Any business, whether services or goods, will benefit from predictable, recurring revenue. I am dipping back into the archives for this conversation with Carol Roth because the suggestions she shared are still relevant and might spark something for you. 

Carol shared that you can think of almost anything “as a service.” You’ve probably heard of SaaS, which is software as a service. The SaaS business model is generally a subscription model with a monthly automatic payment. You likely pay for the software you use in your business this way. 

What type of subscription could you give your customers? Carol walks us through what a cleaning company might do, offering packages of x times per month to customers, and maybe also offering a box of organic cleaning products delivered once a month as a subscription option as well. 

Who could you partner with to share your products or services with their audience, and their products or services with yours? 

Get creative! 

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Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash