Small businesses are truly the backbone of the economy, employing about half of the total workforce in the US. So, to encourage you all to support those small businesses this holiday season (and the rest of the year, too!), we here at have created the ultimate gift guide, full of over 100 unique small business products and services, all provided by our incredible contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs. The gift ideas are presented below in no particular order.

So, whether you are looking for gifts for clients, family, friends or even just a treat for yourself, we’ve got you covered with the small business gift guide below!

1. Give the Future File System

The Future File System is a product from Carol Roth that helps you save time, money, and lessens your burden in case of eventuality. It affords you the guide to plan your activities. This product that comes in both hard copy and software copy is an easy-to-use kit. It is designed in a way that you can use it to organize your important documents. Your loved ones are not left out, as you can use it to help them in moments of need.
Thanks to: Chuks Chukwuemeka of DepreneurDigest.

2. From Military to Mountain Mat

RV and camping enthusiasts will love the Mountain Mat, an ultra-durable, multipurpose outdoor mat. Made from 100% recycled plastic, these waterproof mats are perfect for the campsite, the beach, the park, and everywhere else. This premium mat is fade resistant, mold resistant, lightweight, and easy to clean. Choose from the Original 5’X7’ mat, or the 3’X6’ Solo. Mountain Mat was founded by an Air Force veteran and military spouse, after discovering these mats while stationed overseas.
Thanks to: Jennifer Hillberg of Mountain Mat.

3. A FOOT in the Door With Socks

Get your business' foot in the door with custom socks. Elite Sport Socks customizes socks with your business' logo or whatever messaging you want to convey to your customers. Our design team will help walk you through this process. Not only are socks super useful, but they are also one size fits (almost) all. Additionally, when you give your customers wearable SWAG, your product is likely to be seen more. Get that foot in the door this holiday season.
Thanks to: Louis Louw of Elite Sport Socks.

4. Custom Ice Cream

My small business almost always turns to eCreamery to send holiday presents to our clients. It’s custom-made ice cream delivered directly to a home or business. We are able to put our company name on the pints, but it doesn’t feel overly sales-y because they just throw them out when they are empty. And, bonus points for the delivery. Because we work with technology companies, the fact that the ice cream is packed in dry ice is a big hit.
Thanks to: Tim Smith of eCreamery.

5. Cat Ball is a Modern Cat Bed

Sometimes, the best gift is for the pets, not the people. We designed the Cat Ball® cat bed for cats and style it for people. Our modern cat cave provides a safe lair for cats to loiter while looking fabulous. Our innovative pet bed has two openings and is made with high quality cotton fabrics and foam, so it's soft, flexible, warm, and washable, all while also looking good in the home. Made in the USA and shipped all around the world.
Thanks to: Jennifer Boaro of The Cat Ball, LLC.

6. Stop Stressing With This Book

A new book by Emmy Award Winning/Multi-Platinum Record Producer/Songwriter, RICHARD WOLF is titled: IN TUNE, MUSIC AS THE BRIDGE TO MINDFULNESS. Wolf's book puts the reader in touch with a need to find personal harmony from within. He talks about a panic attack caused by pressure of success as the shock pushing him to find this bridge between daily practice and peace of mind. The book is a great gift for anyone who knows they need to stop stressing, but it's especially relevant for a music lover.
Thanks to: Roz Wolf of Roz Wolf.

7. World Travel Maps

Our World Travel Maps are a unique and practical gift idea for the traveler in your life. We include 100 multi-colored push pins with every map so that your recipient can mark where they've traveled in the past or where they would like to go in the future. Our maps can be personalized with custom titles, quotes, fonts, and framing options. These personalized options ensure that the gift will truly be one of a kind.
Thanks to: Michael Anderson of GeoJango Maps.

8. Cubii Under-desk Elliptical

Cubii Pro is the first smart compact elliptical trainer that lets users remain active while sitting at their desk, kitchen table, sofa, or just about anywhere!

With the Cubii mobile app (iOS and Android compatible), users can track and compete with others using Cubii. It also syncs to FitBit and Apple HealthKit, so a single step is never missed!

Burn up to 200 calories per hour and make your workout as easy or difficult as you like with 8 different levels of resistance to choose from.
Thanks to: Jon Osting of Cubii.

9. Make 'Em Cry

Give a gift that means something! In less than 5 minutes, you can create a custom art print celebrating your story as a couple and the details of your wedding day. No design experience or professional photography required. It's just the excuse you needed to finally print one of your wedding photos.

Gift cards are available, too.

About us: We are a female-founded small business from Huntington Beach, CA. We've just launched in April and are growing quickly!
Thanks to: Tiffany Pena of Still Novel, Inc.

10. Swinger Box... For Your Golfer

Swinger Box is the perfect gift for golfers any time of year. Each month, members receive a curated golf subscription box of apparel and accessories based on their style and season. Founded in 2015 from a small apartment in San Francisco, the company now designs and manufactures golf products that ship to members from their facility in Oregon. Swinger Box is offering a holiday special through the first week of the year. Single and multi-shipment gift subscriptions are available at checkout.
Thanks to: Erik Tammar of Swinger Box.

11. Ethical Basics that Give Back

MADI Apparel is a woman owned small business that employs USA women to make every product. All products are made from sustainable and long-lasting fabrics. For every ethical basic purchased, MADI donates a new pair of underwear to women in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters and rape crisis centers. Why? New underwear tops the "most urgent" clothing needs list at women's organizations nationwide.

So far, MADI has donated over 6,000 pairs of underwear to women in need.
Thanks to: Hayley Besheer Santell of MADI Apparel.

12. Gift a Lifelong Hobby

Give a memorable gift this holiday that will make you stand out from the crowd... guitar lessons! So many people dream of playing guitar and have a guitar collecting dust in the corner of the room. Guitar lesson gift certificates are a great gift idea that will give the recipient the extra push that they need to start living their dream! Do a search for "Guitar Lessons Near Me" or if you're in the Buffalo Grove, Illinois area, you can gift lessons from my music school:
Thanks to: Mike Walsh of Mike Walsh Guitar Lessons.

13. Focus On Moments With Fracture

Fracture glass photo prints make the best personalized gifts. Just upload the image you'd like to print and select the size you want. Fracture prints your picture in vivid color directly to durable glass and ships it in an eco-friendly package ready to display on your wall, shelf or mantel – no frame required. Fracture is a carbon neutral company, so their prints are ideal for folks who appreciate sustainable, ethical gifts made in America. Their gift cards make creative stocking stuffers.
Thanks to: Jason Myers of Fracture.

14. Ultimate Travel Gadget

The Airhook 2.0 is an in-flight and in-vehicle travel device that supports any tablet or cell phone plus a beverage, hands-free, on an in-flight tray table, vehicle headrest, or luggage handlebars. No tray table = more seat comfort 🙂 The Airhook 2.0 can now be used in first class, exit rows, and standalone on any flat surface like a typical device holder, too. Plus, with the addition of The Crossbar, The Airhook 2.0 now attaches to a vehicle’s headrest or luggage handlebars!
Thanks to: Craig Rabin of The Airhook.

15. Changing Struggles to Snuggles

The Wriggler is a multi-award winning portable changing pad designed for babies and toddlers who wriggle during diaper changing. Once babies learn to roll and crawl, diaper changing can become a battle for parents and their little ones, as it takes two hands to keep their little one still and there are no hands left to change the diaper. The Wriggler solves this problem with its cute bear hug design. The Wriggler can be used from birth until potty training, so it grows with your child.
Thanks to: James McCauley of The Wriggler.

16. Personalized Gifts

At Palmr Ink, we print and paint everything, pictures of the grandchildren to favorite pets, all made in the USA by American citizens.
Thanks to: Danny Palmer of Palmer Ink.

17. Customized Stationery

Fiore Press is a boutique letterpress and design studio located outside Chicago. We specialize in custom letterpress invitations + announcements for all of life's important celebrations, as well as social stationery and business correspondence. All of our work is designed and printed in house, and a customized stationery set makes a great unique gift for anyone of any age! Plus, our products can be shipped anywhere.
Thanks to: Carmela Heintzelman of Fiore Press Letterpress.

