag. The WoofPack features a unique antimicrobial compartment to store bagged doggy poo, so you no longer have to carry it, plus separate pockets for everything else. The WoofPack comes in five attractive colors plus new embroidered designs. This multi-functional carryall is perfect for all your doggy adventures. Go hands-free.
Let WoofPack carry the load and get a more enjoyable on-the-go experience with your pet.
Thanks to: Lisa Bast of Waggin' Trails, LLC/WoofPack.

111. The Gift of Art

I am a big fan of SMBs that support local artists and the arts, like Amy Nguyen Textiles. Especially with the pandemic many have suffered, so I am sending gifts including music, textile art, performance art, etc. for clients, family and friends to enjoy and be inspired by the creativity. Our lives are enriched by beautiful sights and sounds so we must insure art remains in the new normal. A beautiful drawing, painting, scarf, play or concert can make a boring day special and memorable. Art inspires life.
Thanks to: Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls.

112. For Easy, Comfortable Periods

Get ready for comfortable, environmentally-friendly periods with Casco Cup: a USA-made menstrual cup that offers up to 12 hours of leak-resistant period protection.

Designed by female athletes, the Casco Cup comes in three sizes: the mini (teen), Size 1 (pre-childbirth), and Size 2 (post-childbirth).

Made from soft, 100% medical-grade silicone, the Casco Cup also comes with a cute, discreet case that you can throw in your bag or medicine cabinet.

The Casco Cup lasts up to 10 years.
Thanks to: Burgess Powell of Casco Cup.

113. Bring the Escape Room to You

Escape Notice Games just published their second multiplayer escape room game called Spies of Liberty. Players engage in Revolutionary War espionage as members of the Culper Spy Ring. Help George Washington outwit the British forces and turn the tide of the war. Historic spycraft tools help players solve puzzles, read ciphers, navigate vintage maps, and uncover hidden codes. No internet is required. Two-six players, ages 14-adult. Available at and Etsy for $44.95.
Thanks to: Randy Spolter of Escape Notice Games.

114. Sleepless in...Wherever?

With a voice described as "liquid," award-winning stress relief expert Susie Mantell’s highly acclaimed, “Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace, 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded,” delivers 3 exquisitely soothing guided meditations for deep stress relief, effortless sleep & renewed energy. [BEST AUDIOS AWARD - Publishers Weekly] Release worry from sleepless nights and experience the deep relaxation of a spa vacation again and again—for just $19.95! [MP3 Download or CD at Amazon & Audible]
Thanks to: Dan Bradford of Relax Intuit LLC.

115. Photo Musical Jewelry Box

What makes a great gift? You could give something useful, personalized, or unique or you could do all three! A photo frame musical jewelry box offers the practical purpose of being a jewelry box, but with a unique spin. You can customize your box to include a 10x8 print of a meaningful photo, as well as choose a song that represents your recipient or the moment in the photograph. The modern wooden design of this box will look right at home amongst your recipient’s most prized possessions.
Thanks to: Boris Muchnik of Music Box Attic.

116. Give Holiday Smiles!

POEMS TO LIFT YOU UP & MAKE YOU SMILE is an entertaining collection of 100 classic & contemporary poems especially selected for their upbeat perspectives, positive outlook, & feel-good scenarios. Featuring the work of poets across the U.S., Canada, England, & Ireland, the book makes a perfect gift for those who need reminding there are always blessings to be found, even on the darkest days. A percentage of every sale goes to support a food ministry program. Available from booksellers everywhere.
Thanks to: Jayne Jaudon Ferrer of Your Daily Poem.

117. Life Saving Garden Sheds

Uptick in storms has created a need for the next evolution in Garden sheds those that are tornado proof. Due to Covid restrictions, production of safedomes has stopped due to labor and material shortages. Seeking a unique gift that will last a lifetime while saving your life? Safedomes are 10 feet in diameter 9 feet high weighs 8 tons and portable deliveries nationwide.
Thanks to: David Pressler of D R D Enterprises Inc of Davie.

118. Investing Motivational Gift

Sure Dividend’s Top 10 Dividend Elite Service has an annual fee of $79, so it's an affordable gift for your parents or grandparents. Therefore, a special family member can browse through our top ten dividend stocks that we analyze so they can make more self-directed investment decisions. Or it can help guide them to start investing for their retirement, especially if they’re 50 and older. It can be a thoughtful holiday gift since that can help them save more money for retirement.
Thanks to: Ben Reynolds of Sure Dividend.

119. Strong Kids are Fit For Life!

My First Workout® is a strength and conditioning program created by Certified Personal Trainer, Michelle Miller, for children ages 5-10 to do at home with a parent. This kid's fitness kit contains a step-by-step workout program in both poster and video format and 8 pieces of kid-size equipment to encourage proper skill development, form, and technique.

Gifting a child with better health, fitness, confidence, focus, stamina, and well-being to improve their quality of life is invaluable.
Thanks to: Michelle Miller of MM FITNESS LLC.

120. A Bare Wall Isn't Art

A movie poster is! The place to get a movie poster to decorate a wall is Just Movie Posters.Com. The site has posters from films such as American Reunion, Bridesmaids, Fast & Furious, Twilight, Top Gun—just to name a few. Most items are between $7 to $15. (Shipping extra.)
Thanks to: Ilena Di Toro of Just Movie Posters.Com.

121. Holiday Gift Idea

Ria’s Crafts and Things, residing in Salisbury, NC, specializes in handmade, crafted, and unique designs. My passion is crochet.

Description: Multicolor Crochet Bucket Hat, Small, Unisex. This is a fun and beautiful bucket hat designed in a multicolor pattern. Bucket hats are very trendy and popular this year. This is a great way to spread holiday joy and love by shopping handmade and with small businesses in mind.
Thanks to: Marie Davis of Ria's Crafts and Things.

122. Give the Gift of Nature!

A silver lining during COVID was parks and nature. During the crisis, people turned to parks like never before—for fresh air, exercise, and a sense of peace. We learned that parks are not only crucial to our communities, but they are an important element of our lives. To amplify this trend, I produced the Junior Park Ranger Adventure Book Series for kids. These park adventures inspire kids to protect parks, nature, and the environment. Stories connect kids & parks when they need each other most.
Thanks to: Jennifer Benito-Kowalski of Junior Park Ranger Adventure Books.

123. Fort Pilates Subscription

Do you have a friend looking to get an at-home workout subscription? Fort Pilates is a small business bringing workout solutions from highly trained professionals. With the help of a $40 membership, the users can gain access to live classes and the entire catalog of recorded workouts. This is a great way to support a small business and give someone a meaningful gift.
Thanks to: Natalia Maldonado of Warrior Life Code.

124. SMO Ceramics Dishes

Here TO Sunday is a small business bringing together artsy gift pieces for its customers. The SMO ceramic dishes are perfect girly gifts not only to decorate but also for practical usage. The dishes are crafted and painted with hands which gives them a rare feel of originality. This colorful art piece will only cost you $24. While this is my favorite from their website, you can find many other handcrafted products like umbrellas, enamel pins, hats, etc.
Thanks to: Neil John of One Computer Guy.

125. HandSoap - Blueland

One of the best small business gift ideas is the modified hand soap by Blueland that negates plastic bottles and is much cheaper than its alternatives. Blueland also has one of the best scents I have witnessed, with peppermint being my all-time favorite. You should invest in this small business gift product as hand soaps are becoming increasingly popular, and Blueland has recently undergone a tough transition due to Covid-19.
Thanks to: Mike Branover of Thrill Appeal.

126. Binder Clips - AnnMarie Larson

AnnMarie Larson Crafts is a small business shop on Etsy, and their binder clips are an excellent investment for people who love organizing things with a hint of style. The binder clips are available in different colors that you can choose from. The price and usefulness of these clips make them the ideal gift option, and you can also support the Etsy shop in the process.
Thanks to: Aviad Faruzon of Faruzo.

127. Christmas Scented Candles

Handmade soy wax candles from the Knoxville-based Silver Dollar Candle Co. are like a breath of fresh air for your holiday evening. It has a range of candles exclusively for the holiday season; our personal favorite is the “Fresh Cut Christmas Tree” candle with pine and firs’ sweet and subtle scent. It is safe from harmful materials like dyes, colorings, or UV inhibitors.
Thanks to: Rabea Hmam of Almowafir.

128. Handcrafted Shoes

Adelante gives us a variety of handcrafted shoes that are made in Guatemala by true aficionados of shoemaking. You can modify the shoes based on your measurements to get unparalleled levels of comfort. Our favorite is the “Romero” because of its black velvet and sole wooden finish. These are a perfect holiday gift because it helps the entire Guatemalan community get access to education, food, and other amenities.
Thanks to: Melissa Collins of Perfect Brew.

129. Couples Matching Underwear

Match with your love because only together you are complete!

Match with your love in the comfiest and cutest underwear that will brighten up every day of your life even when it's Monday from BeMine.

Try out our undies and match them with the most comfortable bralette. Once you try our comfortable underwear there is no way back! Plus all our undies are safe for you and our planet, because they are made from certified fabric!
Thanks to: Eliska Parizkova of BeMine.

130. Unique & Replayable Card Game

Better Topics is a unique and replayable card game for couples, meant to help them improve their communication and still have a lot of fun together.

It is highly tailorable to any relationship and it also includes its own rewards system.

It comes in both a physical card deck variant or in an app format where, depending on the membership level chosen, the couples benefit from weekly secret challenges and various other benefits.

It makes a great, fun-filled gift for any occasion.
Thanks to: Diana Indries of Better Topics ltd.

131. Socks that Save the Planet

The only thing better than that new sock feeling - socks with Feel Good Sole.

Made from recycled plastic bottles in North Carolina, Teddy Locks are the world's most sustainable socks!

Designed for the planet, but made for you, Teddy Locks are moisture-wicking, quick-drying and thermo-regulating and feature seamless toe technology, arch support and reinforced toe and heel pockets - for socks that are luxuriously soft, longer lasting and better for the planet.
Thanks to: Samantha Tollworthy of Teddy Locks.

132. Umby: Umbrella With a Story

What if by protecting ourselves, we could protect one another? That is the driving force behind Umby umbrellas. Umby's signature umbrella, "Be Sunshine," features a waterproof case, lined with a micro-fiber enhanced towel, so it can be stored in your bag/car/briefcase wet or dry. Every umbrella sold supports a family in need with one year of health, agriculture, life or disaster insurance. Shoppers can find the Be Sunshine standard umbrella, $35, and the Kids Be Sunshine, $25, at
Thanks to: Tammy Marino of Umby.

133. Crystals & Herb Energy Candles

Crystals & Herb Energy Candles by New Moon Beginnings is a great gift for any spiritual person in your life. This small business on Etsy sells candles infused with crystals to bring good energy to one's home. The candles also have a unique look that you won't find elsewhere. You can also feel good about buying them since they're made from 100% natural eco-soy wax, lead-free wicks, and homegrown organic herbs.
Thanks to: Maria Juvakka of Chic Pursuit.

134. Desktop Mini-Bowling Game

The small desktop bowling game is a nice gift idea for employees from SYZ Store. It brings a sense of fun and festivity into the work environment without detracting from productivity. I think it's a great option for employees who are returning office after long work-from-home and now they have to stay at the office all day long. It also helps to distract employees after they finish their work and gives them a chance to relax and reduce office stress.
Thanks to: Alex Moss of Tactical Arbitrage.

135. No More Wool Socks for Gifts

After an intense year of work from home, you need to travel. But guess what? You have forgotten to renew your passport! And here is my unusual holiday gift:

Passport Photo Online is a web and mobile app that enables you to take a valid document photo in few seconds and at home!

Everything works as a traditional photo booth, but now, thanks to the inventors – three Polish brothers - and the AI technology, you can take your official document photo with your smartphone.
Thanks to: Bartek Boniecki of Passport Photo Online.

136. Handmade Light Switch Covers

My name is Krystal and I run where I sell my handmade light switch covers on Etsy and Amazon Handmade platform. I have a unique affordable product that makes a great gift this holiday season! Updating your light switch brings joy in an often overlooked neglected place. With over 400 different patterns I have something for every nursery, kitchen, home office & more!
Thanks to: Krystal Hacker of Modern Switch.

137. Great Gift Ideas for Holidays

Crunch Puffs, Waggy Wafers and the Bully Buddy!

Bow Wow Labs has a Holiday Box. It includes a 1.4oz Crunch Puffs bag, a Salmon Waggy Wafers bag and a 5-pack of our new 6" braided esophagus sticks.
Thanks to: Dana Humphrey of Bow Wow Labs.

138. Create a Product With Purpose

When I created my company, Flowjo, I had one mission in mind -- to help people live life on purpose. In three years I had created 3 card games, each filled with mini challenges people could do to get outside of the house, giggle 'til their sides hurt, and reconnect with their loved ones.

And then the pandemic hit, and I realized I could do more. I now donate $5 of every box to organizations I love -- from food banks, gender violence to animal organizations. The best part? My business kept growing.
Thanks to: Tiffany DaSilva of Flowjo.

139. Monthly Subscription Box

The subscription box for hard-working active moms, hand-picked by encouraging active moms! Each month’s box is filled with 5-7 quality items: fitness apparel and accessories, a gift to share, a tasty treat, workout routines (no equipment needed) and a 30-day fitness challenge (with a community to check in to, hold you accountable and offer encouragement, as well). The box is filled with encouraging quotes to motivate you to keep moving. At least one item will be sourced from a small business!
Thanks to: Jessica Haefke of Actlive Life.

140. Pocket Square Gift Set

Set of three silk pocket squares. Crafted in pure silk with hand-rolled edges, our pocket squares are the perfect accessories. Used to match the details of an outfit or in contrast, pocket squares are perfect for creating an accent with a subtle point of flair and differentiation. Featuring Hippocampus, Kraken and Charybdis: we design pocket squares that will look great as pocket squares - as opposed to just being nice graphics on a square of silk.
Thanks to: Robert Calderon of Dalvey.

141. The Gift of Health and Fitness

At Kickoff, we offer personal training programs that make for an excellent gift for the following reasons.

They're tailored to each individual to help them reach their weight loss or fitness goals.
It's a remote program that you can do from anywhere with your very own personal trainer in your pocket.
It's a great way to encourage a person to take care of their health and start their fitness journey.
It's extremely affordable with prices starting from as low as $3/day.
Thanks to: John Gardner of Kickoff.

142. PPE Small Business Gift Ideas

Our business HSC has given customer PPE (personal protective equipment) in the form of face masks, face shields, gloves, and even hand sanitizer to help our customers stay protected during this Covid-19 pandemic. We want each of our customers to know we are in this with them and encourage them to do everything they can to stay safe during these challenging times.
Thanks to: Monique Smith Sarr of Hunter-Smith Consulting.

143. More Visibility Online

Believe it or not, it's not hard to give a gift to a business owner. It's a little outside the box, but giving someone a website from Growth-Generators is a surefire way to help someone get online exposure for years to come. If you can't give someone a website, a great free alternative is a glowing review. It could be on a platform like Google or LinkedIn. That review can be seen for years to come and will only help potential buyers believe in their products and services.
Thanks to: Harrison Baron of Growth Generators.

144. Join in on Movember Fun!

Surprise your friends and family with a unique gift they've never seen before. Smirk Stuff accessories can be worn on a shirt button, keychain, or work badge. With different designs to choose from, you'll find something unique for cat lovers, tea lovers, mustache lovers, gardeners, and more. Our customers love to wear Smirks their Zoom calls to help add a little smile to people's faces. Each design also supports a good cause with 20% of the profits going to local charities.
Thanks to: Hana Drdla of Smirk Stuff.

145. Mimosa's To Go

Ohza Mimosa is the original champagne cocktail company that keeps all the things you love about mimosas but is delivered in a less caloric and less sugary ready-to-drink format. Whether you're hitting the holiday party, tailgate, or office parties, mimosas are now not just for brunch. We created Ohza with our brunch-lovers in mind who enjoy a mimosa on the go.
Thanks to: Riley Burke of Ohza Mimosa.

146. The Best Gift is a Massage!

Press Modern Massage is a Brooklyn-based woman-owned business that provides incredibly relaxing massage services. It's a terrific method to unwind. Stress is a real killer, and everybody needs to relax from time to time. They even offer the Press corporate chair massage where you can bring the Press Experience to your local office! Their chair massages are perfect to set up in a conference room to give workers a much-needed break. Give it a try, you won't regret it.
Thanks to: Amit Verma of Job Alert.

147. Aromatherapy Pick Me Up

We are all spending more time at home and more time at the computer. Get a little pick me up in your routine with Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care’s face and body mists gift set. With 5 different scents, you can find one to help you relax or one to use as a pick me up while at the computer. Either way, you’ll find a scent that helps you get through the day. These mists are hydrolats that are distilled on our farm.
Thanks to: Cindy Jones of Cultivated Skin Care.

148. Qwick Trim Brisket Trimmer

This brisket trimmer is the best, and it gets the job done. Built out of necessity by Rob Wheeler, this device was created because Rob needed a safer and faster way to trim briskets for his restaurant and catering service. It has been tried and tested by his staff and by the countless number of customers already. Just look at all the great things people have said about the product. A truly remarkable product from someone who knows what he's doing.
Thanks to: James Leversha of Top Notch I.T..

149. Peppermint Patty Holiday Hair

What if there was a way for you to put the holidays in a jar? Now there is, courtesy of the Growth Foundations Peppermint Pomade. This all-natural hair balm serenades your nose once you open the jar and soothes your scalp upon a light application, as a little goes a long way. Handmade by The Pomade Shop, the Growth Foundations Peppermint Pomade evokes the minty and warm-hearted nostalgia of the holidays while providing a “foundation” for healthy hair care.
Thanks to: Erma Williams of The Pomade Shop.

150. Christmas Jam for the Win!

Christmas Jam is a great gift. Fresh cranberries and strawberries in an 8-ounce jar, made in Texas by a woman and veteran-owned small business. People love the name before they taste the fabulous flavor. Great appetizer with goat cheese and crackers, delicious on breakfast breads, mixes into a wine spritzer and dresses up a turkey sandwich. Priority Mail ships fast with free gift message; gift certificates available. Portion of proceeds go to FeedingAmerica. 16 Other unique flavors available.
Thanks to: Holly Noel of

151. Breastfeeding in a Box

Now more than ever, breastfeeding moms need access to support at their door.

The Milk Buds Subscription Box, founded by Certified Lactation Counselor Demetria Martin, is masterfully curated to support breastfeeding mothers with educational resources and 4-6 purpose-driven products designed to promote and support lactation while creating a seamless, enjoyable experience for both mama and baby.
Thanks to: Demetria Martin of The Milk Buds.

152. Luxury Mexican Jewelery

The demand for hand-made jewelery is widespread, and there is no silver in the world that can compare to Mexican silver.

Mexico is one of the world’s leading producers of silver, and their love of jewelery made using traditional methods is legendary; attracting visitors from across the globe.

Lovingly hand-crafted by dedicated silversmiths in Taxco, Mexico, our product range is an ideal gift for those looking for looking for a truly original and unique present this holiday.
Thanks to: Jay Curts of The Mexican Collection.

153. The Luv Scrub

Luv Scrub serves up an amazing, all-natural body scrubber that you can use over and over again for great exfoliating and clean showering experiences. The mesh body exfoliator is superior compared to American loofahs and sponges. The exfoliator has been awarded many beauty honors, including the Allure Best of Beauty 2020 Award. I love my Luv Scrub and have found it so much easier to keep clean, and it far outlasts those cheap plastic exfoliators from the chain stores.
Thanks to: Scott Steward of Hi Collectors.

154. Nunbelievable Assorted Cookie

Nunbelievable is a small business working on bringing flavored cookies to its customers. With colorful packing, these cookie boxes make a perfect gift for any cookie lover. These assorted cookie boxes come in three different sizes of 6, 12, and 24 cookies, starting at $17 for the smallest box. Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and double chocolate are some of the best flavors at Nunbelievable.
Thanks to: Aqsa Tabassam of Kolfox.

155. Mar to Make a Difference

The Ipanema tote and Arpoador hat have come to make a difference in your style and to the lives of people in the communities of Rio de Janeiro. By supporting this project you are helping a handful of families who need it & pushing your style game to the next level. They both go hand in hand and look amazing together. Make a difference and not only look good but also manifest the good to those in need.
Thanks to: Samantha Harding of Sahar by Samantha Harding.

156. PHD Design:

Paul Hergenrother, a local designer, specializes in historic architecture-inspired things that are excellent for the Capital Region cheerleader on your holiday buying list! Local icons such as the New York State Capitol, Nipper, and Empire State Plaza are featured on his canvas totes, ornaments, coasters, holiday cards, bookmarks, magnets, and posters. Lark Street Mercantile and the Shaker Holiday Market both have products designed by him.
Thanks to: Zaeem Chaudhary of AC Design Solutions.

157. Award Winning BLM Design!

IhsanIshan Design is a brand that works for cultural, ethnic, and religious unity by bringing together diverse communities through positive interconnected stories told through innovative, thought-provoking, unique designs. Faith. Fashion. Design. Education. Activism. The Black Lives Matter design (a recipient of numerous awards for social justice, interfaith, and global change initiatives), the meaning: One World Together. Be the Change. All faiths, communities, come together to end racism!
Thanks to: Sangeetha Kowsik of IhsanIshan (Closeknit) Design.

158. Nine Pin Cider:

Nine Pin Cider has a range of gifts for the cider enthusiast in your life. Do you have friends or relatives who live out of state? This Christmas season, send hard cider straight to their door. Albany's favorite farm cidery now has an online shop with a range of hard cider tastes, as well as cider-scented candles, branded sweatshirts, pint glasses, handcrafted soaps, tote bags, t-shirts, and more for New Yorkers. Visit the tasting room in person to purchase one of the two or three bottle gift boxes offered.
Thanks to: Dr. Dee Richardson of Healing Hands Chiropractic.

159. Pineapple Collaborative Pantry

Pineapple Collaborative is working in the food industry and delivering some of the best products for food lovers. Their pantry set is one of the best-selling items, which comes with a bottle of Olive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar. Their pantry staples come with extravagant packing, which is perfect for giving a gift. This pantry set is priced at $65.
Thanks to: Elisa Bender of Revenue Geeks.

160. Educational and Inspirational!

GeoJango is a map company based in the USA that specializes in Geography! We create educational and decorative maps to help people learn about the world. We have added extraordinary and stunning geographic details into every map.

Our push pin maps are the perfect tool to track your greatest travels, plan your next adventures and celebrate your favorite memories. Our maps can be personalized with custom titles, fonts, your family name or favorite quote: perfect for a unique gift to a loved one!
Thanks to: Pauline Madson of GeoJango Maps.

161. Reclaim Your Wild

What resides deep within your soul? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to align yourself with nature, go way out of your comfort zone? Traci Weber’s Reclaim Your Wild is a guidebook and a trail map to one’s natural, authentic self. Too often we hear of stories of people returning to nature to climb mountains, hike the Appalachian Trial or sail around the world. Traci wrote Reclaim Your Wild in hopes of inspiring women to embark on similar journeys and enjoy similar results.
Thanks to: Traci Weber of WalkAboutYoga LLC.

162. See History's Best Cartoons

These 50 cards touch upon major moments in American history from the colonial period through the civil rights era. Each card is printed on high quality card stock in the original color and style. On the reverse side of each cartoon is a full description of the historical context and an explanation of the image. The cartoons are contained in a high quality bamboo or plastic keepsake box. Tour through history in a novel and entertaining way!
Thanks to: Ari Siegel of Historic Cartoons.

163. Holiday Gift 2021

We believe these blends are the perfect stocking stuffer for the health conscious individual, especially during times like these!

Kava is a ceremonial tea hailing from the South Pacific Islands for hundreds of years. It is derived from the roots of Yaqona plant (piper methysticum), and ground down to a powder form which is where it gets its spicy flavor.
Thanks to: Kyle Shigekuni of DrinkRoot.

164. Grain-Free Paleo Granola

Primal Island is a small, woman-owned business from Whidbey Island, WA. We sell a line of 100% grain and gluten-free paleo granola, perfect for gifting to anyone health-conscious or looking for a low-carb alternative to granola/cereal. Our founder, Marybeth, originally started the business from her home, selling the product to friends and family. Now Primal Island Granola is available in dozens of stores across the Northwest, and online.
Thanks to: Marybeth Shirley of Primal Island Paleo Granola.

165. Diaper Changing Backpack

The Go Bag from OTGBABY is a lightweight backpack that unfolds to be a changing pad, allowing you to change diapers anytime, anywhere.

This unique diaper bag features seven storage pockets so you can store all the essentials - including an insulated pocket for baby bottles.

The idea behind OTGBABY was originally conceived as part of a high school competition, that has turned into a small business run by a mother/son team.

The Go Bag is available on, or Amazon.
Thanks to: Nicole Krug of OTGBABY.

166. Heirloom Brass Mortar & Pestle

Our classic artisanal Brass 'Mortar and Pestle' is a handmade essential kitchen tool available exclusively with us in USA. It revives family heirloom tradition, and will last for generations. Made from the finest quality material and weighs more than 48 ounces (3lb). Our pestle and mortar comes handy for crushing fresh spices for cooking to making specialty cocktails for friends and family. We offer complimentary monogramming/personal message engraving and 2-day FedEx Shipping on all orders.
Thanks to: Dr. Mayank Gupta of Roots Spice.

167. 100% Natural Flea/Tick Shampoo

PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo is a powerful 100% natural insect-repelling intensive cleanse. Its repellents are derived from six plants and essential oils to safely defend your pet from fleas and ticks. Also, it’s extremely rich in nutrients and natural compounds to condition and nourish your pet’s skin/coat. It’s a superb natural alternative to flea control pills, on-spot applications and collars, many of which may be toxic. Contains antibacterial, anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory agents.
Thanks to: Lisa Porter of PawPurity.

168. Stylish Clear Handbags

We focus on clear fashion forward handbags that meet bag regulations at events + venues. Ideal for any gal who attends concerts, festivals and sports- our durable, recycled PVC handbags are unmatched. Our bags are priced excellent for all year wear and durability. Perfect for those who love fashion. We offer fast & free, same day shipping.
Thanks to: Margo Fery of Margo Paige.

169. Restaurant Gift Card

My favorite gift to give from a small business is a gift card or meal delivery from a local restaurant. Everyone loves to eat, and restaurants are still struggling to recover, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Meal delivery makes a really good gift for someone who’s immunocompromised and can’t eat out safely during the pandemic. Make sure to purchase the gift card or order meal delivery directly through the restaurant, not through an app so the restaurant gets 100% of the profit.
Thanks to: Andrew Fiebert of Lasso.

170. GiftTree

Gift baskets are a simple and enjoyable gift to give, but putting one together and wrapping it yourself may be time-consuming and costly. GiftTree designs and hand-assembled attractive themed gift baskets. Baskets can be found by price, occasion, and gift kind. GiftTree also has a large selection of personalized and engraved presents for all occasions in addition to its keepsake baskets.
Thanks to: Daniel Close of We Buy Houses in Kentucky.

171. Gyft

Everything, including gift-giving, is going mobile. You can give and manage gift cards from your mobile device with Gyft. Users can buy and mail gift cards to over 200 different businesses, including stores, restaurants, and even airlines. Recipients can use the app on their iOS or Android devices to manage and redeem their gift cards.
Thanks to: Sarah Jameson of Green Building Elements.

172. Handwrytten

Handwrytten uses robots to transmit handwritten messages straight to your selected recipient, making intimate connections through ink and paper quick and easy. Simply select a card and input your message, and the website's robotic handwriting robots will write it in any handwriting style you specify, from informal to formal. After that, the card is sealed in an envelope, addressed, and stamped before being sent out for delivery.
Thanks to: Alex Tanya of Miss Amara.

173. Packed With Purpose

Packed with Purpose sells gift boxes containing handcrafted items from NGOs and businesses that employ disabled people. The business offers a variety of boxes to suit every occasion. A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe, one of its most popular boxes, contains goods from seven socially responsible businesses or NGOs.
Thanks to: Steve Pogson of FirstPier.

174. Wood’s iPhone’s Case

To support small businesses, it is important that we prefer them over highly renowned brands. This will not only increase their revenue and sales but will also boost their confidence. Love the Wood has some amazing cases for mobiles, but my pick is their Wood Case for iPhones. The case is aesthetically appealing, made with authentic wood products, and is handcrafted. The company brings style and nature together to make these eye-pleasing products that are also sustainable for the environment.
Thanks to: Jonathan Smith of Camper Guide.

175. Unbelievable Assorted Cookie 6

Do you love cookies but also want to donate to a healthy cause these holidays? Look no further than the Unbelievable Assorted Cookie 6-Pack. These cookies are bursting with chocolate chips on every bite, and here’s the catch; with every cookie pack purchased, a meal is donated to a person in need. It’s perfect for that holiday spirit, and you can support people in need as well. The pack is priced at $17, and you can buy it here:
Thanks to: Clayton Hasbrook of Oklahoma Lawyer.

176. Gifts 4 Grandparents

Ideal low-cost gifts for the grandparent who loves growing their own vegetables! A lined notebook to keep track of their gardening tasks and triumphs. Ideal to keep in the garden shed or for spending long winter evenings planning next summer’s harvest.

Glossy cover with photo and a touching message on back from the author.


We’ve got notebooks styled for 28 popular US grandparent nicknames. So, you are bound to find the one that is right for the grandparent in your life.
Thanks to: Gill Brabner of Resound Training & Development Ltd.

177. Perfect Gift for New Parents

Whether you’re shopping for new parents, expecting parents, or a precious little one, the Moon and Stars zip-up romper from Little Zips is a perfect gift. Husband-and-wife duo Tom and Sarah created Little Zips based on Tom’s experiences growing up in Australia, where convenient two-way zippers are the norm for baby clothes. With built-in mitten cuffs and foot grips, the Moon and Stars design is the ultimate set of PJs for sending children off to dreamland.
Thanks to: Katie Tejada of Little Zips.

178. Dresses for Girls

As a young girl, one of the childhood dreams is to be a princess (and not just the kind of princess she is in your life). While you may not be able to give her a spot on an actual throne, you can certainly make her feel like royalty! A beautiful dress fit for a princess is a great Christmas gift. You could give it to her early and let her wear it to a Christmas party, or save it to start the new year in style.
Thanks to: Sabina, Co-owner of Sara Dresses.

179. Upgrade Happy Hour!

Cocktail Kits 2 Go have everything you need to craft cocktail classics all in one small, home bar, in-case-of-emergency package. For instance, the Champagne Cocktail Kit includes the ingredients to craft a perfect Champagne Cocktail - aromatic bitters, sugar cubes, flute charm, and instructions for making the drink as it has been made since the 1800s--all tucked into a vintage-styled, travel-sized tin. Just add your favorite sparkling wine.
Thanks to: Justin Durling of Cocktail Kits 2 Go.

180. #BestBusinessExpenseEver

Sparkle Hustle Grow is a monthly subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs. Each box includes 4-6 items like books, chic office supplies and tech gadgets. Plus, subscribers get access to online business training and a vibrant online community. Forbes calls us The Best Subscription Box To Gift the #BossBabe. The box is a great gift for clients, team members or any boss lady in your life.
Thanks to: Julie Ball of Sparkle Hustle Grow.

181. Merry Kissmas!

Say Merry Kissmas with Kisses 4 Us this year!

Kisses 4 Us is a box of fun, flirty, romantic Kiss Cards. On each Kiss Card is a unique kiss to try with your partner, plus a fun tip or trivia about kissing. Also included are Create Your Own Kiss Cards, as well as an Idea Book to Make Kissing Fun all year long!

Start a new tradition and Countdown to Christmas by drawing a Kiss Card each day until Christmas or give Kisses 4 Us as a romantic gift or stocking stuffer to your partner.
Thanks to: Kim Knollmeyer of Kisses 4 Us.

182. The Boxer Short - Reinvented!

My Pipers are NOT your brother's boxer shorts! Finally, boxer shorts created for GIRLS! We got rid of the front open fly, ugly plaid, & tailored them for a perfect fit under skirts and dresses. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, designed drawn by kids, and lovingly packaged into a gift box that transforms itno an art easel with colored pencil included! Welcome to the world's newest must have staple for all girls! Underwear, sleepwear, loungewear, playwear, streetwear, my pipers are EVERYWEAR!
Thanks to: Blythe Williams of My Pipers Inc.- Girl Boxer Shorts!.

183. Toiletry Bag

If you have a frequent traveler client, send them a toiletries bag that they can use right away. Monogramming is always a good idea, especially for travel-related products, in my opinion. Choose from canvas, leather, or waterproof materials for a bag they'll cherish for a lifetime.
Thanks to: Susan Melony of Best Hearing Health.

184. Ana's Eve Jigsaw Puzzle

Gorgeous pictures by female artists are featured in Jiggy's puzzles, which are among the most beautiful and giftable we've ever seen. It includes everything you need to glue together the 800-piece "The Eve" puzzle from Spanish creative designer Ana Hard so you can display your work right away.
Thanks to: Rameez Usmani of Code Signing Store.

185. Brass Mister

During the Christmas season, even our green buddies need to stay hydrated! The brass plant mister is charming enough to have on display all the time, and it makes it simple to give plants a little more attention when you're just relaxing in the living room, I believe.
Thanks to: Adam Wood of RevenueGeeks.

186. Headphones

I believe the value of a good pair of headphones in today's open office environment cannot be overstated. If you give your customers a pair, they'll remember you every time they use them to drown out their noisy coworkers.
Thanks to: Tanner Arnold of Revelation Machinery.

187. Mug that Self-heats

I believe this gift is ideal for a tea or coffee lover who works from home. This clever mug maintains the proper temperature of beverages, ensuring that they are never too hot or cold.
Thanks to: Matt Weidle of Buyer's Guide.

188. Personalized Golf Balls & Tees

Consider bespoke golf balls or tees with your logo if your clients do most of their business on the golf course. If you're in the area, invite them to join you for around.
Thanks to: Eduardo Perez of Musician Authority.

189. Bifold Wallet

I believe gifting the customer a lovely full-grain leather accessory like a luggage tag, business card case, or keychain would be a good idea. Add a debossed monogram or logo for that additional unique touch.
Thanks to: Tyson Stevens of

190. Tiny ID Tags Necklace

The Tiny ID Tags Necklace is a meaningful way to keep your loves close to your heart. The necklace comes with 2 or more charms and can be personalized with initials as well as symbols including heart, moon, stars, cross, pawprint, anchor, compass star. $56.

Isabelle Grace is known for their beautiful distinct designs that celebrates life’s special moments. Each piece is expertly and individually crafted by hand by artisans who love making that special piece for that special person.
Thanks to: Claudia Montez of Isabelle Grace Jewelry.

191. Unique Therapy Lamp

The Allay Lamp is a unique therapy lamp that uses a narrow band of green light to calm the brain, promote sleep and relieve headache pain, all without relying on medication! Invented by a Harvard medical school professor and neuroscientist, it’s the ideal solution for many people who are very much in need of a good night sleep and battle insomnia or are struggling with headaches and migraines. Allay’s patented glow naturally soothes the brain reducing stress, anxiety and headaches.
Thanks to: Mark Severs of The Allay Lamp.

192. Order a Favorite Song

One holiday gift idea you should consider is ordering a song from a US-based, independent singer and artist, Anne Reburn. Anne is a talented one-woman singer/business woman trying to succeed in the uber-competitive music industry.

Every little bit helps her a lot and her songs are super cheap compared to the amount of work she puts into them and the talent she has.
You can request a song for her to cover via Pateron here.
Thanks to: Nikola Roza of SEO for the Poor and Determined.

193. A Small-Brand Self-Care Box

Curate a box of luxuries from independent beauty brands. The best natural and holistic skincare products are often handcrafted by individuals and small businesses rather than mass-produced. Invest in self-care essentials for a loved one to help them through this uncertain time. A Wild Source Apothecary facial oil and Liha Beauty shea butter are a great start.
Thanks to: Michael Robinson of Cheap SSL Security.

194. Leather Goods

With Wilhelm and Friends' beautiful Etsy site, shopping for every man on your list will be a breeze. This Vancouver-based store specializes in gorgeous, handcrafted leather products. These leather products, which include baggage tags, key chains, and cord organizers, make wonderful gifts for the men in your life.
Thanks to: Jay Bats of Content BASE.

195. An At-Home Activity Kit

Long winter nights at home are ideal for a new activity. A new genre of at-home activity kits has emerged online, allowing small businesses to adjust their product and get into the trend. With her twine basket kit, entrepreneur Tabara N'Diaye shares the trade she learned from female artisans in her birthplace of Senegal. For the rest of the winter, and Earl of East candle-making kit promises a little at-home hygge.
Thanks to: Ravi Patel of Job Alert.

196. Primed Fine Arts

Primed Fine Arts is the ideal gift for a group of girls. You can create your virtual painting party with these art kits. Everything you need to paint a gorgeous canvas is included in the kits. Paint, palette, brushes, and a blank canvas are included in the kit. In no time, you'll be creating a stunning masterpiece. I had a lot of fun making my piece, and I think it will be ideal for a group of girls around the holidays.
Thanks to: Ryan Dalal of Merge PDF.

197. A Little Artisanal Luxury

While the pandemic has affected many craftspeople, designers and non-profits have shown true solidarity by working together to preserve their livelihoods. By giving a gorgeous mask from Nest's Masks by Makers collection, you are directly supporting an artisan enterprise. Or, for a touch of luxury, try one of the Ray The Collection cushion coverings, created to allow the Saheli Women's Collective to work from home and create these gorgeous embroideries during the lockdown.
Thanks to: Dean Scaduto of Kitchen Infinity.

