Welcome to Weekly Roundup. Each Saturday we will be sharing articles, videos, and interviews of Carol’s from the week, as well as other information that we think was particularly interesting or valuable. Please let us know what you think in the comments below! 


SEO: How to create an effective title.  Such good advice for websites/blogs from Nick Harrison on CrainsChicago.com. (Psst – Nick did our website redesign.) 


Busting The 10 Biggest Small Business Myths. Barry Moltz shoots down some common business misconceptions on OpenForum.com.


Peter Drucker And The Five Deadly Business Sins. Are you going about pricing backwards? Great post by Terry Starbucker.


Why Embracing The Unfamiliar Is So Important. Greg Hartle shares his experience starting TenLap.com on his blog.

Mission vs. Vision

Mission Statement and Benefit Statement. I and Thou. Bob Burg shares why these are two different things on his blog.


Why I Abandoned My Blog (and ended up ahead).  Interesting perspective on random posting schedules from Jonathan Fields on his blog.


The difference between Big Dogs and top performers. Why you want top performers for your business by Les McKeown on his blog.