18. Accessories for All Seasons

910woolgathering offers a wide variety of 100% handmade knit and crochet accessories for any season or occasion. We offer boho style headbands, the trendy messy bun hats, the ever-popular Zig Zag Shag scarves, and more. I chose the Fringed Triangle Scarf for the picture submission. It is also very popular and midrange in price. There is a wide selection of colors, styles, and materials (cotton, acrylic or wool) that can be found on the website.
Thanks to: Rachel Palmer of 910woolgathering.

19. Instant Wi-Fi Anywhere

Skyroam Solis X

This little pocket-sized gadget is a global SIM-Free wifi hotspot that gives you 4G LTE connectivity in over 130 countries, including remote areas. You can keep up to 10 devices connected at a time over an encrypted connection to create a mobile co-working space on the spot. It's also a power bank that packs a 4700 mAh battery that lasts about 16 hours, allowing plenty of time to finish your work.
Thanks to: Raj Vardhman of

20. Organic Skin Care

What we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it. Simply stated, USDA certified organic skincare products are safer for our health. With that being said, you have to try our best selling USDA Certified Organic Oat-Flax Facial Cleanser. It's made with oatmeal, flaxseed and goats milk. It whisks away dead skin cells, helping your skin retain moisture. Chronic conditions such as rosacea, acne, dermatitis and psoriasis may be lessened.
Thanks to: Zondra Wilson of Blu Skin Care, LLC.

21. Need a Pick Me Up?

Colorado Aromatics creates face & body mists by distilling herbs grown on their Certified Naturally Grown Farm. These face/body mists (hydrosols) will tone, hydrate and refresh both your skin and your spirit, while providing various aromatherapy benefits. Lavender relaxes, mint energizes. A perfect stocking stuffer.

Colorado Aromatics creates natural skin care products using the power of herbs and science for peak performance.
Thanks to: Cindy Jones of Colorado Aromatics.

22. Shilajit - 85 Ionic Vitamins

Take your health and cognitive function to new heights with this ancient resin. Taken as a supplement, one dose can contain up to 85 ionic vitamins and minerals!

How many of your daily multivitamins pack that kind of punch? This 30 gram jar of pure, organic Shilajit just might be the holy grail of dietary supplements. It’s a natural occurring phytocomplex that has been formed for centuries by the gradual decomposition of super plants by way of tiny microorganisms.

Tested in the USA!
Thanks to: Adria Ali.

23. A Gift That Keeps On Giving...

20+ years ago, I received the most beautiful e-card imaginable. To get the message, the card made me connect with it. I had to click on Christmas ornaments, a star, etc. before it took me to the next section. It's imaginative with appropriate music. Today, Jacquie Lawson produces more than 30 categories of ecards for $30/2 years. A great gift by a small business owner to business owners and their clients. Use it on holidays, for thank yous or notes.
Thanks to: Maria Marsala of Elevating Your Business.

24. Must-have Pockets! more ways than one! PortaPocket is THE solution for nonexistent or useless pockets in your clothes.
No more babysitting a bag or diving into another time zone to find your cell at bottom of a purse. Patented PortaPocket is a versatile, modular wearable that helps you lose the worry, not your stuff, and works almost ANYwhere on your body. Use under/over your outfit. It's super comfy, handy & easy to use. Goes from casual to black tie without skipping a beat. 2-3 pc kits ~ $18-$35. Works!
Thanks to: Kendra Kroll of PortaPocket by Undercover Solutions.

25. Stainless Steel Drawer Inserts

Give the gift of organization! These drawer inserts (available in 3 stocked sizes) are a great way to protect & organize drawers (plus are removable for cleaning!). Mix & match to create the perfect fit. Stainless Steel Drawer Interiors from Federal Brace are the solution for clean & tidy drawers just in time for holiday house guests & 2020 new year resolutions!
Thanks to: Christy Stucker of Federal Brace.

26. Do Right AND Profit (Gift)

Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World shows entrepreneurs how to build profitable solutions to hunger, poverty, war, climate change, etc.--not just through philanthropy, but with your core products and services. It's a great gift for business owners who want to be regenerative, not just sustainable. Shel Horowitz's award-winning 10th book (with Guerrilla founder Jay Conrad Levinson) is endorsed by Seth Godin, Chicken Soup's Jack Canfield, and many others.
Thanks to: Shel Horowitz of Going Beyond Sustainability.

27. Unique Treasures Delivered

Give unique gifts from local retailers and artists this holiday season! Don't want to deal with the hassle to schlep home, out of time or buying in secret?

Easy to Use: 1. Fall in love with an item 2. Submit image for quote 3. We handle the rest. Buy and enjoy!

SeeSnapGet helps the shopping traveler find and buy unique treasures (like art, home decor and vintage) from cool, local stores and artists, while helping those merchants and artists capture and recover customers and sales.
Thanks to: Don Nelson of SeeSnapGet.

28. Sport Bags Redefined

Lilia aims to redefine sport with luxury gym-to-office handbags keeping fashion and function in mind for the modern day woman. Durable vegan leather, eco-friendly lining, and thoughtful designs built to withstand it all. When she is done running her morning miles, she is running the next fortune-500 company and a full household. She may be a student, a trainer, a seasoned traveler, a mother-- whatever she identifies with, Lilia sport bags will help her conquer her busy day, every day.
Thanks to: Hannah Bartman of Lilia Sport Luxury.

29. Give the Gift of Knowledge

Many corporations, large and small, give away our book to staff and clients during the holiday season and throughout the year. is designed to help people understand, codify and communicate their value to others so that people want to engage. It is designed for those who want to lead and be better leaders to give them the tools to do so. 500+ copies enables you to have your logo on the cover. Contact me for info.
Thanks to: Ben Baker of Your Brand Marketing.

30. The Gift of Education

Education is a lifelong process, and every successful entrepreneur understands this. Why not give your favorite entrepreneurs the gift of education they can access at their convenience as they strive to build their business?

Marketing is the #1 challenge for entrepreneurs. The solution? A series of 12 videos that will help your online marketing strategy yield more results! And, most of these can be implemented for FREE!
Thanks to: Royce Gomez of Royce Talks.

31. The Gift of a Fashionable Look

Contorno Belts is an accessories collection designed to encourage women to express their personal sense of style. Featuring beautifully crafted 100% full grain leather belts and proprietary buckles, the collection is thoughtfully designed to give women the confidence to look and feel their absolute best – even when they’re wearing a basic top and jeans. Each belt comes in a beautiful box with a magnetic closure, making it an excellent gift giving option!
Thanks to: Andrea Herrmann of Contorno Belts.

32. Custom Photo Holiday Ornaments

Our beautifully handcrafted photo ornaments make a wonderful gift and keepsake. Using your favorite photo, we create a double-sided forever keepsake that you can enjoy year after year. All are personalized with your photo and a special message with the year.
They are 2inch x 2 inch in size and accented with a beautiful ribbon and hook ready to hang.
A perfect gift for moms, grandmothers, friends or anyone to capture a special memory of the year.
A perfect special way to say you care. $22
Thanks to: Amy Hughes of Amy Catherine Designs.

33. Perfect Gift for the Holidays

My name is Molly and I'm the founder and creator of Prima Donna Beauty, an innovative new line of Luxe Bath Soaks created with all-natural ingredients and pure essential oil fragrances. I set out to create our soaks because I was amazed at how few options there are for a decadent yet still safe experience to relax in the bath. It can be tough to find a gift for the girl who has everything, and our soaks are PERFECT for everyone looking for a sophisticated yet affordable luxury gift.
Thanks to: Molly Elizabeth of Prima Donna Beauty.

34. Teach Your 3-8 Year Old Chess!

Story Time Chess is a board game that teaches chess to young children using silly stories, vibrant illustrations, custom chess pieces, a unique chessboard, and an engaging card game. The stories and supporting materials communicate the rules of chess to children ages 3 and up in a way that makes learning chess simple and fun. Best of all, no chess experience is required for parents or children to learn.
Thanks to: Jon Sieber of Story Time Chess.

35. SingleHandedly - Single Rings

SingleHandedly is a new jewelry brand for independent women. The brand is edgy, playful, and most importantly, empowering. The main product is a ring called SingleHandedly and represents a woman's single relationship status. We also offer a relationship ring, TakenSeriously, that stacks perfectly under the SingleHandedly ring. With Single’s Day and cuffing season fast-approaching, SingleHandedly makes for the perfect gift this holiday season. We're single-handedly redefining the ring finger.
Thanks to: Alex Cassidy of SingleHandedly.

36. The Cutest {Ugly} Sweater

This will be the cutest {ugly} holiday sweater you'll ever wear. Handcrafted in CT by a mother/daughter duo, this Ugly Sweater Necklace will sure turn heads! A bonus? Every item created by Jewels For Hope donates 10% of the profits to charity, so everyone can look good and do good this holiday season!

Take 15% off of all gifts that give back with code THANKS15
Thanks to: Sandy and Stevie D'Andrea of Jewels For Hope.

37. Wearing Your Baby Made EASY!

Fussy baby wanting to be held, but that borrowed baby carrier is SO CONFUSING and uncomfortable that you chuck it in the corner and hold your baby until your arms cramp?

Lollie Wraps make wearing your baby EASY! No need to figure out how to wrap... Our comfortable back piece wraps your back in a supportive hug, while keeping your baby close and happy. Made of breathable cotton jersey, you won't get over-heated. Dad wants to wear, too? Lollie Wraps are fully adjustable! Snuggles made simple.
Thanks to: Jessica Jeneske of Lollie Wraps by Little Bug Creation.

38. Group Video Gifts Made Easy

Thank your clients in a meaningful and memorable way. A gift that really shows appreciation is one that feels sincere. Send your customers a personalized thank you video from everyone in your business. Simply invite your team to submit their video message, and VidDay will make the video montage for you. We designed a new, fun, and engaging way to make a surprise video gift packed with everyone’s good cheer and warm wishes.
Thanks to: Denis Devigne of VidDay | Video Gift Maker.

39. Fun With Redneck Roadkill!

Redneck Roadkill lets you maul the armadillo, waste the squirrel and pulverize the skunk, all break-apart foam, with your radio-controlled vintage pick-up truck. The vehicles look like they’ve been sitting in the yard of a shade tree mechanic for years, complete with rusted fenders and hand-weathered body paint. You can spec out your truck with redneck bumper stickers and instructions feature game play to rival the tailgating fun of corn-hole, washers and horseshoes at picnics and family reunions.
Thanks to: Toots Lembeck of Redneck Roadkill.

40. Found Your Perfect Skincare!

Atlantis Skincare was inspired by the legend of Atlantis – our luxurious, 100% natural skincare products are hand crafted with love in small batches, following a seed to skin and farm to face philosophy.

Atlantis Skincare is a cruelty free, vegetarian and vegan friendly, waterless brand.

Our creams turns your grey and dry skin in glowing, radiating beauty!
Thanks to: Zane Bermaka of Atlantis Skincare.

41. Holiday Self-Care Activities

150 Holiday Self-Care Activities Book on Amazon!

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the holidays this year, learn how to do it differently! Christine Scott-Hudson is a licensed psychotherapist who shows women how to create a peaceful and cozy holiday.

Makes a perfect secret Santa gift for the office, book club, or women’s group. Give the gift of self-care to the special women in your life!

150 ways to radically care for your body, mind, and soul! Reduce anxiety! Feel good! Let it go!
Thanks to: Christine Scott-Hudson of

42. Gift Them Silky Soft Sleep

Just about everyone could use more sleep. Help them squeeze in a quick nap, in style, with a silky soft Power Nap eye mask from MiliMili.

This LA based company is run by two mamas, and all their small goods are made locally by moms looking for flexible part-time work. Their eye masks are made using insanely soft bamboo jersey material, fabric that is left over from the company's baby sleepsack production (one of their many efforts toward creating zero waste).
Thanks to: Kelsey Searles of MiliMili.

43. We're Flippin' the Bird!

Our innovative roasting rack will change the way you cook turkey and chicken!

With poultry lying on its back in the traditional way, gravity is pulling moisture OUT, thus why we always experience dry white meat.

Because most of the fat and juices are located on the lower back of the bird, our patented roasting frame positions poultry breast side down at an angle which now allows moisture to flow down INTO the breast meat, saturating it with juices.

Get ready for your Best Bird!
Thanks to: Janet Rickstrew of TOPSY TURKEY / CHOICE CHICKEN.

44. Practical Gifts Go a Long Way

In California, we can’t use plastic bags, so everyone takes reusable bags to the grocery store. People constantly forget them, so having extras is helpful. We contacted a local printing shop called OC Printing Services & had them place our logo on some high-end bags. Now, every time an individual picks up their bag, they think of our firm & and other people in the grocery stores also see our firm's information. It’s an affordable gift that’s easy to send to clients & helps our marketing.
Thanks to: Alex Ozols of Ozols Law Firm.

45. Garnet Crown Ring

The perfect gift for the Queen or Princess in your life. This features the Garnet gemstone, which is perfect for January birthdays and for holiday gifts. We offer many options for personalized birthstone jewelry to choose from including rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, and charms.
Thanks to: The Staff of Rogers & Hollands.

46. Make Customized LED T-Shirts

LED t-shirts make the perfect gift for holidays, as they are embedded in lights and entirely customizable. We print any logo or design onto the shirt, which illuminates through a small hidden battery pack. The design animates in patterns, and you can choose whether it lights up exclusively to sound and music, or if it lights up in programmed sequences automatically. These super interactive light up shirts are sure to keep everyone talking under the tree! Makes a great gift for company employees.
Thanks to: Rebecca Winslow of Flashion Statement.

47. Avoid the Drop it Game Forever

Meet Drop it Baby® - a patent-pending sanity-saving product that will keep you from picking that toy or bottle off the dirty floor. It attaches to surfaces like high chairs, strollers, shopping carts, backpacks, car seats, or car windows. Not only a sanity saver, but it doubles as a toy and a second set of hands. Be creative in what you attach! A favorite toy? A practical teether? A baby’s bottle or sippy cup? In a matter of seconds, you can attach any product to the Drop it Baby system.
Thanks to: JoyLynn Waganer of Drop it Baby.

48. New Twist On Cookbooks

Food For the Family Soul/ Call your Mother In Law

A great gift that brings families back together. Food For The Family Soul is a new take on good old fashioned family get-togethers. Each book in the series is designed as a catalyst to bring families together cooking in the kitchen. Call Your Mother In Law is the first in the series. The magic behind the series is that the books all work together with recipes that complement other recipes in the following book.
Thanks to: Ashley Nunez of Junk Food Kids.

49. Join the Movement

My First Workout® is an award winning, mom founded company on a mission to build stronger family connections and instill a habit of fitness from the earliest age possible in every child. Exercise equips the body for life and does not discriminate in any way, shape or form. Whatever body a child was born with, whatever interests they have in life, exercise simply improves individual quality of life for a lifetime. My First Workout® will help kids unplug and get stronger inside and out.
Thanks to: Michelle Miller of MM FITNESS LLC.

50. Inspirational 3-Inch Magnets

Unique gift basket goodies. Fun stocking stuffers. Thoughtful tokens of appreciation. Wit Haven's line of inspirational 3-inch magnets are ideal gifts for young and old alike.

Ranging from relationship humor to healthy habit motivation, Wit Haven magnets are full of lighthearted cheer!

Each magnet is hand crafted, starting with conceptualizing an original message, creating an attractive design and then hand pressing it into a 3-inch magnet that tickles the fancies of gift recipients!
Thanks to: Wit Haven of Wit Haven.

51. The Last Belt You'll Ever Buy

Ever had a department store belt that’s completely fallen apart after a year or two? Our belt is guaranteed for life and gets better with each day. The driftwood colored leather is neutral and pairs well with any wardrobe. As you slip this strap through your belt loops, you will feel the comfort and heft that only comes from full-grain Horween leather. Made by hand by the good folks at Popov Leather.
Thanks to: Ryan Popoff of Popov Leather.

52. A Cool & Hip Gift

Looking for a cool and hip gift from a small business? How about a movie poster from JustMoviePosters.Com? The website was started by Ilena Di Toro of Philadelphia. She got her start selling items on Internet auction sites, so she decided to sell movie posters. Posters available for sale include American Reunion, Bridesmaids, Fast & Furious, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Top Gun and more. Most items range from $7.00 to $15.00 (shipping extra). Go to and check it out.
Thanks to: Ilena Di Toro of Just Movie Posters.Com.

53. Spreading Joy & Good Mojo

We are Lucky You Flowers - the perfect gift for any and every occasion and guaranteed to make someone smile!

Lucky You flowers creates adorable, affordable, fun floral arrangements in colorful take out containers and comes with a personalized fortune cookie message - all for just $29.

Lucky You's main mission is to Spread Joy! It's the perfect gift for EVERYONE. They're fun, unique and unforgettable... the price point is great and they last a long time and require NO CARE!

Spread Joy!
Thanks to: Christina Wunderle of Lucky You Flowers.

54. Reusable Bamboo Straws

theotherstraw is a social enterprise offering reusable, ethically-sourced bamboo straws. The reusable straws are handmade from sustainably grown, organic bamboo and 50% of profits go towards ocean cleanup projects. All straws are sent out plastic-free and using carbon neutral shipping! Purchase a pack of straws today; they come in sets of 2, 5 and 10. They all come with a straw cleaning brush and bag - a perfect, sustainable gift for this holiday season!
Thanks to: Lennart Meijer of theotherstraw.

55. Isabelle Grace Queen Bee Cuff

The Queen Bee Cuff says it all! Wear it as personal inspiration or gift it to a woman who is a "queen" in her own right. A trendy reminder that you are in charge of your own life. These lovely cuffs are made of high quality sterling silver and accented with 14kt gold filled bee accent. Retails: $49

Isabelle Grace Jewelry's one of a kind designs are hand crafted by local artisans using recycled metals whenever possible.
Thanks to: Francoise Shirley of Isabelle Grace Jewelry.

56. A Classic Game Re-Imagined

Play Capture the Flag in the dark using futuristic lights -- with 25 light-up game pieces, 12+ hours of batteries, and 12 different ways to play! For ages 8+ and 4-20 players (with game variations), all ages can play together -- kids, teens & adults will all enjoy this awesome icebreaker and game that develops teamwork, social skills and strategy Exciting nighttime activity -- without TVs, computers or tablets. Retails: $59.90
Thanks to: Francoise Shirley of Starlux Games.

57. I Give You Life, Love & Hope

Sticks and Stones is a collection of wearable words and thought provoking images allowing both the wearer and the viewer to be encouraged. The I Give You collection: the male shirt image titled I Give You Life displays a man rooted while reaching for his goals and opportunities, the woman shirt image titled I Give You Love displays a woman's hair branching out to spread love to others, the child shirt image titled I Give You Hope encourages rooted and growing in hope (also available in baby onesie).
Thanks to: FranCine Gadsden of Sticks and Stones Tees & More.

58. Origins Chocolate Bar

The Origins chocolate bar was conceived as a tasting experience that takes you through all that is chocolate. The bar follows the global journey of cacao from the fruit on the tree to the chocolate in your hand. It is meant to be enjoyed from the top down, beginning with the pulp of the cacao pod, to the cacao bean, cacao nibs, and cocoa butter. The 68% chocolate is a blend of some of the best Central and South American chocolates, sourced from the region where all cacao originates.
Thanks to: Anna Nash of La Cascade du Chocolat.

59. Rinseroo: Rinsing Re-invented!

Rinseroo is re-inventing the way we rinse and clean around the house!
There is nothing quite like a Rinseroo and it makes cleaning fast, fun, and easy.
Lane Innovations, the creators of the Rinseroo, have a top-seller and it’s no surprise. The Rinseroo is the worlds’
first slip-on, shower and sink attachment hose and it’s also a great tool for a multitude of other household rinsing and cleaning chores. It eliminates the need to fill a bucket over and over.
Thanks to: Lisa Lane of Lane Innovations.

60. Kombucha - Homebrew w Bennies

Are you seeking a unique gift for that hard to please person who loves health and DIY? Look no further! Kombucha Kamp offers organic Kombucha kits for those whose "thirst has outgrown their budget." A cross between a pet and a plant, the "mother" ferments tea and sugar and converts it into healthy acids, polyphenols and vitamins. Long touted for supporting digestion, boosting energy and immunity, find out how you can brew your own Kombucha safely at home from the experts at
Kombucha Kamp.
Thanks to: Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp.

61. Colors Are For EVERYONE

ALIKE is a unisex, sustainable children’s clothing line, digitally-printed using GOTS certified organic cotton, all made in the USA. As kids are not attuned to gender stereotypes, ALIKE asks why their clothing should be. As most children’s clothes skew between pink and blue or neutrals for unisex, ALIKE designs feature multiple colors that appeal to all kids. By offering unisex clothing, kids are able to choose freely, with the benefit of extending the garment's life.
Thanks to: Kaitlin Meyer of ALIKE.

62. 12 Months of Inspiration

The 2020 Songwriter's Calendar from Toronto Songwriting School is a great gift for songwriters, musicians, and other creatives looking for inspiration.

The calendar features high quality photos, quotes from world famous songwriters on their writing process, and a monthly songwriting prompt.

Musicians can be difficult to shop for, and the 2020 Songwriter Calendar gives friends and family a way to support their songwriting dreams. It retails for $15.
Thanks to: Mary Krause of Toronto Songwriting School.

63. A Completely Unique Gift!

Give a truly unique gift this year with a one of a kind stained glass sun catcher! Ideal presents for friends and family with interests like yoga or meditation.

The sun catchers are focused on helping people draw a particular energy into their home or sacred space. Each piece has an inset stone or crystal, as well as an individual write up and theme. All are hand made in Montreal with detailed love and care. With so many options to choose from, you can find your perfect gift for the holidays!
Thanks to: Jodi Sharp of Jodi Sharp Art.

64. Style with Attitude

Looking for an innovative, original, and unique holiday gift for the special woman in your life? Our Everbloom Collection has you covered with our choker and bracelet set. Made from authentic steel barbed wire, paper flowers made from vintage hymnals, and vintage glass rhinestones, you can be sure this gift is as original and unique as she is. Plus, it's safe to wear and durable.

All of our products are handmade in Michigan.
Thanks to: Diane Wurster of Celestial Bling.

65. We've Got You Covered!

Our T SUIT swimmable coverup is great for your Holiday vacation at the beach, by the pool, on a cruise or wearing it at the water park with the family. Who can wear this? Absolutely anybody who wants to feel confident and comfortable, regardless of size or age; this will Fit you to a T!
Swimmable and sexy all in one. You can choose the T SUIT top or dress. Designed with fabulous fabric and the fit in mind. Quick drying, giving you freedom to wear in and out of the water.
Thanks to: Denise Cesare of T SUIT®️ Fits Every Body To A T®️.

66. Monitor Indoor Air 24/7

Many people suffer from the effects of indoor air pollution. KnightWatcher has developed and launched an electronic device to monitor the air quality in your homes or businesses, so you can enjoy better health and feel comfortable. This electronic device, called iCAIR (I see air), alerts the user of indoor pollution levels of CO2, total volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure - 20% more than most competitors. iCAIR is 50% more compact.
Thanks to: Carl Belnap of KnightWatcher.

67. Subarz are Delicious!

My husband and three daughters encouraged me to follow my passion and I listened! Subarzsweets was launched in 2016 after practicing law for 26 years and I haven't looked back once. Subarz are a unique baked good that I created, which combine the crunch of mandelbread/biscotti with the sweetness of a cookie. They come in a variety of flavors and more information can be found at
Thanks to: Daphne Subar of Subarzsweets, LLC.

68. Hand-Painted Pet Portrait

Approximately 85 million families in the U.S. have a pet. With so many animal lovers, what better gift is there this holiday season that a custom painting of their beloved pet? Customers have commented on how Martina has captured the personalities of their fur-babies onto the canvas. These custom pet portraits will immortalize your beloved friends with acrylic paint.
Thanks to: Martina Allen of Martina Allen.

69. Family Adventures Anyone?

I’d love to introduce you to My Gnome on the Roam® adventure kit for busy families. My Gnome on the Roam® kit is more than just a toy and a book gift and was designed to provide tools and inspiration for busy families to explore, create and connect. My Gnome on the Roam won prestigious awards, including My National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Parents’ Choice, Dr. Toy and Creative Child's Creative Toy of the Year.
Thanks to: Anne Armstrong of My Gnome on the Roam.

