Carol on Kitchen Table Talks

Carol Roth and Throwing Away the Map. This week Carol joined Chris Brogan and Joe Sorge on Kitchen Table Talks for a lively conversation. Says Chris Brogan, “We don’t even need a show when Carol’s here. She is the show.”

Carol on CNN

Carol Roth on Piers Morgan talking Rick Santorum Sweeping Romney, GOP primary CNN Longer clip and quite amusing. 

Blogging/Newsletter Marketing Webinar 

Are you looking to start blogging and/or do newsletter marketing? Catherine Morgan (our community manager) is doing a webinar for the Women’s Business Development Center on Feb 15. You can join for just $10. All are welcome. You can sign up here.


Pinterest: Quietly Making Money From Your Pins?  “It’s not the making money part of the equation that gives me pause instead it’s the doing it without any disclosure that annoys me.” Via Shelly Kramer on her blog.


4 Strategies to Optimize Your Money Stream Now New from BIGG Success on their blog.

QR Codes to Increase Revenue

Cracking the Code to Boost Business At, how these companies cracked the “Code” to boost their businesses.


How To Connect Your Printer To Your Network A great how-to video on connecting your printer to a network, for those of you who are tech-challenged.


Bad Lip Reading does Rick Santorum   Inappropriate and therefore totally hilarious.