198. Raising a Glass to Support...

Raising a glass to support an African-American-owned business.
Without a doubt, 2020 necessitated an abundance of wine. Raise a glass in celebration of making it through the year with these vibrantly colored handblown stemmed wine glasses by Estelle Colored Glass, which pay homage to a bygone period. It's a tribute to the owner's grandmother Estelle, whom she describes as a "diamond of a person who instilled in me an enthusiasm for the activity of treasure searching for lovely things."
Thanks to: Edward Mellett of Wikijob.

199. Woodlot's Gift Box

Sonia and Fouad, a husband and wife team headquartered in Vancouver, established Woodlot, a brand of luxury, plant-based home and cosmetic products. The scents are refined and fresh, and the ingredients are straightforward and responsibly sourced. The bestseller gift box is a good place to start because it includes three of Woodlot's most popular items, including their Original candle, which smells like fir, cedarwood, pine, and sweet orange and is exactly what we need right now.
Thanks to: Gerrid Smith of Corporate Investigation Consulting.

200. For Selective Coffee Addicts

Consider a more unique kettle for transforming a morning cup of coffee. We absolutely cannot! Indeed, this Fellow has been recognized with a Red Dot award, one of the greatest design honors. Apart from its remarkable minimalist design, the Stagg EKG Electric Kettle is ideal for pour-over coffee, thanks to its precise goose-neck pour spout, variable temperature control, LCD display, and 60-minute hold mode.
Thanks to: Chris Taylor of Profit Guru.

201. Nécessaire Presents...

Nécessaire presents a collection of spa-quality bath products.

If you're looking for exquisite bath and body products that employees will really use, Nécessaire offers luxurious products that are devoid of hazardous substances. With three different set options, a variety of smells, and even a fragrance-free option, you're likely to discover something they'll enjoy. Simply complete this contact form to become a part of the brand's corporate giving program.
Thanks to: Adam Fard of Adam Fard' UX Agency.

202. Leather and Cork Earrings

If someone you care about has ever put on a set of earrings and then removed them because they hurt, these earing from JCelineJewelryCo will make those ears very happy. They're very lightweight and adaptable, created from repurposed leather and cork, and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.
Thanks to: Lauren Cook-McKay of Divorce Answers.

203. Spice Your Meals with Bazodee

Bazodee Foods is a Caribbean, Venezuelan and Trinidadian inspired brand that crafts the perfect blend of flavors from this trifecta into their sauces. These sauces, created by Culinary experts: Auntie Mavis, Debra & Kiah Sandler, are perfect for the cooking enthusiast or the simple chef looking to add that special something that is missing in their kitchen. All Bazodee sauces are all natural, vegetarian, gluten and preservative free that families feel proud to use.
Thanks to: Debra Sandler of Bazodee.

204. Horsham Coffee Roasters

Consider a gift from Horsham Coffee Roasters if you value fair-trade coffee. The company sources its coffees straight from Rwanda, Kenya, and Nicaragua before roasting them in-house. You can find the full range on their website, with tasting notes.

If your loved one already likes a certain Horsham coffee, you might give them the ultimate coffee lover's gift: a monthly coffee subscription.
Thanks to: Ethan Howell of Florida Environmental.

205. Give the Gift of Wellness!

Vivo, digital fitness for active agers, offers gift cards that many adult children enjoy purchasing for their parents… and end up doing with them, strengthening bodies and bonds! It arrives just in time for the January back-to-the-gym rush.
Last-minute gift givers rest easy; Vivo recipients receive an e-gift and Vivo sends a welcome kit with exercise bands and a water bottle. Determined to assist his aging parents, Atlanta-based entrepreneur Eric Levitan created Vivo.
Thanks to: Eric Levitan of Vivo.

206. Blinks Smart Tabletop Games

Move38 is a new kind of game company--A product design house with design, game, and systems engineering expertise founded by MIT Media Lab alum, Jonathan Bobrow. Blinks is the world's first smart tabletop game system with 5K users and over 800 developes. It includes 30 games – built with AI-powered intelligent game pieces that respond to your touch, communicate with each other, and think for themselves. Every piece knows its own game and can learn new games.
Thanks to: Rita Tennyson of Move38.

207. Gift Easy like Sunday Morning

Linden Square is a small, woman-owned gift company located in the heart of the Midwest. We proudly support independent American makers with every gift we sell. The Sunday Morning gift is a perfect example of that. Almost every product inside this beautiful gift is made by a small business, from the fruit & berry oolong tea to the sweet Tupelo honey and the delicious Buckwheat Pancake Mix. Even the box comes from a local 125-year-old Indiana company. Everyone loves a delicious breakfast!
Thanks to: Amanda Klingenberger of Linden Square.

208. Who Doesn't Like Coffee?

Highlander Grogg coffee is roasted in Duluth, MN by Alakef. Their coffee is sold up and down the shores of Lake Superior, and, thanks to internet shopping, around the world.

This flavored blend combines caramel and rum flavors perfectly. The regular is suited for a winter morning brew and the decaf option can convert even lifelong decaf skeptics. It's a perfect gift because almost everyone could use some high-quality coffee in their lives. Alakef roasts some of the best coffee available.
Thanks to: Melanie Musson of

209. Gift an Aromatherapy Candle

The harsh times of the pandemic have exhausted people both mentally and physically. Keeping that in mind, an aromatherapy candle is a great and thoughtful gift to bring an element of relaxation and warmth into your employees’ lives. Opt for different aromas like lavender, chamomile, bergamot, and clary sage to add some variety to holiday gifting and make everyone happy.
Thanks to: Scott Spivack of United Medical Credit.

210. "Melomys"...a Reminder

Named in honor of the recently extinct Bramble Cay melomys (as a reminder of our mission), Melomys is a California-based online apparel store that plants five trees for every purchase. We have a goal to plant 1 million trees by 2025. Melomys products are made with a lot of intention and care for the environment. We use eco-friendly fabrics like 100% cotton and polyester made from recycled products. We make every product to order so that we don’t contribute to overproduction and waste.
Thanks to: Kirsten Runyan of melomys.

211. Greengardann Pandora’s Spring

Greengardann is a small business that creates special gifts from nature. Their Spring Box is a special seasonal gift that contains a resin box with preserved flowers. Greengardann uses rare flowers such as strawflower, bougainvillea, and other common ones like maple leaves and marigolds. Greengardann’s Pandora series has a unique gift box for every season. Here’s where you can buy it:
Thanks to: Joe Brown of OMCH.

212. Most Comfortable Watch Bands

Our Yoga Bands™ are the most comfortable watch band you can buy. They are made with a lightweight, soft fabric that stretches to fit every wrist perfectly. They make the perfect gift for the women in your life. They come in a variety of solid colors and prints and are designed to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time. They have been mentioned in Buzz Feed and get repeated 5 star reviews on Etsy. They are currently available in the US only for $29.50 to $34.50.
Thanks to: Emily Stuart of Dót Outfitters.

213. Coffee Subscription Box

I recommend MistoBox, a coffee subscription service that sources coffee from independent roasters around the US. This gift is perfect for anyone who loves coffee. The way it works is you fill out a survey that asks about your coffee preferences, and each month you get a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans that match your preferred flavor and roast profile. You get to try a new variety of coffee every month, and support multiple independent businesses over the course of your subscription.
Thanks to: Mark Pierce of Wyoming Trust.

214. Local Bookstore Gift Card

A gift card to a local bookstore makes a great gift for people of all ages. I give all of my employees, friends, and family gift cards to local bookshops every year so they can pick out the perfect book for themselves. This is a great way to support independent booksellers and ensure that they're able to stay in business. Some bookstores also offer ‘book of month’ subscription boxes, which make wonderful gifts for avid readers.
Thanks to: Ouriel Lemmel of WinIt.

215. Gift Card for Tours By Locals

This is a great gift for anyone who loves to travel. Tours By Locals offers virtual tours of locations all over the world, led by independent local guides. It’s more than just a virtual tour, it’s an insight into another country and culture, all from the comfort of your own home. They also offer in-person tours, for when things open back up again. I buy gift cards for my friends and family and they can choose the location that’s most interesting to them.
Thanks to: Logan Mallory of Motivosity.

216. Avant-Garde Art

Currently, the pandemic losses have taken down my sites, and (can't afford to keep them up at the moment). But I can't let that stop me from going forward.

My art portfolio site features many artworks and this one is for sale:

I will press forward with any endeavors available to me - Even a Pandemic can't stop my entrepreneurial spirit!
Thanks to: Kristin Swenson of Evolving Eve.

217. Aster & Gray Boutique

This adorable store is a small business that supports other small companies, as all of their things are handcrafted by artisans or created in small batches. From attire to holiday decor to children's toys, they have it all.
Thanks to: Jason Feldman of Immigrate Me.

218. Classes for Entrepreneurs

For the entrepreneur in your life, the gift of education is always a win! The Focused Branding online course is a guide that teaches new female entrepreneurs and small business owners the most effect ways to consistently attract their ideal clients without wasting time & money on marketing strategies that don't get results. If your friend is bootstrapping their business to get it off the ground, they'll be so thankful you got them the gift to be set up for success!
Thanks to: Blaire Brown of Brand Strategist at

219. Customized Stationery – Minted

If you know someone who enjoys writing letters and notes, I highly recommend Minted's personalized stationery. (They don't have to be for weddings or other special occasions.)
Thanks to: Bradley Bonnen of iFlooded Restoration.

220. A DIY Guide to Marketing

Your small business has gone through so many changes in the last two years: COVID, potential closings, staff shortages, supply chain disruption. One of the first places a business tends to cut expenses is in marketing; unfortunately, this isn't the "fat" that needs cut. If you value your locally-owned small businesses and want to see them keep their doors open, order a copy of Scale Up Your Profits: The Secrets to Online Marketing. These businesses need you to rally around them!
Thanks to: Royce King of Your Startup Coach.

221. Best Travel Rainwear

The RAINRAP is a fashionable and practical alternative to traditional rainwear. The RAINRAP is water-repellent, reversible, lightweight, fast-drying, has two shell buttons, a concealed magnetic closure and easy to store in its matching travel pouch.
Thanks to: Joni Cohen of RAINRAPS.

222. Setting Pretty Table Decor

Create the perfect table with Setting Pretty. Setting Pretty is a tableware business founded by Stephanie Bloom and Julie Darwent. The collection is designed around a palette of bright colors and bespoke prints that are intended to be mixed and matched for home entertaining.
Thanks to: Joni Cohen of Setting Pretty.

223. Lily of the Valley Dinnerware

Introducing the new capsule collection by The Enchanted Home & Carolyne Roehm.

The curated collection is based upon a lily-of-the-valley painting by Carolyne.

The dinnerware set includes dinner & luncheon plates as well as two sizes of salad plates. Available in blue & green.

The paper collection includes reversible gift wrap, tissue paper and gift bags.
Thanks to: Joni Cohen of The Enchanted Home.

224. Vana Chupp Silhouettes

At the Vana Chupp Studio, we utilize client's favorite photographs to illustrate the people, pets and special moments in their life. From those treasured pictures, we create one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces: silhouette portraits, jewelry and personal accessories.
Thanks to: Joni Cohen of Vana Chupp Studio.

225. WH Hostess Personalized Gifts

Striped topiary tree oversized notepads at 200 pages thick. The gorgeous topiary tree with blue striped bow design is printed on each page. This is the notepad that looks beautiful on your desk or countertop. It is packaged in a clear cellophane bag with a striped grosgrain ribbon.
Thanks to: Joni Cohen of WH Hostess.

226. Membership at a Women Platform

Fashion Potluck is the first women-driven social media platform, valuing women empowerment, authenticity, and support. Get access to our close-knit women community, a range of events & webinars, content monetization tools, digital marketplace, coaching & mentoring, an exclusive female chat, and a lot more. This will be a wonderful present to ambitious and proactive women and anyone who identifies as women, who are eager to learn, grow, and network with like-minded individuals.
Thanks to: Julia Mitereva of Fashion Potluck.

227. Photography Session with Print

As a newborn, maternity and family photographer, Covid has affected my business as a in-home photographer. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, families are forgoing photography and missing out on these special milestones which is truly heartbreaking. I believe that photography is art, and that families deserve to have their photos taken to remember these special moments that are so fleeting. Photography truly is the gift of time, being able to transport you back to a feeling and moment.
Thanks to: Kim Forrester of Kim Forrester Photography.


In a time of Covid, it has definitely been challenging as getting products back in stock takes twice as long with so many supply chain issues. It really is too bad as we keep selling out of things! However, it's great that people love our CelebriDucks which make fantastic holiday gifts. They also love our PVC free Good Ducks that we make 100% in the USA which are the safest rubber ducks on the market for teething babies and the only rubber ducks still being made in America!
Thanks to: Craig Wolfe of CelebriDucks.

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