70. Italian Christmas Cookies Book

"Italian Christmas Cookies" book contains delicious, treasured, Italian family Christmas cookie recipes for you and your loved ones to enjoy this most wonderful time of the year!
These are the top twelve most requested & precious Mancini-family Christmas cookie recipes. These tasty cookie recipes come from all over Italy, from the Molise & Puglia regions, to Venice, all the way to Positano, Capri, & Sicily.
Give the gift of homemade sweetness, nourishment, and love!
Live La Dolce Vita!
Thanks to: Christine Scott-Hudson of Create Your Life Studio.

71. Artisan Crafted Jewelry Set

This teal and mustard yellow jewelry set makes a beautiful gift for that special woman in your life. It is handmade from clay and hand painted using vibrant alcohol inks. Give a gift that will be cherished for years to come... or treat yourself!

The whole set can be purchased for $69.99 USD, which includes shipping.
Thanks to: Sacha Pilgrim of Sassy Sacha Jewelry.

72. Sunny Sends Weekly Mail!

SUNNY is a lovable MAIL SNAIL who delivers mail to animals around the world. He writes WEEKLY letters back to kids about his silly adventures & interesting facts about the animals & places he visits. He encourages imagination, kindness, silliness, laughter, learning, and of course, reading. Add on a plush Sunny the Mail Snail stuffed animal, world map poster and a cool letterbox to store their mail and kids will run to the mailbox with this unique subscription. Give the gift of weekly mail!
Thanks to: Wendy Lattimore of Snail Mail for Kids.

73. Don't Get Sick, Get Airfree

Do you sit in your office environment with coworkers sneezing and coughing around you, leaving you to think you're doomed to catch whatever virus they are releasing into the air? Staying healthy and enjoying a clean air environment needs a proactive approach. Airfree Air Purifiers will clean air of viruses and bacteria and are a great way to keep employees from having to use sick days. Airfree, the most tested air purifier on the market, offers a unique way to keep work-space air healthy!
Thanks to: Michelle Thompson of Airfree.

74. Personalized Name Puzzles

Maple Landmark's name puzzles are the perfect personalized gift for young children. Accommodating any name from 3-12 letters, the puzzles can be finished and colorful or unfinished and left natural for the raw beauty of the wood. Though third-party tested for 18 months and up, a pair of props can turn the puzzle into a beautiful nursery décor piece until the child is of age. All puzzles are designed and crafted in the United States and ship within 3 business days of the order being placed.
Thanks to: Andrew Rainville of Maple Landmark.

75. Old Arthur's 160 Yr Old Recipe

Add Zest to Holiday Gift Gifting with Old Arthur’s Award-Winning Barbecue Sauce Gift Pack

What do you give to the grill master who has everything? Old Arthur’s barbecue sauce and dry rub gift pack. This collection of seasonings — passed down through five generations — boasts a history as rich as their flavor! The savory recipes are the creation of Arthur Watts, an emancipated slave whose photo adorns the label. The gift pack is $45 at
Thanks to: Joanne Levine of Old Arthur's.

76. Sunglasses That Float Are In

Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses are comparable to top brands in both style and quality, but have the added advantage of floating in water, since our frame material is 20-30% lighter than standard shades! No more losing sunglasses at the beach! Rheos also feature premium polarized lenses that are scratch resistant, 100% UV protected, AND include a finish of dual-sided anti-fog coating for maximum clarity. Not only are Rheos a unique and practical gift idea, but they are also affordable at just $50!
Thanks to: Kelsey Wettig of Rheos Gear.

77. Spice Up the Holiday

Spice up Your Holiday Gift Giving with The Mulling Spices Gift Tin from Zen of Slow Cooking®

The Zen of Slow Cooking’s new Mulling Spices gift tin is a unique way to add some punch to holiday gift-giving—literally.

The pleasing tin includes five handcrafted spice blend sachets, plus a recipe book for creating delicious seasonal beverages. $15 at

Thanks to: Joanne Levine of Zen of Slow Cooking.

78. Give the Gift of Notes!

This Custom Thanks is a handwritten note service that sends notes for people who don’t have time (or handwriting) to do it themselves. And, we offer gift cards! It's the perfect present for someone who's got a major life event coming up, like a wedding or baby. Or for a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to communicate with customers or build relationships. Whether for thank you notes or networking, take a big item off your loved one's checklist by letting someone else handle their notes!
Thanks to: Cameron Normand of This Custom Thanks.

79. Sleep Tight, All Night

The best gift you can get someone is a good night's sleep. The Bed Scrunchie is the world's first 360-degree Fitted Sheet Tightener, Holder and Extender. Its patented 360-hold allows you to convert a flat regular top sheet into a fitted sheet. Likewise, if your sheets are too short, the Bed Scrunchie can serve as a fitted sheet extender. Say goodbye to loose, wrinkled, and short sheets. Sleep tight, all night with Bed Scrunchie.
Thanks to: Danielle Kappock of Bed Scrunchie.

80. Gift Simpler Family Camping

Give the gift of quality family time and adventure. For the outdoorsy parents on your shopping list, this Printable Family Camping Playbook by Take Them Outside will take the overwhelm out of their camping planning and simplify their packing, meal planning, and fun! Jenn, the creator of this playbook, loves to inspire and encourage parents to connect their families to nature in simple and easy ways.
Thanks to: Jenn Stolfa of Take Them Outside.

81. A Bold Guy Needs a Bold Watch

He doesn't have a watch like this. The GX1 Watch is the most popular style from LIV Swiss Watches, a cutting-edge microbrand dedicated to crafting precision, durable, high-quality, Swiss-made limited-edition watches capable of keeping up with an adventurous, bold lifestyle. Featuring a strong color palette and an eye-catching, crowd-sourced design developed during LIV's record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, the GX1 is built for those who refuse to follow.
Thanks to: Esti Chazanow of LIV Watches.

82. Cold Hands? Ummm...NO!

"Freedom from cold hands, anytime, everywhere!" SunLoops Heater Holders are the perfect stocking stuffers this Christmas! SunLoops are a patent pending, nylon spandex band, specially designed to hold any air activated heating element securely around the hand. From hiking to skiing, biking to fishing, band practice to golf--even inside office work, SunLoops provide that extra bit of "sun" looped in the palm of the hand, so you can continue to do what you love regardless of the temperature!!!
Thanks to: Jill Wright & Sandy Seibert of SunLoops llc.

83. Luxury Gifts for Her

Are you looking for a perfect gift for her this Christmas? Then, look no further. Olianto, a luxury British brand presenting high-quality Italian Luxury leather handbags designed in London and made in Italy.
The stunning leather handbags from the Olivia collection will stand out and compliment anyone who loves beauty and elegance. Perfect for your Hostess or a special gift to that loved one. She will really appreciate and cherish it. Our bags will stand out from the crowd on any occasion.
Thanks to: Winnie Ogugua of Olianto London.

84. Cool Me Scarf (for Hot Mamas)

Give a genuine gift of support and understanding! A Cool Me Scarf says that you understand the discomfort your wife, mom, sister, or friend (or yourself!) who is experiencing flashes due to menopause, peri-menopause, chemotherapy or just because...some ladies are just hot! A Cool Me Scarf gives beautiful, discreet, cool, comfort wrapped in a fashionable, scarf. Cool Me Scarf is made of 100% lyocell natural, hypoallergenic, silky smooth, moisture wicking, and machine washable. It's like giving a hug.
Thanks to: Li Hayes of Hugg Company LLC.

85. Season's Eatings With Caramel!

McCrea’s Candies makes luxe caramel using the finest salts, spirits, and seasonings to produce handcrafted candies in beautiful biodegradable packaging. With 16 flavors to choose from, there’s something for even the pickiest of coworkers. And, every office worker can appreciate a gourmet sweet treat small enough to store in a desk drawer. Flavors include Single Malt Scotch, Black Lava Sea Salt, Deep Chocolate, Cinnamon Clove, as well as coffee, vanilla, ginger and so many more.
Thanks to: Diane Parazin of McCrea's Candies.

86. Slim Modern Waistpack

My small business Walkapocket is an ideal gift: unexpected, a necessary, versatile accessory to hold phone, ID & essentials, encourages you to get outdoors and walk. Slim & modern, stretches just enough to hug your body. Need a place for your phone, zip it inside Walkapocket and your hands are free. Paper pocket wallet is enclosed to keep cash & ID separate from phone. Great for travel, lunch time coffee run, shopping, camping, family vacations, biking, dog walking, hiking, and gym. Made in USA.
Thanks to: Cathy Larrick of Walkapocket.

87. Insta-worthy Outfits Delivered

My Fashion Crate is a monthly subscription box full of insta-worthy clothing, accessories and beauty items delivered to straight to your door. The best part is you keep everything you get at no extra cost. Indulge in Insta-worthy Outfits Delivered to your door, without having to find a spot at the mall.
Thanks to: Suan Kim of My Fashion Crate.

88. The Drink Perfector

The Drink Perfector brings beverages to their optimal temperature where taste and aroma are at their finest. Ideal for coffee, tea, cocoa, wine or bourbon, the Drink Perfector is made in America and easy to use. Fill with ice for the desired temperature and pour the beverage into the top reservoir letting it percolate down through the copper coil and into the cup or glass. There is no guesswork, and within seconds the temperature reaches its range of flavorful best. $49.95
Thanks to: Dan Abrell of Drink Perfection.

89. Decor to Your Door

Want to walk into a home that feels, clean, calm, and welcoming? That feeling starts with your decor. Subscribe to Habitation Box and receive beautiful and versatile items every month. All of our boxes are curated by a professional designer. Habitation Box helps you create an atmosphere that is so beautiful, so comfortable… you’ll feel delighted every time you step through the door. Get goodies every month or once a quarter. Choose from Habitation I (Small box) & Habitation II (Large box).
Thanks to: Kelly Agrey of Habitation Box.

90. Give the Gift of Relaxation

Workplaces can be extremely stressful--things like overflowing email inboxes, deadlines and sales targets can cause stress and sometimes, workers feel under-appreciated.

A Soothe on-demand massage is a great gift because it delivers relaxation via a licensed, insured massage therapist to your home.

Massage therapy has key health benefits:
- it boosts energy levels;
- helps with mental clarity and sharpens focus;
- reduces stress, anxiety, tension, worry, and improves sleep.
Thanks to: Carolyn Kamii of Soothe On-demand Massage.

91. "Pizza & Wings" Re-Imagined

“Pizza & Wings” are this holiday’s sweetest gift. But, there’s a twist. Chocolate Pizza Company creates its unique Chocolate Pizza by blending gourmet milk or dark chocolate with homemade English toffee. On top is a dizzying variety of candies or nuts, and served in a custom pizza box. “Wings” are crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in chocolate. Perfect gift for business or family. Handcrafted in America, this is on everyone’s holiday wish list.
Thanks to: Ryan Novak of Chocolate Pizza Company.

92. A System for Being + Doing

The Monk Manual is a 90-day planner inspired by monks and designed to help you live a fuller life. By combining best practices in psychology, productivity and spiritual growth, the Monk Manual provides a daily system upon which you can build an intentional daily life.
Thanks to: Steven Lawson of Monk Manual.

93. Pamper Your Skin

Love your skin with our Organic Revitalizing Night Cream. It’s packed with organic ingredients like avocado, rosehip, lotus bean, and more and is rich in botanicals & natural antioxidants. The result is a facial moisturizer dense in vitamin C and vitamin E that deeply nourishes skin without clogging pores. Plus, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) ranks our night cream a 1 out of 10 – the best moisturizer ranking achievable.
Thanks to: Kelly Hsiao of Block Island Organics.

94. One-of-a-Kind Gift

This holiday, give a gift that makes the recipient feel like a celebrity when they see themselves as the star on their very own personalized, one-of-a-kind magazine cover. At choose from 80+ templates to match their interests or personality; add photos and custom headlines about their life, family, friends, interests & more.

Prices start at $9.95 for a photo file download for self-printing - great for last minute shoppers! Or, let us print and frame your gift for you (from $19.95)
Thanks to: Michele Kolier of YourCover Custom Magazine Covers.

95. Un-beet-livable Earrings

Winter Hill Jewelry's beet earrings make the perfect gift for any foodie or gardener in your life. They are fun, lightweight and so unique. People are awed by 3D printed products and these earrings are great conversation pieces. Winter Hill Jewelry is a small business that is passionate about having a minimal environmental footprint to protect the planet. All their designs are 3D-printed in an eco-friendly, plant-based plastic made from corn and sugarcane.
Thanks to: Vanessa Templeman of Winter Hill Jewelry.

96. Touchstone Wine Glasses

Made from recycled glass and a smooth New England beach stone, Touchstone Wine Glasses are a versatile take on the traditional wine glass. Perfectly sized to accommodate reds, whites, or rosé, the stone that is part of each glass enhances your favorite drink while making it a pleasure to hold and behold. The smooth stone encourages the sipper to hold the glass by its stem for a pure taste unchanged by the heat of their hand and is a natural wine charm. Handmade in New Hampshire.
Thanks to: Amy Regan of Sea Stones.

97. Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet!

"Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet!" is a comic book poetry-guide to life by Indie Publisher, Avantpop Books, written by Shwa Laytart and illustrated by L.A. Graffiti Artist, Sickid.

This hilarious and cathartic story is a universal guide for anyone and everyone having to deal with the characters around them. This is the go-to unique gift for holidays, graduations or birthdays you've been looking for.

"We can all go there, to that ugly extreme but avoid it if you can and happier you will be."
Thanks to: Sugar Laytart of Avantpop Books.

98. Better Than a Rubber Band

Packbands were invented by a mother/son team. Originally developed as a travel accessory to hold rolled clothing (we got tired of broken rubber bands), it turns out Packbands have hundreds of storage and organization uses. Perfect for managing cords, attaching extra items to a backpack, purse or stroller, securing sports and fitness gear. Packbands are strong, stretchy, adjustable and virtually unbreakable organization straps. They're fun, functional and 100% eco-friendly.
Thanks to: Martha Spelman of Packbands Organization Straps.

99. One Gift for Any Lifestyle

This unique 360˚ rotating balance board is so much fun, the kids will jump off the couch to use it. You’ll love it to strengthen your core, build coordination, de-stress and get you ready for the slopes or waves. Time for the family to put the phones down, step away from the computer and have some fun! *Board Sport Enthusiast- Practice Spins & Tricks. *Office Worker- Stay active at your standing desk. *Fitness Guru- Enhance your core with our 20 minute workout. *Kids- Develop balance & have fun!
Thanks to: Joanna Mortensen of Whirly Board.

100. Fine Art Leggings

Soaring Frog Apparel is a two person business. Inspired by my colorful paintings, my husband Stuart designed leggings for both men and women. Exclusively made to order while remaining affordable, our high quality print on demand manufacturer lets us serve our customers preferences. We love knowing each garment is made for someone who intends to wear it. Environmentally friendly. Comfy and cozy. A memorable, appreciated gift.
Thanks to: Barbara Ferrier of Soaring Frog.

101. Jambo Book Club:All New Heroes

Jambo Book Club sends members 2-3 age-appropriate books each month featuring children of color as the stars of their own stories. Our curated books show children of color in situations where children’s literature rarely places them - making friends, raising pets, loving grandparents and fighting dragons. The box art celebrates the joy of childhood and members receive a personalized letter. We serve children from 0-13. A monthly subscription gift keeps giving long after the holidays are over.
Thanks to: Mijha Godfrey of Jambo Book Club.

102. Fun Fairy Tale Online Course

"The Cinderella Fix: How to improve your Mind and Life in 7 Days or Less, through Lessons Learned from a Mistreated girl, some Lizards and a Pumpkin," is a unique and inspiring online course created by Faithaline Hippolyte, with every lesson based on themes from the beloved fairy tale story. This is an excellent gift for women to help them improve their minds and lives; and in addition to being transformational, the fairy tale connection also makes it fun.
Thanks to: Faithaline Hippolyte of A Touch Of Happy.

