feedolu_image_carol_rothFeedolu, a new RSS feed reader platform launching today, is not only designed to fill in the gap that was left by the exit of Google Reader and to compete against other readers like Feedly and Digg Reader, but also is a platform that can help businesses and website owners.

Feedolu is an RSS feed reader that allows businesses to drive more traffic to their website via RSS subscribers and community followers by enabling users to:

  1. Create public profiles and vanity URLs: When you sign up for Feedolu, you create a public profile that allows you to upload a bio and attach your website link that is not only search engine friendly, but also has a distinct URL –  feedolu.com/username. Users also can add their own background image as you would on Twitter.
  2. Attach your website’s RSS feed to your profile: You are able to attach your own website’s RSS feed to your profile so that other Feedolu users can subscribe to your feed directly from your profile. The more feed subscriptions, the more people will see your website content, which leads to more site traffic.
  3. Utilize SEO: Not only is your profile searchable, every time you share an article it creates a new searchable page, allowing users to find items you have searched on major search engines, which could lead to more traffic.
  4. Grow a network: Other users can follow your users, which allows all of the content you share to be shown on their real-time social panel. Users also can comment on items you have shared.
  5. See more content more quickly: With Feedolu’s open layout and back-end processing, you can view as many feeds as you want per feed wall concurrently. This can save you a tremendous amount of time from having to go from website to website looking for content. It also saves you time versus using other readers because instead of going from feed to feed, you can see all the feeds at once. On a large monitor you can view up to 27 or more feed posts at the same time – and up to 15 on your average laptop.

Feedolu was designed to not only be an incredibly powerful RSS feed reader that allows you to view content faster and easier than other feed readers on the market, but has social elements that are similar to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, which users have come to enjoy and use as powerful tools for building their businesses.