It’s almost time for me to release my book, , as a critical tool in my effort to help small business owners.  From Wall Street to Main Street, entrepreneurship is being heralded as the growth engine that will save our economy, but that’s only if those small businesses succeedThe Entrepreneur Equation is meant to do just that.

One of my marketing efforts includes a limited edition fashion doll. Now, you may be raising your eyes and wondering, “What Does a Fashion Doll Have to Do with Entrepreneurship?” In my case, it boils down to three things:

1-Entrepreneurship is also about doing the unexpected, while still staying true to your brand;

2-Entrepreneurship is about using your network; and

3-Busting the myth that women can be successful in business and be feminine, attractive, etc…

I break down these three in more detail in the following video:

If you want to help your business succeed, or that of your clients, colleagues, friends or family, please pre-order The Entrepreneur Equation right now, because this week I will donating one book to for every book bought, so you will also be helping another aspiring entrepreneur or small business owners. Plus, you can receive great goodies for yourself, including a fantastic contest featuring prizes from Michael Port, Alexis Neely, Liz Strauss, Les McKeown and more.

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