103. Calm Those Restless Nights

Stay extra cozy this holiday season by getting a Layla Sleep Weighted Blanket ( A perfect gift for friends and family. Weighted blankets are a great addition to your home. The steady, sense of soft pressure against your body comforts and calms you, for a feeling of rest and security that helps you toss and turn less at night.
Thanks to: Gregg Dean of Layla Sleep.

104. Toycycle: Sustainable Giving

Spare your pocketbook and the earth by engaging in reuse for the holidays! TOYCYCLE sells excellent condition, quality preowned toys and baby gear with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Building sets, STEM toys, books, infant toys, games, clothing and baby gear often in new or like-new condition. They offer free shipping on many items and packaging with a holiday theme. What’s not to love? It’s a great way to be sustainable during the season of giving.
Thanks to: Rhonda Collins of TOYCYCLE.

105. Handblown Glasses

For anyone that appreciates a nice drink at the end of a day or loves to entertain, hand-blown glasses are both a practical and creative gift.

With a variety of options, JFR Glass offers drinkware blown by hand, custom made, and unique in style and personality. A great gift that will last a lifetime.
Thanks to: Jared Rosenacker of JFR Glass.

106. Give the Gift of Vodka

This holiday season, give the gift of vodka from Valentine Distilling Co.
The limited edition, holiday gift box comes in red velvet packaging and is priced at $29.99.
Each gift box includes a bottle of award-winning vodka from Valentine Distilling Co. and two rocks glasses.
If vodka is not your spirit, Valentine has got you covered. At the cocktail lounge, you can customize a gift set with Liberator Gin and Mayor Pingree Bourbon Whiskey.
Thanks to: Rifino Valentine of Valentine Distilling Co.

107. Salmon Oil for Your Pet!

Vital Pet Life’s Wild Salmon Oil is a rock star in the Pet Wellness world! With winter coming & indoor heating, pets’ coats and skin are dry & itchy. Our salmon oil gently soothes & nourishes by creating a moisturizing and protective barrier that guards against harsh effects of the natural elements. Salmon oil is one of the most important nutritional supplements for pets. Research shows that it reduces joint inflammation, prevents arthritis, improves cognitive function and calms allergies.
Thanks to: Donie Yamamoto of Vital Pet Life.

108. Sing Along Songs and Book

Songs For Little Love Bugs is a colorful book and original song collection that makes everyday activities with your young children a memorable and musical experience. You can listen to the songs while viewing watercolor paintings of babies. And, you can even sing along while following the sheet music at the end of the book. Before long, you may find yourself humming these tunes with your precious "love bug"!
Thanks to: Cynthia Butler of Canopy.

109. CBD Gifts from Roma Leaf

Roma Leaf is a high-end CBD company selling oils and bath bombs. Our oils are sourced from the highest quality CBD, and our products are always non-GMO, third party lab tested and contain 0% THC. With our bath bombs, we created a product that cares for both outer beauty and inner wellness. Each has 60mg of CBD and includes coconut oil for skin hydration and salt and mineral blend for skin detoxification. Our bath bombs promote a calm mind, relaxed muscles and moisturized skin. For a 15% discount, use the code *231CR18A*
Thanks to: Niki Cruz of Roma Leaf.

110. Custom Diploma Frame

A diploma frame makes a perfect holiday gift, as it helps your loved ones showcase their achievement. Earning a degree is a great accomplishment. There is no other way to show it off than framing it in an elegant diploma frame. Our diploma frames are handcrafted to meet the highest quality standards and can be easily customized to match your style and preference. We are a classic American company that started with a dream in a garage and now has a 20,000 square foot facility in Anaheim, CA.
Thanks to: Tom Biehn of University Frames, Inc.

111. Makeup Expertise for Everyone

Be Your Own Makeup Artist is a full-color guidebook that walks novice & makeup gurus through valuable tips & tricks in an easy-to-digest format with detailed illustrations.
Award winning & international makeup artist, Natalie Setareh, helps readers learn to apply makeup that showcases unique features & highlights inner beauty.
This book helps readers navigate the maze of the beauty industry's conflicting information to offer advice that helps everyone find their best look within any budget.
Thanks to: Natalie Satareh of Natalie Setareh Couture Makup Artis.

112. Solution for "Growing" Problem

One of the biggest frustrations expecting women face is accommodating a growing belly during the winter months. We have created the perfect solution called Extendher. A duel functioning clip on jacket extender used during pregnancy and later while babywearing. It simply clips to any of your existing coats making them larger. After you have the baby, invert the extendher and it doubles as a babywearing cover, keeping your little one warm and protected. Perfect for babywearing moms and dads, too!
Thanks to: Maria Messier of Extendher LLC.

113. Protect Your Smart Home

Akita Smart Wireless Intrusion Detection & Prevention system protects your smart home network and IoT devices from botnets, cryptojacking, and other attacks. It delivers a weekly update about your security status to ensure new devices or software updates of existing devices haven’t caused new security vulnerabilities - and helps you solve them. Akita is the only platform with a 24/7 human-assisted Security Operations Center to ensure your smart home is secured from IoT invasions in real-time.
Thanks to: Igor Rabinovich of Akita.

114. Cosmetic Cooler Bag!

Icybag is a cosmetic bag with a cool twist- it's insulated & comes with a freezer gel pack to keep your items cool! No more worrying that your makeup, medications, snacks, lip balm or sunscreen will get hot, sticky or melted! Now that’s cool! Just freeze the gel pack & you’re ready to go! Your items will stay cool for hours! Icybag is available in 3 colors and makes a great gift for anyone on the go! Beachside, poolside, on the plane, or in the car - Icybag will be chillin’ by your side!
Thanks to: Kathy Cohen of Icybag.

115. Gift for Any Man in Your Life

Are you looking for a sentimental gift he will cherish and use throughout his life? Our Personalized Large Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit is a classic flawlessly handmade toiletry bag that sets a new standard in quality and functionality.

He will love the personalized just-for-him monogram, the exceptional craftsmanship, the heirloom quality materials, the timeless thoughtful convertible design, the smart pockets placement, so much that he will want to proudly pass on his bag to the next generation.
Thanks to: Silvia Nikolov of Clark & Taft Crafting Company.

116. Eco-friendly Misters

The MISTPRO 3 is a re-usable, non-aerosol, portable mist cooling device. Completely battery-free, Eco-Friendly & Optimized so that it’s sleek & easy to carry- allowing it to become your trusted Travel & Adventuring Companion, Exploration & Workout Buddy- giving you the power to Take Control of Your Climate- keeping you comfortable when you’re active outdoors- helping you refresh, align & keep your center so that you can bring the very best version of You regardless of external conditions.
Thanks to: April LaCerra of Misty Mate.

117. Pajamas for Your Ears

Invented by a family doctor and FDA listed as a medical device, SleepPhones® Wireless feature a very comfortable headband that contains thin removable speakers and connects to any Bluetooth® audio enabled device to play music, audiobooks, apps, white noise, or podcasts. SleepPhones® are fully padded with nothing sticking into the ears and are so much more comfortable than other headphones out there. The are perfect for studying, sleeping, relaxing, traveling, and walking the dog.
Thanks to: Doug Blair of SleepPhones®.

118. Build Your Empire in Style!

Glass Ladder & Co is a cruelty free accessory company! Designed for functional fashion, each product is made to help keep both style and organization on point! The Marilyn Organizer Clutch is sleek & smooth, made for 13” laptops/tablets or smaller. Lined with a soft microsuede, this clutch is ideal for any daily grind. Travel, work or play, the Marilyn can do it all! A great gift for your favorite fashion-loving woman to look and feel her best with a stain & scratch resistant clutch.
Thanks to: Megan Larsen of Glass Ladder & Co.

119. Shake Up Your Gifts w/ Bestowe

Shake up your gifting or next cocktail party with this box filled with splashy bar essentials created by Bestowe Gifting. Bestowe is an elevated gifting service that sells Ready-to-Ship gifts and Custom Corporate and Wedding Gifting, filled with goodies from small-batch artisans and makers. This gem is perfect for fine-tuning your own bar set up or giving to a friend as a housewarming gift, a client as a thank you, a board member, or to kick off any bachelor party.
Thanks to: Catherine Weis of Bestowe Gifting.

120. The Gift of Sweet Dreams!

The Art of Alchemy Dream Mask™.
Beautiful. Elegant. Innovative.

Designed for fit and function and delivering beauty benefits with micro-encapsulated aloe and vitamins to nourish skin. Engineered using 140,000+ measurements of women’s faces to block out light, allows “blinkable” eye space (for lash extensions, too!) and fits comfortably without leaving marks.

The Dream Mask™ $275 for lace and $250 for silk.

Use code CAROLROTH to receive $100 off.
Thanks to: Catherine Holtz of The Art of Alchemy.

121. Stirring up Gluten Free Fun

A unique holiday gift for kids guaranteed to bring smiles and tons of baking fun! Little GF Chefs creates monthly gluten free, allergy friendly baking kits designed to empower and educate kids in the kitchen. From Unicorn Donuts to gingerbread houses, the kits are made for all seasons or for everyday fun. These make great gifts because you can give a one-month to a one-year subscription, they are budget-friendly and of course unique. Kits come with dry ingredients, decorating & baking tools.
Thanks to: Jereann Zann of Little GF Chefs, LLC.

122. theDECKtool

For all of you homeowners with decks, we're suggesting a solution for a big aggravation you might have. We have a unique new product that makes it very easy to clear debris out from between deck boards after you have blown the leaves off. It greatly reduces bending over and aggravation. It helps make your deck look great when entertaining, helps reduce wood rot, and makes stain and paint prep easier. Check us out at
Thanks to: George Willison of WymansBest, Inc.

123. Wear Your City Pride

From New York, NY to Sydney, AU wear your favorite city with NOSOFA CLUB scarves & matching pocket squares. Our high quality accessories are multi-functional & versatile. Made at the St. Luke Life Center in Flint, MI with a mission to offer transformational programs providing life skills, education, and workforce training to help individuals become self-sufficient. For every purchase, you give back to supporting the employment of women and men at the center. Keep moving in love & style.
Thanks to: Christina Liedtke of NOSOFA CLUB.

124. A Must-have Tech for Parents

Coral UV is an Ultraviolet C light sanitizer and dryer that requires no water and no heat. It helps you clean items that attract bacteria easily such as cellphones, plush toys, keys, toothbrushes, makeup brushes and more. It is a great helper in your kitchen, bathroom or office. For parents, Coral UV provides a convenient way to clean bottles, plush toys and electronic toys all with one device. The automatic drying function cuts down tedious tasks and frees your time for the things you love.
Thanks to: Dana Zhang of Coral UV.

125. Coffee is a Perky Holiday Gift

Grumpy Goat Coffee is a clever option for small businesses seeking an affordable, high quality gift item. What makes Grumpy Goat Coffee unique is the quality of their single origin, gourmet grade beans and how fresh they are upon arrival to the small business. Much like wines, coffee is graded by professional cuppers. Beans that are rated 86+ points (on a scale of 100) are designated as "gourmet." Retail price is $17.95 per pound and free shipping on 2 pounds or more. Volume pricing available.
Thanks to: Randy Mitchelson of Grumpy Goat Coffee Co.

126. Treasure Your Soles

Patent issued, four prong, health consciously designed, toe-separating flip flops with semi arch support, able to wear before during and after a pedicure treatment.
Pedi Licious Accessories are natural and organic, gender-friendly, foot scrubs and cremes for your soles.
Our vegan friendly polish and soy polish remover, both equally health consciously made for the healthy beauty marketer, currently all sold in Macy’s NY, ATL, FL.
Female owned, designed and created by Premise Martin, Author /the BOSS Way
Thanks to: Premise Martin of Pedi Licious LLC.

127. Treat to Use for Radiant Skin

SAHARA ROSE Sacred Energy Radiance Mist is a luxurious, lightweight mist that energizes and enhances skin's radiance. It is made of a unique blend of youth-boosting, rose petals and ultra-powerful, uplifting ruby crystals. Extracts of chamomile, calendula, along with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, instantly hydrate and revitalize skin. Sacred Energy Radiance Mist can be used as a makeup setting spray or throughout the day to refresh and uplift the skin and senses for a radiant complexion.
Thanks to: Ikram Elharti of SAHARA ROSE.

128. Fun Kids Mirror Decals!

Make teeth brushing and hand washing fun with Sparks For Kids. Our fun designs allow kids to see their faces reflected in the mirror through the image. Let their imaginations run wild with our lion or bear. Dream about traveling to the moon with our astronaut and let your princess see herself as one every morning with our crown. Perfect for homes, grandparents, schools, daycare centers and more!
Thanks to: Carmen Abraham of Sparks For Kids.

129. Bum Bag, Waist Pack, Hip Bag…

Bum bag, waist pack, hip bag… and better known as the fanny pack. It's a great gift because it is perfect for any festival, concert, vacation, outdoor adventure, biking, sporting event, walking dogs, camping gear, gym, cycling, workout, or just running around town while keeping all your belongings comfortably secured. Available in a variety of styles including solids, galaxy rave, woven pattern, aztec, tribal, stripes, florals, gold / silver, rainbow, USA/American flag, animal print.
Thanks to: Lovely Velasquez of Sojourner Bags.

130. New Lifestyle Sneaker Brand

As a fitness trainer, David Nso embraces the philosophy of changing from the inside out and comfort, which is reflected in his sneaker line made of soft leather. NSO NewYork currently offers unisex sneakers in both black and white, priced at $189 with free shipping. The stylish sneakers are perfect for anyone on their feet all day with their padded insole and rubber sole, creating a cushion of comfort. The NSO NewYork sneaker line is manufactured in the United States.
Thanks to: Michele Smith of NSO NewYork.

131. Make Gourmet Pasta at Home

Our range of luxury pasta making kits vary in size, from the six-piece ‘Caravaggio’ starter kit to the twelve-piece ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ advanced kit. Each one of our kits contains specialist tools and ingredients so anyone can make fresh pasta to enjoy at home. These include a pasta cutter, a gnocchi maker, and a ravioli stamp. These gifts are a high quality item, but also an original and unusual gift for anyone who considers themselves a foodie.
Thanks to: Alex Chenery-Howes of Pasta Evangelists.

132. Give the Gift of the Night Sky

Well Told's Cosmic Collection feature beautifully rendered & customizable designs showcasing the starry mysteries & twinkles of the night skies. Choose any date & location, customize the design elements to your liking, add your personalized text, & your custom night sky gift will be meticulously etched across the entire surface. Perfect way to commemorate a special date in someone’s life. Well Told was recently named by Inc. as 1 of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.
Thanks to: Alex Ota of Well Told.

133. Gift From the Sea & Elsewhere

Elaine Biech from Ebb Web is a master at making clients feel appreciated. Her most recent gift was a small bag of silver seashells with a motivational sea-related quote. The gifts are different every year, adding to the feeling of being special.
Thanks to: Marlene Caroselli.

134. Shitty Family? Let Us Help You

Are you dreading the impending holidays with your shitty family members that you try to avoid but once a year?
Let Go of the Negative Shit! spray is packed with powerful essential oils and energetically-charged gemstones that allows the holidays to be more tolerable.

Using the natural properties of essential oils and gemstones, this Edge Blend is created for the shitty and toxic personalities and sloppy mouth kisses from that creepy uncle!

Spray heavily to Let that Shit Go!
Thanks to: Stacey Martin of Urban's Edge.

135. Read Yourself into Joy!

Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops

A brand-new and unique book that creates happiness, well-being, and an infinite amount of joy––great gift or stocking stuffer for Mom and Dad.

Do you wish that you could enjoy parenthood more? Have you ever wondered what deeper meaning there is to being a Mom or Dad?

Get ready, this book will leave you with a sweet tooth that is endlessly craving well-feeling parenting and life moments every day!

Available on Amazon and
Thanks to: Jacqueline Pirtle of FreakyHealer.

136. To the Best CEO in the World!

To the Best CEO in the World, from one of your hardest working and most devoted employees...

Here is a business booklet that can help our company make a lot more money starting immediately!

The booklet is called "The Barrows Popularity Factor." It's about some very easy-to-use Advertising Math that can help us increase our sales, increase our profit and decrease our risk.

It's marketing math that our whole company should be using and if you'd like, I can also set up some meetings about it.
Thanks to: Robert Barrows of R.M. Barrows Advertising.

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