Carol tackles the topic of company culture in her recent post on the Nextiva blog. Think your business is too small to have one? Think again!

In “How Clear is Your Small Business Company Culture?” Carol begins:

“If you run a business, you have a company culture. It may not be posted online. In fact, you may not even realize that you have one. But, all aspects of how you do business, whether you define them or not, tell your clients and employees about your company attitudes, direction and focus.

You have a choice: define your company culture or let it haphazardly define your company to the world. Think about the following six company culture elements that help attract the right people to your business.

#1. Surroundings

Customers form an immediate first impression when they enter your place of business. Elegant surroundings suggest elite products or services, and bare bones environments promise bargains. Either one can bring the right types of customers to your business.

Employees also learn a lot about your behavioral expectations based on their surroundings. Open floor plans encourage free and easy (and sometimes noisy) engagement. Cubicles and offices stress quiet and privacy — and your general desire to maintain a low overall decibel level. Neither option is right or wrong, as long as the atmosphere helps to create the behavior that you expect from your team.

#2. Commitment to core values

Consider one of the most common values: the customer is always right. Do your employees get an opportunity to witness how you personally go the extra mile that supports customer needs and concerns? Teaching by example is a great way for you to drive home your commitment to core values to your staff. But, don’t forget to regularly show your appreciation for every employee who demonstrates that same dedication. A pat on the back goes a long way.”

You can read the rest of the post here.